Outfit Post: Family in Stripes

Sweater - thrifted - $2
Jeggings - Target - $5
Shoes - Steve Madden - hand me down
Necklace - gifted
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21


Apron on Easter

For Easter, I was in Michigan with Nic's family. Easter Sunday, I was helping in the kitchen and found myself wearing this apron. Nic actually made this apron!

Below is a picture of me and my boyfriend....and what I actually wore on Easter!

Jacket - Plato's Closet - $10
Earrings - Charlotte Russe - $3
Dress - TJ Maxx - $40
Sandals (not pictured) - Khols - gifted

Outfit Post: Rainy Day

Slept in too late this morning and then had to rush to get ready for an appointment I had. In my head, I thought this outfit would look so cool, but once I got it on I realized my body has a ways to go before things actually look the way they look in my head! lol! Nevertheless, I'm grateful things are going back to normal as quick as they are and am hoping I can drop these last 15 pounds fast! And yes, my hair is still wet from the shower. That's how behind I was this morning!

Sweater - Banana Republic - thrifted
Capris - Gap - $5
Shoes - Target - $7
Belt - Gap - $24
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21


Outfit Post: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! He is risen!
 Isn't Cassie looking sweet in her Easter dress!! I'm looking forward to getting to dress up a little girl!!
Trying to get back to real life here since work starts on Tuesday. I work from home, so it's not a big deal, really, but it means no daytime naps anymore. Posting will probably be a little irregular for a couple of weeks yet, but I'm going to have to get creative with my wardrobe here as I still have a lot of weight yet to lose, so I'm hoping to get some of that creativity on here!

Skirt - Gap - $17
Blazer - Ann Taylor - $29
Earrings - gifted
Pearl necklace - thrifted - $1
Nude pumps - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Top - Gap - $7


Outfit Post

Tank Top - ?
Shorts - Cotton On - $12.50
Belt - Plato's Closet - $3
Hair clips - Forever 21 - gifted



I got to wear my fabulous trench dress that was gifted to me, from Nic, at Christmas...for the first time today! We finally had a sunny and semi-warm day today! I'm looking forward to many more warm and sunny days and styling and re-styling this fabulous summer staple.
Here is my after church wear. We plan to head out to the Farmers Market and then the local park for some batting practice (softball season is on it's way!) Here my daughter and I serious...
...and silly

My Birth Story

Hey everyone! So excited to finally be writing that the baby arrived! We are enjoying our little girl, Cassandra Rose (whom we call Cassie) so much, and can't seem to get enough of her! She is a very content little girl, already going 6+ hours between feedings at night. We are very blessed!

Due to some concerns with some of her biophysicals, my midwives recommended an induction for Wednesday morning when Cassie was 16 days past her due date. I really didn't want an induction, but since there was some question about Cassie's health, I decided to go with the induction. The midwife also promised that if the induction didn't take, they would take me off the pitocin and send me home.

Wednesday morning we got to the hospital at 6AM and after paperwork, several tests, and lots of prep work, they finally got the pitocin drip started by 9:30AM. Unfortunately, the Doctor came in and said that my biophysical from that morning did not look perfect and that they were going to make sure I had the baby and not allow me to go home if the induction didn't take. I was pretty upset about that and worried that after a hard labor I'd end up in a c-section because of no progression yet again (this happened with my first).

Anyway, they started the pitocin at a very low dosage, so the contractions I was already having on my own from the night before and all morning, just continued at the same strength and length for two hours. By 11:30AM, the pitocin finally kicked in, and my early labor contractions began.

My husband and Mom were there and were AMAZING support. They got me through each contraction, and in between we all shared laughs and excitement over the fact we would be meeting our little girl soon!

Active labor started around 1:30 or 2PM and as things got intense, my support rose to the challenge, moving me to new positions, holding me up, putting pressure on my back, and encouraging me by letting me know how the baby was doing and telling me I was doing great. Also, unlike my last induction, I had breaks between each contraction, making the whole process a whole lot more bearable.

I finally got to 8cm (transition labor) by 8:30PM, and an hour after that my water broke. I was so excited that I had gotten this far already, that I had Mom take a picture of me between a contraction and I smiled as big as I could under the circumstances! ha ha!

After 3 hours of transition labor, I did not progress at all. My whole labor was back labor as the baby's face was turned upwards. The baby was not dropping far enough down, and the contractions were pitocin aggravated and not really getting me anywhere. I noticed nurses looking concerned, and my midwife was putting me in several different positions to try and get the contractions to be more effective.

At this point, I mentioned sarcastically to Mom and the midwife in between a contraction that I was ready for a c-section. The midwife thought I was serious and suggested I try an epidural instead. I caved immediately and requested the epidural. I just knew I would be laboring all night and wouldn't get anywhere, and thought I could bear that a whole lot better if I had the epidural. I could tell my midwife was disappointed in my choice, but she went ahead and called up the anesthesiologist, who came to my rescue almost immediately!

By midnight, I had the epidural and was able to cope with the pain a whole lot better. I could only feel pressure in my lower back, pelvis and legs, so the only pain I felt were the contractions I had in my upper abdomen/stomach area. It was a very successful epidural!

The midwife told me to sleep, but my body wouldn't stop shaking, and I could feel every contraction. She upped the dosage of pitocin, too, so even though I couldn't feel the sharp pains, my body was too taxed to sleep. I was checked every hour and there was still no progression. I was still 8 cm! Argh!

By 5AM there were some concerns about progression so another nurse came in and spent 30 minutes stretching me open to complete with each contraction I had. Thank goodness I was on an epidural for all of this!

By 5:30AM I was complete and the pushing began!

I pushed my brains out (and quite a few other things out) for 2.5 hours straight, and the baby was still only at a plus 1 (the baby needed to get down to a plus 5 in order to get through the birth canal to even crown). The epidural kept the pain bearable, so I had enough energy to push like crazy, and yet still the baby would not come down. She was still in the wrong position, so again there were some concerns that I would end up in a c-section.

Before a c-section, though, it was recommended I try a vacuum. I was nervous with this at first since I had heard stories of how badly this can hurt the baby, but I also really wanted to avoid a c-section. I agreed to the vacuum, and 15 minutes later the doctor was using it and the baby was finally moving!

By 8:01AM, we finally got to meet our little girl!

So I got my vaginal birth!!!

I didn't hold to my goals of no induction, epidural, or assistance (like the vacuum), but at least I avoided the c-section and now will have a better chance of a normal labor next time around!

Even though there were concerns about the baby's health, the baby was perfectly healthy. Cassie was not too big, her placenta was not deteriorating, her blood pressure never got too low, and there was only a slight bit of meconium. So even though she was 17 days late in coming, she had no problems at all!

Thank you for praying for me and the baby! Your prayers were answered and we are enjoying a beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl!


Cassandra Rose

Nic says she has a lot of pictures but hasn't been able to download them all yet. Here is a picture my Mom emailed to me from her phone. So Grandma with baby Cassie!


Running errands

Jacket ~ Roxy gifted
Top ~ Vera Wang for Kohls gifted
Belt ~ Gap $25
Jeans ~ Old Navy $20
Booties ~ gifted
Bag ~ Kohls $20
Bracelet ~ Forever 21 $5

Baby is here!

Nic had her baby girl this morning at 8:01am. 8lb 14oz and 22in long!


In & Out

I am a sweater girl through and through. If I'm home and there is even the slightest chill in the air, I will be wearing a cardigan. If there isn't a cardigan handy, then I'll be wearing my oversized, fluffy, red robe that makes me look something like Elmo or Santa Claus depending on the season *grin*

So in posting today, I showed both looks. What I look like while at home and what I switch when going out.

Sweater ~ Forever 21 gifted
Jacket ~ H&M $15
Stripped shirt ~ H&M $7
Belt ~ Gap $25 (but free with a $25 coupon I had!)
Jeans ~ Forever 21 $9.99
Tall boots ~ Target $15 (top is genuine leather, normally $50)


Outfit Post: Bright Colors and White Teeth

So, my outfit today is nothing special. I am trying to figure out new ways to wear/pair up old things. I'd like to minimize spending so I can save for nicer car in the future. Buuuut..........I bought a new bright colored necklace recently. It has a fun hook in the back, so I had to get it! I decided to show you my face today....yesterday it was too terrible to reveal.

A month or so ago, I used 10 crest whitening strips, and I brush my teeth with the "vivid" whitening toothpaste 2 or 3 times daily. I have noticed a huge change in how white my teeth are, AND they have stayed white!

Tank top - Old Navy - $5 ish
Shorts - Kohls
Necklace - Plato's Closet - $3


Three days of outfits

Many things have changed since the last time I did an outfit post. For instance. I've become somber, serious, stoic and my hair has gotten very long.
But...somethings have not changed. I still am goofy with a silly sense of humor! LOL
Saturday Outfit:
Tunic ~ H&M
Sweater and Jeans ~ Gap
Necklace ~ Target
Booties ~ Kohls

Since it has been awhile I thought I'd get a picture up of my children. Jade is now 4 and Cutter is 1. They are getting so big!

Sunday Outfit:
Jacket ~ Ross
Green Tank ~ Marshall's
Skirt ~ H&M
Necklace ~ Forever21
Boots ~ Aldo

The sun is shining in western Washington, the wind is blowing my hair and even though it's a bit chilly I'm still gonna wear sandals!
Monday's Outfit:
Sweater ~ Old Navy
Shirt ~ Gap
Belt ~ Gap
Sandals ~ American Eagle
Scarf ~ Old Navy

Outfit Post: Breakfast with friends

I would like to try to keep things interesting here while Nic is resting before the baby arrives. I would have posted all winter, but because I live in Florida, my outfits are much different than most everywhere else. Now that the weather is coming back around, what I wear everyday is more relevant.

Here goes....

I went out to breakfast with friends this morning. It felt like a Spring morning (even in Florida), so I dressed accordingly.

I do not like the fit of the capris, because I feel like they make my calves look larger than I'd like, but they were the only "in between" that went with this outfit.

Cardigan - New York & Co. - $20
Top - Plato's Closet - $3
Capris - ? - gifted
Sandals - Target - gifted


Just a quick update to let you all know that I'm still pregnant, but am on maternity leave now from both work and blogging. I'm in a lot of pain and am so tired now, that besides my daily walks, I'm mostly on the couch or in bed (thanks to the pampering my Mother is giving me). All is well, though, and I can't wait to post again with an update that the baby is here!


Outfit Post: Benefit Dinner

This is what I found in my closet for the benefit dinner I went to tonight.

Unfortunately, the baby decided to pull some stunts again as soon as we got to the event. I knew it wasn't labor, but I couldn't stand up or keep the grimace off my face either. Thankfully I made it through the dinner shielded by some close friends so I could get through the contractions, but I left before the speech portion of the event. By the time I left, things were slowing down and now I'm home in my PJs wishing something more had happened! I wish this baby would stop teasing me and give me the real thing! lol!
Dress - thrifted - $2.50
Necklace - gifted
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted

A Thank You

I didn't think I'd be blogging about maternity style 10 days after my due date, but here I am, still pregnant, and still trying to figure out how to dress my very large baby bump. Tonight I have a benefit to go to with my husband, and as I sit here trying to figure out what I want to wear, I can't help but think about all the women who have gone before me (or right along side me) to inspire me to stay stylish while pregnant. In fact, these women are so incredible, I just have to publically thank them here for how amazing they are! I just have to let them know that they influenced me greatly and gave me the courage to keep up with my style regardless of how sick and tired I felt because of the pregnancy.

So here goes...Megan from The Frugalista Diaries (or Pregnant and Fabulous) was one of my first finds after I got pregnant, and helped me a lot in finding my own style. We are due about the same time and are both pretty petite, so I was glad to have someone else who was about my same size and feeling just as uncomfortable as me help encourage me through the pregnancy style blues. And boy does she look good! She is still wearing heels!

Teal, at Expecting Chic blew me away with her effortlessly chic and casual ensembles.
 Lena at Quality Rivets had super cool pregnancy style. I've been copying this look by wearing my own fedora hat on numerous occasions throughout my pregnancy.
 Megan at DIY Maternity has loads of maternity style! Most of her looks were so uniquely hers, she designed them from scratch (quite literally)!
 Marie from Lemondrop Vintage barely ever wore maternity clothes, but continued thrifting to find unique vintage finds that dressed her baby bump.
 Indiana over at Adored Austin was one of the cutest pregnant mommies I've ever seen! Her looks were not only cool, but were comfortable as well!
 Melissa from I Still Love Fashion came up with amazing looks that were always under even my (super low) budget!
 I was stunned when I recently found M's blog, Dear Baby. I was sure her photo below was a magazine cover, not a normal personal photograph! She is gorgeous and makes her baby bump figure look so romantic!

S from Academichic has been rocking put together casual looks that are so tasteful, you can barely tell she is even pregnant yet!

 E, also over at Academichic was the first pregnant blogger I ever found, and I found her a couple of years before I was pregnant. It is truly because of her that I was determined to continue blogging during this pregnancy. She always looked put together and stylish, baby bump and all! E is expecting again and is continuing to come up with polished maternity looks.
Lastly, I got some great tips from Imogen at Inside Out Style and Angie's blog, You Look Fab.

There are some newer maternity bloggers that I've added to my maternity inspiration link that are definitely in the category above, I just can't relate to them yet because they aren't as huge as I am, being they are in their second trimesters still. I just have to mention them as being fabulous as well, though, too - Strawberry Koi, What Andie Wears, and Stylish White Female are incredible!

Thank you to all of you fabulous ladies who have inspired me these past 10 months to not give up on my style and appearance even though morning sickness and gaining 35+ pounds in a short period of time would normally make me want to just wear sweatpants and tennis shoes! You all are AMAZING!


Domestic Sophisticate Featured on Inside Out Style

The fabulously talented and stylish Imogen Lampert, the genius behind Inside Out Style, asked me to do a guest post for her blog!! My post was featured on her site today, and I'm still giddy with excitement about it! I've been learning from Imogen ever since she first started her blog and am beyond honored that she would think of me to ask for a guest post!


Lady In Waiting - 41 Weeks Today!

I've now had 4 episodes of what I like to call false labor. I call it false labor because I get contractions, shakes, nausea (and other things that I won't mention on here) for several hours. The contractions come 2 to 5 minutes apart and are very consistent. One was when I was almost 38 weeks for just two hours, another at 39 for about two hours again. My last two episodes were this week. One two nights ago for 6 hours and last night it lasted all night long and to the point where they got longer and closer together as the night wore on. Thankfully, I know enough about labor from my first (even though it was pitocin induced two weeks early and ended in a c-section),  that I didn't call my midwife yet on each of these occasions. Two nights ago, however, I thought that since I was this far along, something might actually happen and I called my Mom. We both agreed that even if it was another false labor episode, it would be nice to have Mom around to distract me and be ready for when labor actually does come. So she made the three hour drive out with my 11 year old brother late on Saturday night (got here a little after midnight), and has been doting on me ever since! I LOVE my Mom!

So even though last night was rough, and I'm now feeling too sore and exhausted for real labor to happen anytime soon, at least I get my Mom and little brother around to have fun with! I have my midwife appointment today and then we'll get some shopping done afterwards.