Hemming Tutorial

Being I'm only five feet tall, I am constantly having to hem pants, skirt lengths, or dress lengths. What would be a mini skirt for most gals, is a knee skirt for me. And what is a knee skirt for other ladies, ends up being a midi skirt for me. Don't even get me started on anything that is ankle length or longer!

I'm also a big advocate of skirts and dresses hitting right at the knee. When a skirt or dress hits a small point of your leg (just below your knee as your calf curves into to hit the knee, or right at the knee is you have small knees) it accentuates the smallest point of your leg, making your legs appear thinner. The knee skirt length also helps to give your body the right proportions. If you look at the body's silhouette, it can be placed into thirds. Your top torso to your waist, your waist to your knee, and your knee to your feet. If the hem line cuts off right at the end of the second third of your proportion, you will create a very balanced and proportioned silhouette.

That being said...I've posted about how I do a blind stitch hem before. But now I want to show you how to do a machine stitch hem on a full skirt.

First, measure and use chalk or a piece of white soap to draw a line to wear you want the length of the skirt to hit. Measure two inches or more below that and cut.

At the edge of the cut off hem, baste a very loose stitch about a half an inch or inch from the bottom of the hem. I did two rows of stitching, but one should work.
Then pull the loose threads from the basted stitch to gather the fabric ever so slightly.

Iron under the gathered pieces making the crease hit right at the line of your gathered stitches, so the basting/gathering is tucked under.
Then iron under the hem again to meet the desired length you either pinned, chalked, or soaped and iron. You can either hand stitch a blind stitch, or machine stitch the hem from there, right at the top of the fold.

Hope that helps!


Outfit Post: Gray Sweater Dress

At church today some ladies came up to me to ask if I was due since they didn't think I could possibly get any larger...
Then almost right after that, a couple came up to me and said I looked so small and was shocked to find out I only had a month left, because they thought I had at least two or more months yet.
People are so funny.

Are you noticing my crazy curls? I just got a Corioliss curling wand from Misikko - it takes a lot of work, but it gives a totally different kind of curl than a curling iron does, and is a lot of fun! My husband said my hair looks like a little girl's doll's hair. Not sure if that's good or not - but I'm still practicing with the wand and plan on achieving some better looks with it. I'll be doing a product review on it soon!

Dress - Old Navy Maternity - $4.88
Bracelets - F21 - gifted
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted


Product Review: Revlon Eye Make-Up

I was sent Revlon's new eye-make-up compacts to try out and give a review on. I loved the colors they sent and couldn't wait to try them out!

On the back of the compact is a very simple guide to show you exactly where to place each color - which is great, since I wouldn't know where to place five different colors on my eyes!
Instead of using the compact brush they provide, I used my trusty brushes. One for the lid, one for the crease, one for liner, and one for the brow bone. I highly recommend using your own brushes when using multiple colors on your eyes, so the color doesn't mix on the one compact brush provided.

I tried the pink/mauve tones today and thought the color was very nice and subtle. I found that the powder was a little too light, because it kept leaving a dusting in places it shouldn't. I had to do a lot of clean-up with a q-tip afterwards. I also noticed that in order to get the dark color to show up as a liner (as they suggest on the back of the compact), you need to dab your brush in a touch of water. That also helped with the dusting of powders that kept spilling on my cheekbone as I brushed the powder on my lids.

Another problem I encountered was that because all the colors were in one package without any dividers between each shadow, you have to be very careful to keep the colors separate when you apply the powder on your brush. I really wish make-up companies would be better about putting dividers between colors so they don't blend together.

Overall I thought the product was great for the money. The tips on how to apply on the back of the compact were great, the end result was lovely, and the amount of each color was nice, too. I didn't like the dusting of powder it left, or the fact that the colors could easily blend into one without having a divider, but that is a problem I encounter with all powder eyeshadows.

If you're interested in creating a subtly dramatic look for your eyes, you should definitely try Revlon's 5 color eye shadow compacts.

What is your favorite brand of eye shadow? And what tricks do you use to apply it properly?


Outfit Post: Stripes and a touch of yellow

I know it's ridiculous, since it really doesn't mean a whole lot...but all I keep thinking about is the fact that I'm only 10 days to being at full term (37 weeks)! I know I probably won't go into labor for another month after that, but the idea of being full term just has me so excited! So close to meeting her!
We've had yet another snowstorm and are snowed in today, so my outfit is only for lounging around the house with my husband and son. Not that I plan to lounge...I have sewing projects, blogging, chores, organizing, cleaning, homeschooling my son, etc., all piling up for me to do that will keep me plenty busy!
And yes, my accessories are pretty matchy-matchy, but that's what I felt like today.
Scarf - vintage - $.25
Yellow shell necklace - gifted
Tunic - Gap - $7
Leggings - Target (girl's section) - $3
Yellow patent flats - Dillard's - $19


Answer to a reader question...

One of our readers asked what she should wear on a date that would entail fishing and hiking in a warm climate. She is conservative and likes feminine clothes. She is 23, average height, and slim.

Since both of those activities require some practical clothing, I would recommend shorts as opposed to sundresses or skirts. I also wouldn't choose pants since it can get pretty humid out where she will be. To keep a casual, but cute vibe, I'd stick with some jean shorts that hit just above the knee.

For both activities, I would also recommend closed toe shoes. Boat shoes are going to be big this coming season, and would be a great option for fishing, while I don't think anything but a hiking shoe will work for hiking. If it's just a stroll through the park, a comfortable, but stylish sandal should do the trick.

Another recommendation would be to wear a hat for both activities. For fishing, you would want a hat to shield the sun and cover up your potentially wilted hair (from the humidity). For hiking, a hat is a cute way to cover up a practical ponytail and cover up potentially sweaty hair.

For fishing, you can opt for a feminine/flirty top, but for hiking, I think a campshirt over a tank is your best bet.

See below for my picks (note, I am not necessarily recommending the stores for these items...for the pricey items, you can just as easily find something similar at a cheaper department store like Target or Wal-mart).

fishing in a KY summer

fishing in a KY summer by nicridley on Polyvore.com

Hollister co
$30 - hollisterco.com

Hollister Co vintage short
$29 - hollisterco.com

J crew
$115 - jcrew.com

Old navy shoes
$23 - oldnavy.gap.com

Crochet summer hat
$20 - lorisshoes.com

Bajra scarve
$265 - intermixonline.com

House of Harlow 1960 glass shade
$138 - boutiquetoyou.com

hiking in a KY summer

hiking in a KY summer by nicridley on Polyvore.com

So these would be my picks, but what would you all recommend? I'm sure our reader would love extra input!

Outfit Post: Gray Day

This is a slow week for me. Not much going on, and no important chores or errands to run. I'm hoping to take advantage of the time and get some sewing done for the baby, but I feel like just laying on the couch all day. After having a week of almost no morning sickness, it seems to be threatening to come back this week, and I'm losing my energy as well. I guess my body is just getting ready for the big day by getting as much rest as possible now.

Top - H&M - $5
Jacket - F21 - gifted
Jeans - Gap Maternity - $7
Clogs - Macy's - $23


Outfit Post: Snowstorm

Last week we got a little preview of Spring. After having negative degree temperatures, everything warmed up to about 52 degrees and almost all of the snow melted. It was bliss. And then Sunday hit...and it's been snowing ever since.

I'm grateful it's cold instead of hot, since I tend to get overheated easily these days, but I really struggle with the shoe issue for the snow. I'd love to wear little flats right now, instead of these boots that are too tight on my swelling calves...but safety first right? I need the extra traction and coverage these boots provide.

Sweater - NY&Co - gifted
Hat - gifted
Scarf - Target - $6
Leggings - Wal-Mart - $2
Boots - Aerosoles - $29


Outfit Post: Going for comfort

Maternity jeans are so uncomfortable these days, and of course, regular jeans aren't really an option for me right now. I'm trying to wear leggings, and wishing it were warm enough outside to just wear dresses, since tights are ridiculously uncomfortable too!
Nevertheless, today I couldn't resist wearing this skirt since it has a very soft foldover waistband. My legs may be freezing today, but I feel so comfortable!
Hat - gifted
T-shirt - Motherhood - hand-me-down
Vest - thrifted - $2
Skirt - Old Navy - $.97
Boots - Aerosoles - $29


Outfit Post: Looking like a grape

Dress - H&M - $5
Jacket - Jones New York (thrifted) - $2
Leggings - Kohl's - $5
Boots - Jessica Simpson (via eBay) - courtesy of eBay
Necklace - Target - gifted
Bangles - F21 - gifted
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21


Outfit Post: New Necklace

My new necklace that my sister-in-law found at an antique mall for my Birthday...I just love it!
A well meaning lady asked me how far along I was today. I told her I had 5 weeks left and she said, "Oh my honey! That means you are not even as big as you are going to be...you are going to be huge!" Yeah...thanks.
Top - Ann Taylor - $5.88
Jeans - Old Navy Maternity - $25.50
Necklace - vintage - gifted
Metallic flats - Ann Taylor Loft - $3.88


Outfit Post: Yellow Shoes

I have my 34-35 week check-up this morning...so glad to be on the homestretch!

Top - Kohl's - $7
Cami - thrifted - $.25
Leggings - Kohl's - $5
Yellow patent flats - Dillards - $20
Yellow hoop earrings - B.P. Peppers - $.50


Outfit Post: 34 Weeks and 3 Days

Yes, I'm counting the days...can you tell?
Found these slippers that I'm going to wear as regular shoes today and my feet are thanking me.
You might have noticed that I haven't worn a lot of belts during this pregnancy. So many other maternity fashion bloggers rock the belt look, but being I'm not even 5 feet tall and very busty, there's really no room between my belly and bust to add a belt. Nevertheless, I've attempted it with what I believe is success for today! I think the cut of this top helps or something, because I've not been able to pull it off very well before. I like how the gold belt picks up on the gold zipper at the bottom of my jeggings, too!

Top - Wal-Mart - hand-me-down
Belt - Kohl's - $2
Jeggings - Wal-Mart - $1
Brown slippers - Target - $3
Brown sweater - hand-me-down


Outfit Post: Happy Valentine's Day!

I usually like to wear red or pink on Valentine's Day...but looking in my closet, I realized I don't have anything that fits in those colors! So black and gray it is...
At least I have one touch of red - I actually painted my toe nails last night. It was quite the ordeal, too, let me tell ya!
Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of a shoe dilemma. The shoes I'm in right now were always too big on me before, which is why I was able to fit into them today - but my feet are already swelling out of these so they aren't going to last long. I'll have to dig for something or else I'm going to end up in jeans and tennis shoes just for my poor swollen feet!

Sweater - F21 - Hand-me-down
Necklace - F21 - gifted
Leggings - Kohl's - $5
Pumps - Aerosoles - $29
Bangle bracelets - F21 - gifted