Outfit Post: Sunday

Skirt - Gap - $3
T-shirt - Motherhood - hand-me-down
Vest - thrifted - $2
Boots - Jessica Simpson - courtesy of eBay
Tights - Wal-Mart - $5
Necklace - Target - gifted

Outfit Post: Conference Outfits

I had to work a booth at a conference for the organization I work for out in MI where my parents live on Friday and Saturday. The dress code is skirts or dresses only. In freezing/snowy weather, I would much prefer to wear pants, but thankfully a pair of tights and boots helped. And no, I did not manage in heels all weekend long - I switched into flats once I got to the booth and inside where the heater was.
A terrible photo with my son's clothes right behind me - we were pressed for time that morning!
And this photo was taken at the booth.

Black dress - Ann Taylor - thrifted for $5
White shirt - Simply Vera Vera Wang - hand-me-down
Scarf - vintage - gifted
Boots - Jessica Simpson - courtesy of eBay
Tights - Wal-Mart - $5
Earrings - The Velvet Lounge - $2

Velvet dress - thrifted - $5
Black jacket - Jones New York - thrifted for $3
Gold chain necklace - thrifted - $2
Gold earrings - gifted
(same boots and tights as previous picture)


Finished Project

The rocking chair cushions are finished - I just had to show them off!

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Nesting Again

My projects are really coming along now...the rocking chair has been sanded, painted, and distressed...
And I found the fabric I want for the cushions I plan to make...
Hopefully I'll have it all done by tomorrow!

Outfit Post: 31 weeks and counting

I know, I've worn this outfit before...but I'm filling it out more than ever these days and wanted to document my growth.
I'm so big now - like, so big that I can hardly reach over sinks because I'm so short, my bump hits right around where I would lean over to turn the kitchen sink faucet on. And talk about clumsy! I thought I was clumsy before, but it's getting ridiculous now.
I have such a hard time bending over, and yet, I am dropping everything, forcing myself to bend over more than normal. Every bend is like someone slugging me in the gut. I'm glad I only have 8+ more weeks of this! I can't wait to meet my little girl!

Tunic - Express - $15
Hat - Target - $6
Jeggings - Wal-Mart - $1
Suede boots - JCPenney - $9
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Necklace - Kohl's - $.60
Moto knit jacket - F21 - gifted


Giveaway from The Frugalista Diaries: $50 giftcard for Maternity

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Outfit Post: Errand Running Day

Corduroys - Gap Maternity - $9
T-shirt - Motherhood - hand-me-down
Vest - thrifted - $2
Scarf - gifted
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Black clogs - Colin Stuart - thrifted $4


Outfit Post: Emerald Green

I got this beautiful cuff made from a vintage belt from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and have only now had a chance to wear it! My sister-in-law works at an antique store where she found the pieces, and made it herself. I think she should start a jewelry business and start making jewelry from the vintage pieces she finds.
My mother-in-law also found these great vintage earrings to go with the cuff. I just love the set!
Wishing I could wear these boots for more than just church - but unfortunately, I've been living in flats and slippers during the day and reserve heels only for events which only call for sitting.

I'm 31 weeks now and am starting to swell and get some edema in my legs. I have had morning sickness throughout the pregnancy, and it feels slightly worse now - although I don't throw up (thank goodness)! I'm certainly not looking forward to putting together outfits for the last weeks of this pregnancy, but I want to put my best face forward for my family and just focus on the excitement of a new little life in the house. Looking good even when you're feeling bad is a great way to keep a smile on your face and give you the energy to get up and go when you don't think you have anything left in you. Of course, my posts will definitely become more sparse, though, as I will need more down days of lounging on the couch in sweatpants when I'm really sick.

Almost done with my nursery projects. I just finished sanding the rocking chair that I plan on refinishing, and will hopefully get my rocking chair cushion pattern in the mail soon so I can work on getting them sewn in time for the baby!

Dress - Ann Taylor (thrifted) -$5
Sweater - JCPenney - $8
Boots - Courtesy of eBay
Jewelry - gifted


Excuse the lack of outfit posts while I fulfill my "nesting" instincts...

No outfit posts this week - because I've been busy painting the nursery and I still have a lot more yet to do!


Outfit Post: Week 30

Only 10 more weeks to go! I'm so glad I'm on the homestretch. Sure wish I could speed the last 10 weeks out, though. I got sicker in my third trimester with my first, and it looks like this pregnancy is shaping up the same way.
I'm determined not to get in a fashion rut, though, and am so excited about all the maternity blogs I found. Seeing other women take the same efforts when they feel just as gross and uncomfortable as I, definitely gives me some incentive!
I know I said I wouldn't wear heels in my third trimester except for special occasions (like church or a date night), however, I'm finding that the flats I have are useless for this snowy weather. Not to mention, they are too small for me to wear heavy socks with them, which is what is needed for this weather. I've found that I'm wearing my low heel wedge boots, or these clogs. Thankfully, the clogs, although high, are mostly a wedge, and it's clunky enough, I am pretty stable in them.

Vest - Charlotte Russe - gifted
Jacket - Hydraulic - gifted
Tunic - Target (GO International line) and shortened by me - $8
Black skinny jeans - Gap Maternity - $8
Clogs - Colin Stuart - thrifted for $4
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Hoop earrings - Target - $1


Outfit Post: Adding Layers

So this sweater dress from Forever 21 is one of the "new-to-me" items I got this week. I was so glad when the boots I won with my eBay giftcard for hosting the eBay giveaway arrived in time for me to wear the dress with the boots to church this morning!
After taking these first two pictures, I realized this dress was definitely too tight, and decided I needed to start adding some layers.
First I thought just the jacket would be enough, but after I took this picture, I noticed I needed something for my ever growing neckline as well.

This scarf added just the right amount of coverage, and helped the outfit come together very nicely, I think.

After my son and I got our coats on and were about to leave for church, he insisted he get in on one of my pictures - so here's a picture of the last layer I added before heading out.

Dress - F21 - hand-me-down
Coat - hand-me-down
Scarf - gifted
Jacket - Jones New York - thrifted for $3
Boots - Jessica Simpson - courtesy of eBay
Jeggings - Wal-Mart - $1
Bangles - F21 - gifted
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Shades - Ann Taylor Loft - $3
Cutest 4 year old boy in the world - PRICELESS!


I tried a new hairstyle!

Last night, I watched the video tutorial posted by Nic, and I tried it in my own hair today. I did everything exactly how she said, and this is how mine hair turned out. I had to pin it up on the side, because I usually tuck my hair behind my ear, and it was falling into my face. It looked pretty, but I couldn't stand it! My hair doesn't really hold a curl or even much of a wave after I blow dry it, so I did use some hair spray and scrunched it a bit after I had finished with the curling iron.

Outfit Post: The Fedora Hat

It's been a rough week pregnancy wise (morning sickness, dizziness, headaches, lack of sleep, etc.), but yesterday wasn't as bad and today is turning out even better, so I have a much better outlook on life and thought I would dress the part today. I was inspired by Lena from Quality Rivets to wear this fedora hat, and am liking the funky edge it gives my look.

And not only am I getting inspiration from these great maternity blogs (see sidebar link), I was also just given a whole bunch of maternity/maternityesque clothes from friends and family to add to my wardrobe. Nothing like a few fresh items to help give me some inspiration on what to wear!

Hat - Charlotte Russe - $5
Striped t-shirt - Motherhood - hand-me-down
Necklace - F21 - gifted
Blazer - Jones New York - thrifted for $3
Jeans - Old Navy Maternity - $25
Black suede boots - JCPenney - $9
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21


Winner for the Orient Watch Giveaway!!!

I did the drawing for the Orient Watch Giveaway and the winner is....


from Wardrobe Oxygen!!!

She said: "I want the watch because I don't own one and so many times I have been stuck without knowing what time it is. I never realized how much I need to know the time until I had a kid and now I am a mess without a watch!"

Congratulations Allie! Now you will be able to tell what time it is without any hassle!


Outfit Post: Navy and Brown

Thanks for directing me to some great maternity blogs! I've had a good time looking through them all!

I didn't have a chance to get more than two pictures today, and believe it or not, this one was the best one of the two (the other one ended up in shadows and you couldn't even see me).
I'm wearing my belly band as a camisole. All my other camisoles ride up my belly, so I just folded the belly band in half right over my chest for extra coverage. Works great!

Jacket - Hydraulic - gifted
Brown jersey top - Motherhood - $29 (5 years ago)
Navy stirrup pants - Gap - $6
Brown suede wedge boots - Aerosoles - $29
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Shades - Target - $3


Maternity Inspiration

Readers - please let me know of any other maternity daily fashion blogs out there. I'm adding a new inspiration link to the sidebar that will feature maternity fashion bloggers.

Outfit Post: Winter Wonderland

It's blizzarding out today, making me feel like I should have never gotten out of my pajamas this morning. I finally made it into sweatpants for my workout, but have been pretty much stumped since then trying to figure out what to wear before the hubby gets home (yes, I'm old fashioned like that and like to get dressed up for him).

I scoured the internet for inspiration on maternity fashion and found most of the looks to be unattainable for me. Like this one...doesn't Jessica Alba look stunning? And apparently she was just entering her third trimester in this picture. Sigh. I don't need a red carpet look, though, so I don't know why I'm so stuck on this photo.
Thanks to you readers, I was directed to some great blogs and found plenty of inspiration! Although now I'm really wishing for some long skinny legs and a longer torso so I can more easily pull off some of these looks. This is one of my favorite photos for inspiration from Quality Rivets. Doesn't Lena look so cool? I plan on borrowing some of the hubby's button down shirts and pulling out my fedora so I can copy her look.

For picking out my outfit for today, I noticed many of the maternity bloggers were just keeping things really comfortable with leggings or jeans and baggy tops, so I started with leggings and went from there. It's nothing exciting, but at least I got out of my sweatpants!

Isn't the snow beautiful?

And since the outside shots didn't really show the outfit...not that it really was exciting or anything...I also took some inside shots.

The top part of the dress/tunic is cable knit/cowl neck. It's cap sleeved, so I'm wearing a long sleeve black t-shirt underneath.

Dress - hand-me-down from sister-in-law
Leggings - Target - $3
Boots - JCPenney - $9
Necklace - F21 - gifted

Blog Request

I am in a third trimester fashion rut and completely running out of inspiration - I'd love to find other blogs out there of women in their third trimesters still dressing fashionably. I've been searching online and haven't found any yet - can any of you direct me to some?

I should note that I followed Lemondrop Vintage loyally during her pregnancy, and also followed Academic Chic while E was pregnant...but am hoping to find something current.


Outfit Post: My "go to" Winter outfit

In a pinch, this is my "go to" outfit for this pregnancy. I've only posted it while pregnant once before, but have worn it several other times on top of that and just didn't post it since you've already seen it. Decided to post it today to show off how much I've grown since I last posted the outfit.

It's getting harder and harder to find something that fits anymore, so I'm glad this is still stretching enough.

Now time for a Sunday afternoon nap in some comfy PJs.

Sweater - NY&Co - gifted
Stirrup pants - Gap - $6
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Earrings - gifted


Orient Automatic Watch Giveaway!!

Well everyone, it's time for another giveaway already!

Orient Watch is offering one of our readers a free Orient Watch (pink face, not white as pictured below) from their standard line that is worth $135!
Orient Watch has plenty of choices on their website that would look great with all the boyfriend styles that have become so trendy these days. Some of my favorites are: CTD0G001B, and CET06001W.

All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment with your contact info on this post, telling me why you want the watch. I'll do a random drawing a week from today and announce the winner on January 14th!

Good luck!

Outfit Post: It's time for flats

I had my 28 week check-up today, plus the one hour glucose test. Everything went well and boosted my spirits! Maybe it's because I'm wearing my new earrings that my husband bought me for Christmas.
I've decided to not try and wear heels for my third trimester (unless for special occasions, or wedge boots for the snowy weather). I didn't with my first pregnancy either, and although it hurts my vanity, I know it's best for my body. So you can't see it in the picture, but I'm wearing bronze metallic flats and feeling very stable.
Top - Ann Taylor - $5.88
Necklace - made by me
Earrings - gifted
Jeans - Old Navy Maternity - $25
Flats - Ann Taylor Loft - $3.88
Beige cami - Lunaire - $4.99


Outfit Post: Yellow

I'm really feeling the third trimester pangs...and it's only just begun! No more sleep, and yet never able to stay fully awake, consistent back pain, and the swelling has started. Thankfully my shoes and my rings still fit, so I'm not complaining, just stating the facts, since after all, this is nothing compared to last time! I just wish there was some kind of trick to staying small throughout a pregnancy so I could figure it out, sell it and make millions, and then implement it myself to avoid some of this discomfort.
And to think I still have three more months of growing!
That being said, there are some good things happening too - my hair is very shiny and healthy (although it is now getting straighter as it gets healthier and sometimes I miss my voluminous sort of wavy hair), my fingernails are so strong and long, and my skin is the best it's ever been.
I'm just going to have to remember to wear more scarves...which bring more attention to my healthy skin and hair and distracts from my ever growing middle! Or is supposed to distract, at least. ha!
Top - Simply Vera Vera Wang - hand-me-down
Scarf - thrifted - $.25
Yellow hoop earrings - B.B. Pepper - $.50
Skinny saturated jeans - Gap Maternity - $6
Yellow patent leather flats - Dillard's - gifted
Blue patent leather bag - Coach - gifted