Outfit Post: Rainy Day

Today is a dark, rainy day, so I felt like "spicing" it up a bit with my bright red shirt. I'm not sure about the length of the skirt though.

Here's a close-up of my sandals.

This is my bright red shirt! The ruffles are so fun!

Shirt - NY&C - $10
White Cami - JC Penney
Skirt - Target
Belt - Pacsun - gifted
Bracelet - World Market - gifted
Necklace - gifted
Shoes - Wet Seal - $10

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Outfit Post: 80's Inspired

I'm feeling very "80's" in this outfit - high waist pencil skirt in light denim with a big funky belt and peep toes. I guess some big chunky bangles and a high side pony tail would have really completed this look. ha ha!
After seeing these pictures, I've decided that this skirt is best as a "by-the-beach" or "by-the-pool" skirt for me, because it is too short for me. Before it was too long (mid-calf length), so I cut it off, and now it's too short. Rats.
Even still, I liked the hourglass silhouette of the outfit, and thought the colors and materials were perfect for summer - so I'm posting the pictures anyway.
And yes, I took lots of pictures of this outfit - not because I loved the outfit so much, but because I wanted an excuse to stay out in the sun longer before I headed back to my office for work!
Happy Wednesday everyone! It's a gorgeous summer day out in Ohio - get out and enjoy the day!
Top - Gap - $6
Leather belt - thrifted - $1
Denim skirt (cut off at the hem by me) - H&M - $5
Pink canvas wedges - Gap Outlet - $3
Pink shell earrings - gifted


Outfit Post: New Belt

This is my first time posting on the blog. I am excited to share my style with you all!

Yesterday, I went shopping and found a belt I loved. I came up with
an outfit to wear with it, and I am ready to go out and show it off!

Top - Target - gifted
Shorts - Delia's - $20
Belt - Kohl's - $12
Sandals - Guess - gifted


Outfit Post: Monday Night at the Movies

Top - INC International (thrifted) - $2
Shorts - Dillards - $7
Wedge sandals - JCPenney - $8
Sports bra as cami
Earrings - thrifted - $.50


I haven't posted in a while because I've been away on a work conference since Thursday. My outfits were mostly boring, so I didn't take outfit pictures...however, I couldn't help but take this picture below. My conference co-worker and I coincidentally dressed alike the first day of the conference!


Outfit Post: Pink and Cream

Porcelain rose earrings - garage sale - 25 cents
Necklace - care of LuShae Jewelry
Top - thrifted - $2
Skirt - J.Crew - hand-me-down from my little sister
T-strap pumps - Aerosoles - $19
Belt - Gap - $24.50


Park Day? Maybe...

We are still getting lots of gloomy weather here in the NW. Last weeks park day ended in a down pour or rain and running to the car for cover. Today is yet another gloomy looking park day, so I'm not sure if we are going or not...nor am I sure I'll stay warm in my jean skirt, so I may be switching to my white jeans instead. However, I did want to show off my thrift find (Thanks Kris, for finding this for me!) while shopping with a friend on Friday. It's my new jean jacket!
Will it rain?
collection of bracelets
Jean Jacket ~ Gap, thrifted $8
Gray t-shirt ~ Old Navy $5
Jean skirt ~ Target 3yrs ago $?
Flip flops ~ Ann Taylor loft $10
Braceletes gifted except cuff...can't remember


Outfit Post: Father's Day

Finally feeling better, but now my husband is sick. :-( It won't be much of a Father's Day for him.

After church we're taking our Dad out to lunch and then hanging out with the entire fam at the pool all afternoon. I thought this dress would carry me easily from church, to the restaurant, and to the poolside.

Dress - Old Navy - gifted
Earrings - Macy's - $2
T-strap sandals - Ann Taylor Loft - $9
White cami (actually a Champion jogbra) - One Hanes Place - $22


Running errands in the rain

Here in the great Northwest we have been experiencing a very cloudy, gloomy, rainy sort of June. This doesn't happen every year, but some years summer does wait to show it's face until July. This makes me sad, since I'm still wearing jeans every day...but I am hopefully that summer is right around the corner. So despite the rain and gloom, I wore my red platform sandals while running errands yesterday:)


Outfit Post: Sick Day

I've been sick with some kind of stomach bug since Saturday night. Since I'm able to keep food down, and the bug doesn't hit until lunch time (I know, sounds like morning sickness, huh?), I have been continuing on with my normal day-to-day activities. This morning, being the 5th day, I was sure I was all better and wanted to put a cute outfit on and go shopping after work.
Unfortunately, by the time I got around to taking these pictures, I was already sick again. :-(
Even though I'm changing into PJs in a minute here (so glad I hadn't put on any make-up yet), I still wanted to post these pictures, fuzzy or not. I like this outfit and will probably wear it again on the first day that I feel better for the entire day!
Oh, and doesn't this flower pin match this shirt perfectly? And I wish I had taken a close-up of my little aquamarine and white gold drop earrings. They are really pretty.

Shirt - hand-me-down from my sister
Pin - NY&Co - gifted
Shorts - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $4
Silver skinny belt - gifted
Silver wedges - Michael - $8
White gold and aquamarine earrings - gifted

New Dresses at Shabby Apple!


Park and Errand running day

At 7am in the morning we had sunshine here in WA, so I got my little family ready for park day. It was still cool (50's) so I kept the jeans and long sleeves on, but did layers in hopes it would warm up and I could just wear my tank top.

then, wanting to have wavy hair for later in the day (company coming tonight) I decided to wrap my wet hair up in two pig tail buns. One of the gals at park day told me I reminded her of Princess Leia, hee, hee.
7hrs later I took out my buns with high hopes for long, luscious waves. But...no such luck. LOL
Oh well, there is a bit of texture so its' something.

Yellow camping shirt ~ Old Navy $12
Tank ~ Old Navy $8
Jeans ~ Gap $13
Earrings ~ Wal-mart $2
Bracelete ~ H&M $5
Necklace...I forget where I got it.

Our lovely, sunny day quickly turned from sunshine to rain, picture me running at full speed with a 3yr old and 3mon old in a "sit n' stand" stroller running from the park to the parking lot. My 3yr old laughing hysterically the whole way. Good times, good times.

Product review

I have been complaining for a few months now about the ugly "chicken skin" bumps that I have recently obtained all over my arms (keratosis pilaris a common skin disorder typified by "chicken skin" or bumpiness on the surface of the skin) so my husband, tired of hearing the complaints, told me to do something about it. I did a little research and settledon trying DERMAdoctor KP Duty, both the body scrub and the super moisturizing cream recommended together.
These are not cheap products (in my opinion) the scrub costs $44 an the cream cost $36, but after only three uses with the scrub and daily use of the moisturizer, I'm seeing a marked difference!
My bumps have decreased in both size and number and my skin is feeling soft and a lot smoother. The scrub can only be used once or twice a week and is very powerful, you wouldn't want to put it your face. The cream is recommended for very dry skin and to help relieve the problem of "chicken skin" and it is doing just that.
I'm really looking forward to seeing my arms back to normal (or closer to normal) and seeing if this is a product I'd be willing to buy again.

Having only used it for two weeks though, I'm excited about the results I'm already seeing and would recommend this product to other ladies suffering from the same problem as me.

Oh and I bought these products at Sephora, the gal there was very informative and recommended I use it on any part of my body that my skin was extra bumpy or dry, she says she even uses the product under her arms or any where she gets irritations from shaving. My skin generally doesn't get irritated when I shave, so I haven't tried it any where aside from my arms. Okay, that's all:)

My baby is almost three months!

This is what I wore yesterday afternoon. I had three different outfits yesterday, one I wore to the dentist, then my gym clothes and then a quick change from gym to a regular outfit as I had 10min to get ready before my hubby took me out to dinner. I don't think the outfit below is anything special, it's just very easy.
You can't tell in this pic but I'm wearing these heels with this outfit.

Oh, and here is a pic of my little sweet heart. He'll be three months on June 23rd.
Tshirts ~ Gap $2
Jeans ~ Gap $?
Heels ~ Kohls $?
Scarf ~ Old Navy ~ Gifted
Necklace ~ Kohls $5
Bracelete ~ Gifted (pretty sure it's from target)

Product Review: Caress Whipped Body Souffle Body Wash

I was recently sent some Caress Whipped Souffle body wash in White Peach Cream to sample.

I've been using it for a week now and am impressed with how soft it makes my skin feel. I haven't even been moisturizing after I shower, because I just haven't needed to! The clincher was when my husband commented on how soft my legs felt and asked me what new lotion I had bought. Yep, I am now hooked on this product.

The peaches and cream scent is divine, too. At first I felt like I was slathering myself in peach cobbler, but the second whiff proved it smelled more like peach nectar. Frankly, I enjoy the first whiff of peach cobbler - makes me feel like I'm enjoying the dessert without the calories!

For only $3.97, this body wash is a well priced indulgence to boot!

For more info on this product click here.


Outfit Post: Wearing Black

I rarely wear black unless it's a black dress, black jacket, or black shoes. I feel that black is the absolute worst color on me and try to keep it away from my face as much as possible. Nevertheless, I liked the line of this top and in my size the only color it came in was black. So I made a concession. It's ruched around the waist to cinch it in, and blousy on top so it feels so comfortable. The zippers on the shoulders are a fun touch, too. Plus, I couldn't pass it up for only $1!

Top - Wal-Mart - $1
Skirt - J.Crew - $19
Wedges - JCPenney (hand-me-down from Mom)
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Silver chain necklace - Antique Store - $1
Mutli chain necklace - Target- gifted


Answer to a reader question...

I just found your blog today and wanted to commend you on your creativity. Your ability to turn simple outfits into bright and cheerful ensembles is really inspiring. One thing I want to know is, what state you are in. I used to live in Michigan and would always find great deals in thrift stores. I have recently moved to Washington, DC and I am finding it really difficult to find thrift stores over her. I would really appreciate it if you have any pointers for me.

First of all, thanks!

Second of all, I just recently moved to Northwest Ohio after living an hour from DC, so I can give you some pointers on thrift shopping out your way.

My go to store for thrifting is Goodwill (even when I lived out East). Every city has one nearby. Here is the DC Goodwill. Goodwill's are usually very large so you have to do a lot of digging, but if you know what you are looking for, it helps. I've found Goodwill to have the best thrift store selection and prices. I've never tried The Salvation Army, but you could always check them out too.

When shopping at Goodwill I usually go straight to the bags. I'll buy a vintage clutch, or anything that is genuine leather, because I know it will last. Bags are usually priced at about $3-$4 and clutches are even cheaper! Next I go to the belt section. Every Goodwill I've been to so far charges about $1 for belts. Like the bags, the only belts I buy are genuine leather. I've scored some amazing bags and belts for the change in my car ashtray!

I will also look for shoes, but my shoe size isn't very common (size 5). Usually the only shoes I find that work for me are leftover Target merchandise. Since the Target shoes are brand new and usually priced at $3, I'll buy them.

Lastly, I look for blazers and dresses. You can find some really neat vintage jackets and dresses that are totally in style now.

I rarely dig through the racks and racks of tops, shorts, jeans, and skirts, but if you have the patience, it can be really fun to sort through.

Besides Goodwill, I find great jewelry at antique stores and garage sales. In the small country towns surrounding DC, you can find some really neat little antique stores where you can score great vintage costume jewelry for very cheap prices.

As for the garage sales, go to the richer neighborhoods and only go when it's a community garage sale so you can check everything all out at once in the same general area.

Out in the small town where I lived near DC, I also frequented Once Upon A Child. The one near me (Purcellville, VA) carried some adult clothing and juniors sizes.

Here are a couple of great consignment stores in DC that I used to hear great things about, but never actually visited since consignment stores tend to be pricey because they carry designer clothes. Either way you should check them out:

Georgia Avenue Thrift Store

And for links of several other thrift and/or consignment stores in DC, go here and here.

Good luck on your thrift shopping endeavors!


Outfit Post: Coral and Turquoise

Moto jacket - F21 - gifted
Silk cami - NY&Co (thrifted) - $.75
Clutch - JCPenney - $5.97
Pumps - BCBGirls (Macy's) - $21
Jeans - H&M - $20
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Shades - Target - $4.24


Summer Hair Inspiration Part III

The last hairstyle In Style suggests for easy summer hair is the side fishtail braid that they showed Leona Lewis wearing.
I did mine on wet hair, so it wasn't as messy at first, but it got messier as my hair dried.
To create:
Pull hair to one side, but don't secure.
Divide into two even pieces.
Take small section of hair from under one of the pieces and wrap it over that section and under the other.
Repeat, alternating sides until the end.
Secure with a clear band, then gently massage braid to loosen.

If you find the fishtail braid too difficult, just braid using three uneven sections to give you a similar knotty effect.
Dress - Target - $19
Leather satchel - Eddie Bauer (thrifted) - $.50
Leather belt - thrifted - $1
Espadrilles - Target - $6
Earrings - gifted
Cuff bracelet - gifted


Summer Hair Inspiration Part II

Following In Style's "Easy Summer Hair" guide, I tried the next hairdo they suggested.
Amy Smart's wild knot.
I started on wet hair and didn't use any product.
I made an off center part, braided the side pieces, and pinned them.
Then I took about 10 different sections of hair, twisted each section around a finger, and secured in place with brown bobby pins.
I pulled out a few tendrils around the face and didn't even use hairspray to finish it off.
All set and ready to go garage saling!

Top - thrifted - $2
Shorts - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $4
Wedges - Target - $6
Earrings - gifted
Bag - Helen Welsh - gifted


Summer Hair Inspiration

I recently received my new In Style mag and was inspired by the summer hairstyle ideas they suggested. I've decided to try out each style and post them on here to inspire all of you as well!
The loose pony. So easy to do! Just tease your hair a little at the crown, pull over your ears into a loose pony parallel with your ears. Push hair up out of the hairband from the crown and pull pieces out in front. No hair product or heating tools required!
I found that I had to pull the lower pieces of the pony out tight and the top pieces at the crown out loose to achieve the right affect. I also had to use two hairbands to hold my pony in place.
I used brown scunci elastics.

You can also add a scarf to cover the elastic (as I did in the pic above), a headband, or scarf worn as a headband.