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Just Kidding

Rocked a western look a couple of weeks ago.

Just kidding. However, I did find this pair of genuine leather Double H cowboy boots at Goodwill for only $5. When I brought them home to show to the fam, I threw on the hat and told Chris he needed to take me to a country concert. He just laughed and called me a poser. He knows me well.

Thought I'd show you how I actually wore the altered skirt I (wrote) about last week. This look was also featured in my guest post over at here.

Cassi thought she should be in the photos too since we are both "twins" with our topknots and sneakers.

Denim shirt - Sonoma via Goodwill - $3
Knit skirt - Express - hand-me-down
Converse sneakers - DSW - $20

You can shop the look here:

Denim shirt - $16 from Hollister
Knit pencil skirt - $11 from F21
Converse - $30 from Orva Shoes


Classy Girls Wear Marilyn

 Can't help it. I'm a fan of Marilyn Monroe. I love her old Hollywood glamour style and love that she was proud of her curves. Plus, I love bleached platinum blond hair. So there you have it.

 Check out my ombre hair in this photo. I didn't even do this on purpose. I just haven't re-colored my hair. Oh wait, is that how the ombre trend started? Hmmm...

Marilyn t-shirt - Goodwill - $2
Jacket - Old Navy via Goodwill - $5
Skirt - Target - $5
Boots - Steve Madden via DSW - $27


Blue and Cream For Spring

Today is the first day of Spring and we've started it out with snow flurries. Thankfully it should warm up for the afternoon, though. And by warm up, I mean 50 degrees. I can't really embrace my Spring wardrobe yet. Boo.

Sweater - Land's End via Goodwill - $2 Cute option for $22.80
Skirt - Old Navy - $5.99 Similar for $9.97
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9.99 Similar for $41.80
Necklace - Macy's - $2.99


A Little Bohemian

Braids, lace, light wash jeans, and western style boots all have a bohemian vibe, no?

Top - Banana Republic via Africa's Child - $3 (similar)
Jeans - H&M - $2.50 (similar)
Boots - DSW - $20 (similar)
Corduroy jacket - H&M - $20 (similar)
Collar necklace - Charming Charlie - $2.99 (similar)


Day to Evening Look

I know it appeared that I wore pink camo pants and a velour sweatshirt on my date last night, but I actually started out wearing this for the day yesterday.
I love my new moto boots! 

Pants - H&M - $2.50
Pink shirt - Goodwill - $3
Jean Jacket - Old Navy via Goodwill - $5
Boots - Steve Madden via DSW - $27

For my date I switched out my shirt for this blouse, my jean jacket for this leather jacket, and my boots for these sparkly heels. My favorite switch was switching out my huge diaper bag for this little clutch!

 Top - Kohl's - $3
Leather jacket - Florence, Italy - gifted
Wallet as a clutch - Coach - gifted
Heels - Boutique Nine (Nine West) - $22

Lastly, I layered this faux fur vest over the jacket.

Vest - Goodwill - $3


Let It Snow

I spent last week in MI at my parents house while my husband had a work trip in Boulder, CO. I packed up my kids, all of CJ's school books, our snow clothes, and drove up there as soon as I finished the school, laundry, and packing on Monday. The change of scenery, the warmth of my family, and closer access to shopping was just what I needed to change my perspective on my life. Between postpartum hormones, winter blues, extreme temps, and my husband being gone, I was starting to feel a little low and a little lonely. But being away from home always gives you a fresh appreciation for it and I feel so refreshed and contented now. 

I am so blessed to live in my beautiful antique home with my loving kids and husband. I am so blessed to live in a safe community in a state that experiences all four seasons in all their glory. The snow looks so beautiful and it won't last forever. I need to enjoy it while I can. 

That being said, I'm learning to embrace wearing my snow boots just about every day and being sure to wear lots of layers. This is what I wore today for grocery shopping, then taking my daughters to a cafe while my son took his karate class. No amount of snow mounds threatened me dressed like this.
Hat - Target - $6
T-shirt - Gap - $3
Sweater - Target - $6
Fleece lined leggings - Wal-Mart - $7
Knit pencil skirt - Old Navy - $6
Boots - Target - $25
Puffer coat - Wal-Mart - $10
Bag - Dooney & Bourke - hand-me-down


Dressing for Sub Zero Temps

How am I dealing with sub zero temps? I am wearing two pairs of leggings, one of which are fleece lined, two pairs of socks, two t-shirts under the jean jacket, snow boots, and this scarf. I'll add my puffer jacket, gloves, and hat right before stepping out the door. 


Below 0 Temps and Cabin Fever

This Winter is going to be a long one. We've been having temps at 0 with wind chills way below that, and our ten day forecast doesn't look any better. Thankfully our house is nice and warm, but looking outside at the frigid air and our quick trips in it to and from the car requires me to bundle up.

The kids have cabin fever, as do I, so we're heading over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house today . . .

Scarf - handmade by my Mom
Sweater - Calvin Klein via Goodwill - $4
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Leggings - Nordstrom - $12
Beaded t-shirt - Calvin Klein via Goodwill - $3.50



Today I learned something. Never go for a run in fashion leggings. They may look like running leggings, but they aren't. Not at all. I did said activity yesterday morning and it was a disaster. I spent 1.5 miles holding up my pants while I ran on the treadmill, not even able to finish my run. I'm sure I gave many a gym member a good laugh that morning.

Top - Goodwill - $3
Leggings - Nordstrom - $12
Boots - Jessica Simpson - c/o eBay


Laugh Lines and Bulky Sweaters

Yesterday I had a moment. I noticed the slightest start of a laugh line on the corner of my eye. I have this tiny bit of skin that shifts upward right at the corner of my eyes and it occurred to me that I’m getting the start of laugh lines. For the first time I am not upset about finding that I'm visibly aging (like 31 is so old! ha!). I smiled big. Laugh lines are such welcoming and beautiful wrinkles. In that moment of staring at my make-up less, starting-to-wrinkle-eyes, I just thought they were beautiful. Those laugh lines were earned through so much loving. How special is that? The more they grow the more I will be proud at what they represent. 

This sweater is perfect for the low winter temps we've been having here. I can't wear it if I'm going to be too active, because it easily overheats me, but for going out or visiting, it keeps the chill off and I love it.

Sweater - BCBG - thrifted for $4
Leggings - Nordstrom - $12
Boots - Jessica Simpson - c/o eBay
Hat - Banana Republic - $6


Holiday Dressing

My husband had a holiday work event that we attended yesterday. We went straight from church, to the grandparents to drop off the older two kids, and then after a visit with the rents, off to the work party.

I wore this blazer, black cami, knit pencil skirt, and boots to church.

Blazer/Jones New York thrifted for $3
Cami/Merona free hand-me-down
Cuff bracelet and watch were gifts
Skirt/Old Navy $5.99
Boots by Jessica Simpson c/o eBay

For the party, I switched out the blazer for this vintage, silk, sparkly blouse that I found at Goodwill for $3 last year. I switched out my diaper bag for this muffler from Banana Republic that I got on clearance for $7 over a year ago. The muffler has a little zipper pouch large enough for my phone and lipstick. I also stuck two diapers and a small pouch of wipes in between the muffler.

It felt great not to have to lug a diaper bag around. I wouldn't have needed the full diaper bag anyway. All night all I needed for Capri was one diaper!

And in case you missed it . . . we did our family Christmas early and my husband's gift to me was a MacBook Pro! I'm so excited!

Today I will be running errands, finishing up laundry, cleaning the house, taking Capri to her well baby check-up, my son CJ to his karate lesson, and getting the packing started. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Christmas Eve with Chris's family and at our church. Christmas Day will be spent with my grandparents and brother in Michigan, and the day after Christmas we'll be flying out to Anchorage to spend the week with my parents and my siblings. With all this going on, I won't be blogging for a couple of weeks. So until then . . .

May you all be blessed this Christmas season as you reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead! May you take time to remember the reason for the season and praise God for His gift - the most precious of all.


Thoughts on Postpartum Body Image

I went through a lot of self deprecating after my second baby and am determined to keep a positive outlook this time around. My battle scars of pregnancy are marks I've earned and something I'm proud of. My daughter told me the other day that she loved laying on my stomach because it was so soft. In that moment I wouldn't trade my postpartum baby belly for six pack abs.
I recently came across this post, and loved it. 
During these weeks of loving on my newborn, I have stopped myself from getting obsessive about my workouts and diets unlike what I've tended to do in the past. For the first time I'm starting to realize how much time I've wasted worrying about being a certain size (that was never good enough even when I achieved it). Sure, I've never had an eating disorder (never even come close), but I have belittled myself and wasted a lot of time getting frustrated over the way I look instead of being grateful for what I did have.
We women are bombarded with unhealthy images that trick us into thinking we have to look a certain way to achieve beauty. This is a great video on the subject:
I never want my daughters to get caught up in trying to look a certain way or be a certain size. I want to continue to strive to be healthy and fit, but will appreciate what I look like at all sizes I am along the journey.

Top - Kohl's (clearance for $3) - similar here
Jeggings - Target (clearance for $5) - similar here
Boots - Michael Antonio (clearance for $9) - similar here


Spring in the Winter

Yesterday got up to 58 degrees. Yes, that's right - 58 degrees in Northwest Ohio! I had to strip down to just a t-shirt with all my running around. So this morning, I started out with just this:

 The forecast is calling for snow tonight, so I added the scarf and boots and switched out the jacket for another shirt so I wouldn't be layering a jacket under a cold weather coat.

I'm feeling pretty girly in all this pink!
Shirts - Goodwill
Pants - Gap
Boots - DSW
Flats - Gap
Scarf - Target
Jacket - Macy's


Lace and Boots

After choosing this dress for church this morning and putting it on, I realized it would be a bit tough to nurse in.

So I wore it backwards.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Dress - Target - similar here on clearance for $9.98!
Boots - Michael Antonio - similar here only $28!


Flashy Pants Take Two

A church in a nearby community offers a community meal every Tuesday night. Our small group at church is hosting the meal tonight. I am excited for our family to participate in a community outreach. We made this cake, browned and seasoned five pounds of taco meat, and washed 50 pounds of potatoes to help out. The other families in our group did the same and together we're going to have a fabulous potato bar and serve about 300 people!
As always, we have so much to be thankful for. The kids and I have been doing plenty of "thankfulness" crafts this week and last and I'm hoping that the event tonight will drill into them even more just how grateful we should be of our many blessings. 
Pants - Gap - solid color version (I got them on final sale for $4.50 at my Gap!)
Chambray tunic shirt - Goodwill - similar here
Moto boots - Target Girls (I got them on clearance for $7.48!)


A Shirtdress and Boots


Dress by Aqua - similar here
Boots by Jessica Simpson


Sweater and Boots

Sweater - H&M via Goodwill - $4
Jeggings - Target - $5
Boots - Jessica Simpson - c/o eBay


Three Weeks Postpartum

I wore this last Friday when I was exactly three weeks postpartum. I didn't bother posting it while my sister and her daughter were here, though. We were having too much fun chatting, cooking, shopping, and babysitting.
Sweater - BCBG via Goodwill - $4
Jeggings - Target - $5
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Tweed cap - gifted


Back to Leggings

Started out my day with my flat boots and my bangs clipped back . . .
For an event I had this evening, I added the hat and the wedge boots. There's nothing like a 4-inch heel to make you feel more dressed up.

Today is election day. I actually packed up all three of my kids in the van and headed out to vote this afternoon. I felt like such a good citizen setting such a good example to my children, only to find out once there that I forgot the name of the one of only two people I had planned to vote for, and the person I forgot was a write-in! Argh! This is not one of those situations where you can say it's the thought that counts. Oh well, serves me right for being so arrogant. ha ha
Sweater - Goodwill - $2
T-shirt - Gap - $3
Jeggings - Target - $5
Flat boots - DSW - $20
Wedge boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Hat - gifted


Made it to the finish line

Yesterday was my due date, so this baby can arrive any day now. In the meantime, I have an OB appointment today, a work trip with my husband tomorrow through Friday, and a baby shower for a friend on Saturday. All great distractions to get me through this week, no?
Top - hand-me-down
Leggings - Elle via Kohl's - $7
Boots - JCPenney - $9
Watch and cuff bracelet - gifted