I was once on my way to becoming an attorney . . . but good looks, huge shoulders, and irresistible charm made me postpone my education and get married instead. I haven't looked back and now find myself a stay at home mom of three--homeschooling no less! Somewhere along the way I've lived up to my childhood nickname and have become a "Vain Vanessa", shamelessly posting selfies of what I wear everyday and plastering posting them all over the internet my blog. My children think this is normal so please don't tell them otherwise.

When I'm not looking in the mirror, I like to refashion vintage clothing, brag about my thrift store and clearance buys, run for my metabolism personal enjoyment, create art, force my husband to watch old classic movies with me, sing with my son, play "make-up and hair bows" with my oldest daughter, cuddle with my baby girl, and blog about nonsense, of course!

Underneath this mask of L'Oreal anti-aging BB cream perfection, I'm just a sinner saved by grace--working hard to walk out her salvation in one high heeled step at a time, undeserving and ever so grateful for a personal relationship with her Savior.

-Vanessa Ridley

About the Blog

Domestic Sophisticate was originally started in the summer of 2007 by my sister and I when we became SAHMs and found ourselves moved across country from each other. Sharing pictures of our outfits, shopping successes, and latest fashion news kept us from resorting to yoga pants in those early years of motherhood. Domestic Sophisticate has undergone many facelifts and changes and will continue to evolve as my perspectives, experiences, and inspirations change with time.