Outfit Post: Black and Fuschia

Vest - thrifted - $2
Necklace - thrifted - $2
T-shirt - Kohl's - $7
Skirt - J.Crew - hand-me-down
Tights - gifted
Clogs - Macy's - $21
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Leather bracelet - gifted
Belt - Kohl's - $2


Inspiration From Pinterest

I repineed this picture from Pinterest, because I hadn't thought yet about wearing my denim vest over a sweater. Now I only wish I had a slouchy cable knit sweater like this one...and a looser denim vest...
 This is my "Mom" style version.


Outfit Post: Fur and Bangles

I started my day quite a bit more dressed up than usual because of errands I had to run on top of a couple of meetings. You should have seen the shocked looks on people's faces as they watched me in my 4+" inch heels holding a baby carrier and walking with a 5 yr old. I was able to leave the kids with my mother-in-law for most of my errands, though - which made the day so much easier.
 After the errands and meetings, I was able to sneak in some thrift shopping and added this vintage fur stole. I love how glamorous it made my outfit look, plus, it was so warm!
 I also added my gold link chain necklace to the handle on my bag, just to make my bag look that much more cool. This bag is so large, it doubles as my diaper bag, too! I love it!
 It was raining all day, so the hat was perfect to shield my hair. I have an umbrella, but I forgot it, of course.
 The temperature this morning started out at 50 degrees and slowly dropped to below 40. Thank goodness for my fur, dahhhhling!
I have the bag and the fur stole posted for sale on eBay. If you're interested in it, let me know!

Blazer - Jones New York - thrifted for $3
Cowl neck top - Nordstrom rack - $10
Necklace - F21 - gifted
Bangles - F21 - gifted
Bag - Mark for Avon - thrifted for $3
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Boots - Jessica Simpson - courtesy of eBay
Jeans - JBrand - gifted
Chain necklace - thrifted - $2
Hat - Banana Republic - $6
Vintage stole - thrifted for $5


Progression of an Outfit

This post is specifically for all of you stay-at-home-moms out there. If anyone else gets something out of this, that's cool too.

Women who stay at home with children have a harder time than most looking put together. Why? Because sometimes we never leave the house. Sometimes our day includes cleaning mud off of our children. Sometimes we spend the entire day cleaning and other times, we don't think it's worth it to dress nice when our children will almost assuredly put a tear or stain in whatever we wear anyway.

This blog has always been about my quest to stay away from frump and stay in style while staying at home. So lately, to remedy my problem of trying to dress nice even if I'm not going anywhere, or even if I have a dirty job to do, I've been choosing outfits that can easily progress to fit my day's needs.

For instance, during the day when I'm just cleaning the house, cooking, on the floor wrestling with my 5 yr old, homeschooling under a blanket on the couch (Mom, you didn't see that), and taking walks with the kids, I'll start out wearing something like this:

 I'll add tennis shoes for the walk, or just wear slippers if I'm staying in all day. Usually I do leave my hair down (today was an exception) because that's what is most comfortable for me. I will also start with a little bit of make up (mascara and blush, and maybe some eyeliner and lip gloss).

Then, if I'm leaving the house during the day, or someone is coming over, I'll just add some jewelry, style my hair, and switch out my tennis shoes for a pair of heels.
At the end of the day, just before my husband gets home, or if I'm going out for the night, I'll really kick it up. I'll add more accessories, maybe a tailored jacket or a belt (or both), and even more make-up (a smoky eye and lipliner).  

I just think it's a good reminder that a simple jeans and sweater outfit as a base is all you need to look fabulous - and you don't have to add the fabulousness until when it's practical. Just layer it on as needed. Add a smart blazer, a romantic scarf, some great jewelry, a statement belt, a stylish pair of shoes...and no one will ever know that you started out plain. ;-) Well, I guess my secret is out now. :-)


Outfit Post: Belted Jacket

Top - Wal-Mart - $3, Corduroy blazer - H&M - $20, Heels - Jessica Simpson - gifted - Jeans - H&M - $20, Earrings - gifted, Belt - Kohl's - $2

For Sale

I've been selling clothing items on eBay and thought you all might want to look over my newest listings. Just go to my listings under my profile here

Outfit Post: Vintage

As you may have noticed by now, I've decided to post randomly whenever I feel like it. So yes, it's been a while since I've felt like it! But yesterday's two outfits called for some photos because I'm totally in love with my new vintage finds!

The dress is an antique. It is hand sewn from the 1950's. It came with elbow sleeves and a corset belt. I had to insert a new zipper in the back, and of course, I had to hem it up about 3 inches! My mother-in-law found it at an antique store for me. I adore it!

The blouse is another vintage find that I found at a vintage shop in downtown Grand Rapids on sale for only $5! It's such a romantic blouse. I paired it with my new 7 For All Mankind jeans that I got for free from a thrift store. Originally I had it with a skirt and tights, but my husband couldn't get over how old fashioned I looked, so I thought the jeans made it more modern.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are excited about the New Year!