Same Song, Different Verse

Same outfit as yesterday, just added cable knit leggings from Target that I got for $7, and Target booties for $7.

Black and Blue

Sweater - Target - $6.88
Pants - Gap - $8.40
Boots - Aldo - $20.99
T-shirt - NY&Co via Goodwill - $3
Bangles and cuff bracelet - gifted
Watch - Target - $5
Earrings - hand-me-down


Explained Absence

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Oh wait - I missed that.
Sorry for ignoring you all, but I got caught up with the holidays and didn't want to be stuck behind my laptop for any longer than I had to. Now that we're back in our old routine, I'm back to being stuck behind my laptop.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed getting the house ready for Christmas!

I purposely put off my Christmas shopping until now, because I love shopping during the Christmas season. However, I need to remember to keep focused. I went on a big shopping spree for Christmas yesterday, and ended up coming home with lots of little goodies, non-related to Christmas . . .
Like these cute cowboy boots for me for $10 at Target! Someone, PLEASE invite me to a country concert now! I have the boots!


It's Almost Thanksgiving!

Chambray shirt - Gap - thrifted for $3
Vest - J.Crew Outlet - $19
Skirt - Forever 21 - borrowed from sis
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Scarf - Target - $6
Earrings - Target - gifted


Last of the trip

I left my sister's on Sunday. I wore this to church and just switched out the skirt for jeans for the flight home after the service.
This was the only picture I got of my sister and I together. We spent too much time visiting and not enough time taking pictures and videos! ha ha!

My husband sent me these pretty roses to say he missed me all week, with the most romantic note ever (which you don't get to hear what he said because it was just too sweet!).

And here is one last picture (my favorite picture) of the precious little baby girl I got to be with last week.

And now it is already Thanksgiving week! Hope you are all enjoying some vacation time this week to reflect on what you are thankful for while surrounding yourself with family and friends.


Biker boots

Borrowed my sister's Aldo heels for our night out look.
Finally got my biker boots! Yay!
I showed them off at Costco with my stylish niece. The nutcracker was impressed.

Sweater - H&M - borrowed from my sis
Necklace and ring - borrowed from sis
Yellow t - Gap - $4
White t - NY&Co - thrifted for $2
Jeggings - Target - $5
Boots - Aldo - $20


Playing Dress-Up

My niece and I decided to play dress-up yesterday. My niece is wearing the junior bridesmaid dress worn at my wedding by my little sister, and I'm wearing my sister's wedding dress.
So of course, getting out the wedding dress made us reminisce. We got out my sister's wedding video and then went through her album. Here are some pictures of her wedding below:


More of the visit

Missi took us out to lunch yesterday for Mexican food. She and her children are already well adjusted to having an additional family member so this was an easy event even though the baby is still so new.
I wore this. All the accessories are my sisters. I love traveling to see my sis, because I can pack light and just raid her closet.
Here is my little angel niece waiting to try Mexican food from her mamma.


Sweet Little New Baby

Enjoying my time with my sister and her beautiful family!


At the Airport

Jeggings - Target - $5
Coat - Gap (years ago) - $25
Scarf - Target - $6
White t - Target - thrifted for $1
Chambray shirt - Gap - thrifted for $3
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Orange bag - NY&Co - borrowed from sis
Luggage - TJMaxx - $42

On my way to see my sis today!!!!


Camel and Pink

Disregard the wet hair - I'll style it later. Going to a concert tonight and thought I'd wear this skirt again. I feel like I need to get a lot of wear out of it before print pencil skirts go out of fashion!

How I switched it up for the afternoon:

Sweater - BCBG - thrifted for $2
Skirt - J.Crew - thrifted for $5
Shoes - Michael Antonio - $9
Earrings - Target - gifted
Bracelets - F21 - gifted
Leather moto jacket - gifted
Boots - Target - $8


And the weekend starts...

This outfit started out like this. Flats as comfy as slippers, boyfriend jeans rolled up, a ruffled tiered top and olive corduroy blazer.
 But just before I was expecting company, I switched the flats out for these heeled clogs.

And then just before leaving to run an errand, I added the scarf.

I'm leaving early Sunday morning to see my sister Missi and her new baby. I CANNOT WAIT! I may not have many outfit or fashion posts next week, but I'll have a lot of sister/newborn baby posts! Maybe even a couple of videos, too!
Top - J.Crew - thrifted for $7
Jeans - J.Crew - thrifted for $.99 via eBay
Blazer - H&M - $20
Flats - Old Navy - $5
Clogs - Kohl's - $11
Scarf - Target - $4
Earrings - $1


Potato Dress

I usually wear this as a tunic over leggings or jeans, but I decided that opaque tights are about the same as leggings. I'm so short, most tunic tops look like dresses on me anyway. So this is what I'm wearing today.
Happy Wednesday!
Sweater dress - thrifted for $3
Tights - HUE - gifted
Boots - JCPenney - $9
Bracelet - gifted
Watch - Target - $5
Necklaces - Target - gifted


I voted today!

Election day has finally come! It is an honor to be able to share this voting privilege with my fellow countrymen/women, and I hope each of you agree that no matter what your political background, it is important to participate in this election and vote.
I wore this for church on Sunday.
I used the applique from this dress as a necklace for this outfit.

I was so cold that I ended up never taking my coat off, so I pulled the applique necklace over my coat. Everyone complimented me on how cute my coat was, so I might have to do this again!

See that Ann Taylor bag? I took this photo at Dillard's, but that was after I had found this dress at Ann Taylor for only $7!!

Striped sweater - F21 - hand-me-down
Applique necklace from another dress
Skirt - Casual Corner - thrifted for $2
Pumps - Dillard's - gifted
Coat - Anne Klein via Amazon - $20


More Pink Please

OK, so I almost wore the animal print wedges, but it was cold out, so I ended up wearing the boots. Plus, I wasn't feeling the color of the tights, even though they matched a color in the skirt - there were just too many colors going on. Sometimes I just have to take a picture before I figure out what's working or not.
I felt like wearing pink the day I wore this because I was headed to a baby shower for a baby girl. I love baby showers! This one was particularly adorable, too.

Jacket - Guess - thrifted for $3
Cashmere sweater - J.Crew - thrifted for $4
Skirt - J.Crew - thrifted for $5
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9