Lake Erie

We are at the end of our weekend work retreat with the organization my husband works for. We got to stay at a place near Lake Erie and enjoy Kelley's Island.
We've enjoyed a scavenger hunt on golf carts, tennis, the park, thai food, Italian seafood, and lots of family time in between work meetings.

Be back to outfit posts next week!


Sorbet in the Fall

My daughter was so cute today. She had to stay home tonight because she has a cold, but she insisted that she get "dressed" up right along with me. She took her shower with me (she loves showers), she had me put make-up (pretend) on her, and then she handed me this headband that she put on her head like this. When I took my picture, she raised her arms to be held so she could see the picture too. By the look on her face, you can see that she couldn't understand how the picture was being taken. Once I put her down she said "cheese!"
 This sweater was one of my 50% off at Goodwill finds. I liked it well enough, but what sold me is that I tried it on outside of the dressing room and a couple of ladies behind me gushed about it saying that it was perfect for me. If I had any doubts about the sweater before, I was sure I liked it after that.
 I would call this color sorbet. Not exactly a Fall color. It will look even better come Spring.
Sweater - Goodwill - $2
Jeans - H&M - $20
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Necklace - gifted


Annie Oakley

My husband's real Birthday was Tuesday. After we recovered from the emotional stress of the weekend on Monday, we had Tuesday to get back to the Birthday plans. Usually hubs likes to go shopping for his Birthday gift on his Birthday, but this time he told me he wanted to sleep in and head to the shooting range. I dressed up for the occasion.
From here on out, you can call me Annie Oakley.

 Yeah, that shot is mine. Just sayin'...
We got pizza take out afterwards and then had a family Birthday party at his parent's house later that night. Gotta have a huge celebration for my favorite day of the year!!


Put a hat on it

I actually would have posted on Saturday night if disaster hadn't struck when it did.
My husband and I never celebrate our birthdays in just one day. We spend an entire weekend, and then the day of. So this past weekend was Birthday weekend.
Saturday morning, hubs said he wanted to get a couples massage...that day. I called about 5 spas trying to find an opening, and finally found one that only had one opening, requiring us to leave within minutes! Thankfully, I woke up with an amazing hair day. My hair looked like this when I woke up!
However, I knew that after the facial (I opted for a facial over a massage), my hair would be greasy, so I brought a hat. I ended up having to wear the hat most of the day, because it poured rain, and gone were my glorious locks!

From the salon we stopped at a luxury kitchen and bath shop to dream, before heading to a cigar shop to pick out fine cigars for Chris (a hobby of his), and then on to a wine lounge. We got a picture of both of us at each place we stopped. The one below is from the cigar shop.

From there we went to a hibachi steakhouse for dinner (another picture, of course).

And then we went to the cigar lounge where I ate key lime pie, and Chris smoked his fancy cigar, while we watched the Michigan State game that my Dad, Papa, and brothers were at.

And that's when the news hit. Just as the game was ending, my Papa had a stroke - right there in the bleachers. I tried not to fret and was told that he was conscious and just limp on one side.
Chris and I then went to see End of Watch, during which time I got numerous texts from my family members with updates on how Papa was doing.
Once out of the theatre, I got a text saying that they discovered the clot on his brain and were going to do emergency surgery right away. That's when I went straight to the hospital in Lansing with only the clothes on my back (thank goodness I had that hat!).
We slept maybe three hours Saturday night, but Papa pulled through!!! We left him at 4:30AM, with assurance that he would make it through the night. We got back there at 8 the next morning, and he seemed better. We stayed with him all day Sunday and got home around midnight that night. I had a fever on Sunday, so I couldn't go back on Monday to visit because I didn't want to pass a virus on. We had another scare on Sunday night after I left, but the past two nights he's been ok. He will just be severely disabled either permanently or for a good while (doctor said he probably won't walk for a year).
While Papa was in the NICU in Lansing, my Nani (his wife), who has a bone disease in her foot, fell, and went straight to the ER in Grand Rapids. I now have one grandparent in the NICU in Lansing, and the other in the ER in Grand Rapids. Quite nerve wracking, but I've been told they should make it, they just need time to heal.  
So glad the weekend is over!

Absence Explained

Hello readers! Just in case you've missed me the past few days (not that I am not randomly absent all the time), this time I have a real excuse. My Grandpa (Papa) had a massive stroke and we almost lost him. It's been a very emotional time for us, but he made it through and now we are just praying that his recovery process goes smooth. As it looks right now, he has lost the entire left side of his body to paralysis.


Hubs 30th Birthday Party

Hubs is turning 30 and a big Birthday bash was in order. Since he's my Superman, I went with Superman colors.
I even found a blue spandex dress that kept with the Superman theme!

 In the past I've scoffed at convertible dresses. I just figured they wouldn't be worth it since they would probably be cut too long for my frame and who would want to wear the same dress, but different versions of it over and over? But then I found this one at Goodwill for $5. It's a size large so that seam at my chest is really supposed to be at my waist which would make the dress hit mid-calf legnth (very unflattering length). But, since it can be worn so many different ways, I've made it work for my petite frame and even managed to wrap the straps in such a way as to make it totally modest! I can wrap it this same way and wear it backwards and it looks great too. For lounging at the pool I can switch it to a halter style. For date night I can switch it to sleeveless. And since it is a size large, I will never have to worry about being able to fit in it.
 Here you can see how I wrapped the straps around the back to cover my bra straps.
For a no fuss, flattering and versatile dress, go get yourself a convertible dress! 


Date Night and Bonfire

Wore this on a date with the hubs Thursday night.

Top - Ann Taylor - thrifted $3
Belt - Banana Republic - $3
Black jeans - Levi's - thrifted $5
Pumps - gifted
Leather jacket from Florence, Italy - gifted
Wore this sweatshirt and jeans to a bonfire last weekend. Loving the boatneck, 3/4 sleeve camoflouge sweatshirt. Perfect kinda casual.
Sweatshirt is Express, thrifted for $1.50
Jeans from Express - $20
Flats - Old Navy - $5



Wore this on Monday to the grocery store. Had the kids dressed up too. This is what happens to stay at home moms who rarely go out. They begin to think grocery shopping is a big event.
The lady at the checkout asked us if we were getting our pictures taken. No...this is just how we look when we don't care what we look like.


Yellow and Blue

 Love the white crocheted collar on this sweater!

My son's favorite color is yellow and blue. Partly because he just happens to like those colors, and partly because they are the colors of his favorite football team (Michigan Wolverines). Since he is so fond of these colors, I consented to spray paint an old chandelier yellow to hang in his (soon to be) light-grey-blue bedroom. We decided to do the project together for his art lesson in school. We started the first coat on Monday, ran out of paint and got more paint on Tuesday. Today was the last coat. The chandelier was looking pretty cool, too. Just as it was about done except for one little spot, I got the whole thing covered in dirt. Try brushing dirt off of wet paint. Long story.
Needless to say, our art lesson did not go well today and I am still thinking about that yellow chandelier, which is probably why I changed into this yellow sweater just before heading out to our first Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey) class at church tonight. And if I'm going to wear yellow, I have to add blue jeans so I sport my team's colors.
Go blue!
I don't even watch football. Only my boys do. I'm a fake.
Sweater - thrifted - $4
Jeans - J.Brand - gifted
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9.99
Earrings - Kohl's - $1


American in Paris

Found this dress the other day on the racks at Goodwill and was sure after I tried it on that I wouldn't like it. But the vertical stripes, plus fit and flare style spoke to me. Once on, I actually really loved it. The top part of the dress is ribbed with boning to give it a corset fit on top. I love how the print gives it the feel of a drop waist, which elongates my very short torso.
I wore it for church today and started out just wearing the neck scarf with it.
Before I left the house, I decided I felt a little too bare for church, so I pulled the scarf in front to cover my chest.

 But then I noticed the low scoop back and decided a sweater would be good too.
 Any time I see a fit and flare dress with vertical stripes, I think of American in Paris. Adore that movie.
Dress Goodwill for $5, Shoes Steve Madden gifted, Sweater thrifted for $4, Scarf thrifted for a dime.


Princess Dress

Goodwill vintage find. I'm in love!


Heels can make all the difference

I've been keeping my eye out at Goodwill for striped boatneck/3 quarter sleeved tops. Such a classic piece that always looks good, but is particularly trendy right now. I saw my Mother-in-law wearing this one and immediately commented. Next thing I know she was giving it to me. She said it was too short for her long torso frame. Lucky for me!
I wish my camera was quick enough to catch all my daughter's moves. I'm always trying to take a picture of her trying on my high heels, but she'll never stand still long enough. She wore my heels while I wore the flats for the first part of the day.

I just now switched to heels for greeting the man tonight. I just feel so much prettier in a pair of sleek heels! You can't see in the photo well, but these are peeptoes and about 4 inches high. LOVE.

Top - F21 - hand-me-down, pants - thrifted for $3, flats from DSW gifted, heels are BCBGirls via Macy's for $21


Nine West Shoe Clearance

Nine West offers free shipping for orders of $50 or more, plus, they have 40% off select sale items right now. Sizes are limited, so shop fast!
Here are my picks and the best deals below:
 These are so stylish and sexy and for genuine leather, $49 is a good price. Other colors are available for only $18!!!!
 Every girl needs a leg lengthening nude pump in her closet, and this one is only $18! What a steal!!

I am a huge fan of a bright yellow flat. I have some yellow flats myself, and they always add just the right pop of color. If you must wear flats, they should stand out. These cuties are only $18!
There are plenty more that are 40% off the clearance price here.
Happy shopping!!


Wearing Pink to MOPS

Went to MOPS last night. It was their first get together of the year. I tried it a couple of years ago and it wasn't what I was looking for, but this year I decided to give it another chance since my husband is busy on Monday nights, the same night that I would have MOPS.
Wanting to make a good impression and not appear like I was trying too hard, I decided to wear something very conservative and "young mom-ish".

This top is a silk/cotton blend and I think the print is adorable. I found it new with tags (Banana Republic) at Goodwill for only $3. I love it when I find brand new items at Goodwill!
 Even though I dressed conservatively to blend in, I still didn't quite fit in. We did a little mixer where we had to find someone else in the room that matched the 8 answers we gave on the list of questions they gave us with someone else's answers. I always think I'm such a regular everyday person until I go to a mixer like that and then I feel like I'm the oddest person on earth. Does anyone else have that trouble?
Jeans - 7ForAllMankind via Goodwill - $5
Top - Banana Republic (new with tags!) from Goodwill - $3
Crochet vest - gifted
Necklace - gifted
Wearing my Nine West nude gladiator wedges


Shopbop Winner Announced!

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Shopbop giftcard giveaway!
I used the Random.org number generator to pick the winner and the result was #1.
Here is our winner:
BloggerTowhead Mom said...
What an amazing giveaway, I would love to win! I am newly pregnant and I see that Shopbop carries designer maternity jeans now! That's what I would buy! Love your blog and thanks for the opportunity! Following you and Shopbop on FB, and you by email. My email is towheadmom @ gmail dot com.
August 30, 2012

Towhead Mom, I have sent you an email to let you know you won. Thank you for entering and congratulations on winning!



This dress was new with tags from Target at my Goodwill for only $5. It will be such a great classic piece for fall!
Shoes are Steve Madden pumps that my husband bought me for my Birthday from DSW.
The necklace was a gift from a friend. 

September Wedding

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything I touched either broke, or messed hurt me back. I got a really bad burn from my curling and for most of the afternoon had lost my phone. And then once I found my phone, I couldn't get the pictures to not be blurry. Then on the way to the wedding I found myself with one of the worst headaches I've ever had (thankfully, I rarely get headaches and have never had a migraine, so this one wasn't as terrible as what some people get, but still!).
By the time of the wedding, everything started to go much better. My cousin-in-law was absolutely stunning, and the wedding was flawless.
I tried this dress a couple of different ways before I decided on the look. Which way do you like it best? With black gladiator sandals and the black leather jacket?
 Or do you prefer the dress with red suede pumps?
 I pinned a vintage brooch in my hair to cover some stray bobby pins.
 By the time we got to the reception I took my hair out and wore it down.
 I ended up wearing the nude pumps and also brought my leather jacket in case the evening got too chilly.
 Also wore my retro black and red shades.
 The photo booth at the reception was a lot of fun. We had these dry erase boards we could use to give advice to the couple or say congrats. You pasted one copy of the photos in a photo album for the bride and groom, and the other you got to keep yourself.
Such a happy wedding!


Bowling Party

Tonight we're going to a rehearsal dinner party for my husband's cousin. It's at a bowling alley. I have a pair of socks in my purse to put on later for the bowling shoes. A nice flowy top and stretchy/comfy jeggings should be perfect, but not too casual.
Top - Banana Republic - $3 (Goodwill)
Jeggings - Target - $4.98
Wedges - Michael Antonio - $9
Earrings - Target - gifted