Sale: Ann Taylor Loft Skirt

This is another great find that I thought I'd pass on if someone wants it. It's a size 6P. Waist measurements are 16 inches across laying flat. The length is about 18 or 19 inches long. It's fully lined and in perfect condition. The material is tweed and corduroy. Such a fun skirt for fall/winter!

$15 shipped. Leave a comment with your contact info if you want it.


Outfit Post: Happy Thanksgiving!

On weather.com it says "Severe Weather", but it just means that it is unusually warm here today being 64 degrees. I'm enjoying this little breather before things get too chilly and breaking out my cap sleeved cable knit sweater I found at Goodwill last week. I think it will look great with my burgundy cords, too.

Did any of you shop yesterday? I always like to shop on Black Friday, just for fun. I usually have all of my Christmas shopping done by then, so I just shop for myself. I mentioned to my husband that he should go with me and make it date and he decided we should go at midnight. We didn't get home till 8:30 AM, so I've missed an entire night of sleep. I had a catnap of about 30 minutes, but that's it. It will take me a week to catch up on my lost night!

Sweater - BCBG (thrifted) - $3
Skirt - J.Crew - free
Argyle tights - Kohl's - $1
Belt - Gap - too long ago to remmeber
Bracelet - thrifted - $1


Outfit Post: Silk Shirts

I don't know if anyone really took any notice to my background walls in my previous photos, but most of them were taken in this very room (my office), and the walls in the previous photos were very brown. Notice that it is a mauvy beige (yes, I made that color up myself) now? So much more feminine. So much more *me*! I like my office so much now, I moved the daybed in here so I could sit in here and stare at my lovely walls comfortably in between working. The color is just that good.

And speaking of working...my hours are more sporadic now, giving me more time to blog if I feel like it. I barely worked this week, and had the itch to blog all week. So now I am. Next week I work full days until Thanksgiving. I probably won't blog that day because nothing will fit, I'll be so full of turkey just thinking about it.

Have you noticed that red lips are now EVERYWHERE. It's like almost every fashion spread in every magazine is featuring a bright lip. Every time I see it, I think, "oh that's so fun, why don't I wear my red lipstick more?!" In theory, I love my red lipstick, but in practice, it just doesn't work for me. I can't kiss my babies, I get lipstick on my teeth, I stain every glass in my house, and my husband won't kiss me for fear of getting lipstick on his shirt or face. Are my red lips really worth depriving myself from husband and baby kisses? I don't think so. Nevertheless, I will try to keep imagining that I love it just because sometimes you can't help but want to look trendy sometimes. Ok, maybe I just want to fit in.

Another thing I've noticed in so many of the fashion spreads are boxy silk shirts. You see them tucked into high waisted pants or pencil skirts, or worn over tight jeans or layered underneath sweaters. While it reminds me of some of the blouses my mom passed down to me during my adolescence when nothing else fit me at the time (and at that time, the boxy silk shirt tucked into high waisted pants or skirts or even untucked over leggings was completely outdated), I also like how it also reminds me a tad of the 1940's because of it's strong shoulder line. If I were to wear this red silk blouse tucked in, I would feel totally retro, especially with my red lips. Tucked out, I feel "laid back cool." Do I look "laid back cool?" Probably not. I probably look like I'm trying too hard. But that's ok. Because I am.

I'm determined to think that this blouse is vintage. It came with shoulder pads, and had a very old fashioned label. And by old fashioned, I mean, like something I would see in the stores when I was 5 years old. I guess I consider vintage to be only 16 years old, because I'm 21. heh. Anyhow, I cut out the shoulder pads, ironed it up, and now I have an on trend blouse for the season. My fashion magazines would be proud of me. You're welcome Marie Claire and Lucky.

Jacket - Goodwill (Jones New York) - $2
Blouse - Goodwill (Anna & Frank) $3
Chain link choker - thrifted - $2
Jeggings (gasp, I can't believe I fell for this trend) - Target - $5
Heels - Jessica Simpson -gifted
Bag - Coach - gifted


Shirt and Corduroy Pants For Sale

Corduroy pants are a J.Crew size 2 short. The Banana Republic shirt is a size S and is oyster white. Asking $5 each, plus shipping. Leave a comment with your contact info if you're interested.

J.Crew Corduroy Skirt

This corduroy skirt by J.Crew is a size 6. No back pockets or back slit. Measurements are: 15 inches laying flat in the waist and 17.5 inches long. The material has some stretch to it, so it will stretch a lot larger.

Asking $5, plus shipping. Leave a comment if you're interested with your contact information.

Vintage Dress For Sale

This dress is so cool. It is totally vintage. You can tell by the old fashioned sewing machine job on it. The seams are not serged. It is fully lined and I think the outer fabric is silk since I was able to iron it. The cami styling on the neckline was handsewn on. There is a tiny little hole, half the size of a pea on the shoulder sleeve. Laying flat, the waist is about 14 inches. It's a size 6, which fits like a modern size 2. It barely fits me, so I decided against modeling it for you. If you need more measurements, let me know.

Asking $5, plus shipping.

Another Skirt For Sale

The brand of this skirt is United Colors of Benetton. It is fully lined and tweed wool. This skirt looks to be brand new. There isn't a stain or rip. I would totally keep it, but the slit is just too high for my modest taste. It's european sizing - size 38. It sits high on your nautral waist and measures about 13 inches across laying flat. It has a side zipper. The length measurement is about 25.5 inches.

Asking $5, plus shipping.

I'm Back!

OK, I'm not really back...just sort of. You see, I went to Goodwill today and found a lot of really great finds that aren't necessarily what I was looking for, but would be great for someone. So I'm modeling them and selling them for just a tad more than what I paid for them plus shipping. Interested? I take paypal.

Here is the first item:

So this is a 100% rayon, what looks to be vintage midi (if you're tall) or maxi (if you're short) skirt from Saks Fifth Avenue. There isn't a stain or rip anywhere on it. It's a size 6, but fits more like a 2-4. Sits on the smalles part of your waist. It's 36 inches long from the top of the waist and the waist (measured laying flat) is 13 inches.

Here is why this skirt is so great. #1 It's burguny, which is the "it" neutral color for this season. #2 It's a perfectly on trend length. #2 It is also pleated, which is another big trend for fall.

Someone needs this skirt. I'm asking $5, plus shipping - to be determined depending on where you live.

Interested? Leave a comment.

If no one reads this anymore or there's just not anyone interested, I'll try eBay.