Outfit Post: The rainbow belt again/Mom and son church outfits

Still on vacation, so my posting will be sparodic! Hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend!

Dress - hand-me-down
Belt - Target - $3
T-strap shoes - Aerosoles - $29
Silver hoop earrings - Target - $1
Watch - thrifted - $4
Shades - Target - $4


Outfit Post and Modesty Recommendation: Date night

I've been on vacation all week - vacation at home, that is. So I haven't gotten around to posting. Tonight, however, I'm going out on a date with my husband and thought I would post this outfit to show what I do to make a halter dress modest (to my standards). Last time I wore this dress, I wore it like this. But this time, I decided to try something different. This dress (like most halter style dresses) is cut very low, but being it's 90 degrees outside, I didn't really want to add the extra layer of a shirt underneath. Instead I just added the scarf. I think it covers nicely without taking anything away from the dress.
Dress - Free People (thrifted) - $3
Scarf - thrifted - $.25
Bag - Target - $6
Wedges - JCPenney - $8
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21


Outfit Post: eShakti Dress

Wearing my eShakti dress again. I still love it!

Dress - courtesy of eShakti
Cami - F21 - $2.50
Pumps - JCPenney - $4
Necklace - Macy's - $5


Wedding Dress

My husband wanted me to put my wedding dress on today just for fun. I don't know that I've worn it since the wedding five years ago. Too bad it is so wrinkled!

The dress was too big on my wedding (but not so big that I needed to alter it), so it fits just perfect now. I had fun wearing it again and remembering our special day.

Outfit Post: Anniversary Date

The hubby and I wanted to keep it casual for this year's anniversary (5 years). We did some shopping, went to a park with our son, took a walk, danced to the same song we danced to at our wedding, went out to dinner to a casual restaurant, and then came home to watch movies, relax in our hot tub, and snack on chocolate covered strawberries.

These past five years have been amazing, and today was a wonderful day of reminiscing and dreaming about the years to come!

Top - Macy's - gifted
Jeans - H&M - $20
Earrings - thrifted - $1
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Bracelet - anniversary gift from hubs


Anniversary Gift

Nevermind my outfit today - I didn't plan on posting the outfit...but today is my husband's and my fifth anniversary, and while we were out shopping in a little town nearby this afternoon, my husband found this amazing handmade bracelet and decided I had to have it.
The lady who made the bracelet makes jewelry from vintage pieces that she finds from antique stores.
My husband loved the color, but the butterfly piece on one side (my full first name, which is "Vanessa" means "butterfly") is what sold it for him.

I love shopping with my husband!

The silver large chain necklace I'm wearing is new too. I thrifted it for $2. Yay!

Now I need to plan an outfit around this bracelet - these boring grays and blacks aren't a great backdrop to show off this exquisite piece!


Outfit Post: Mom and Son

Aren't we cute? My son wanted us to pose back to back like this. hee hee!
This shot was taken before either my son or I were ready, but I thought it came out sweet anyhow and decided to post it.
Going to choir practice/church party tonight.

Dress - Target - free giveaway from Spoils of Wear
Belt - Target - $3
Sweater - hand-me-down
Shoes - JCPenney - $8
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21


Outfit Post: To the Orthodontist

Proof that I read books to my son (you can see his books scattered all over the floor next to our reading chair).
I took this shot in my son's room, because I liked the color of the walls behind my navy pinstripe blazer, coral scarf, and mint green stripe shirt.

I had to run to the orthodontist today for an emergency repair on a bracket on my back right molar. I've chomped that bracket off so many times that this last time my Dr. cemented a metal ring around the tooth in hopes it would keep the bracket from breaking off. It appears I have a super strong clench, because, sure enough, I broke it off again. I'm supposed to get my braces off after the first of the year. I can't wait to be over with this hassle!

Jacket - thrifted - $3.25
Belt - Gap - $24.50
Jeans - JBrand - gifted
T-strap pumps - Aerosoles - $20
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Scarf - Gap (thrifted) - $.25
Shirt - thrifted - $2


Outfit Post: Friday's Dress

This weekend I was out of state at a friend's house. She went back to school later in life, and just graduated on Friday. I wore this to the ceremony. Hopefully the pictures show that the sash of the dress is trimmed with piping in the same color as my clutch. I really loved how the clutch picked up on that!

Dress - Free People (thrifted) - $3
Pumps - JCPenney - $3
Shirt underneath dress - Target - $7
Gold earrings - vintage (inherited)
Necklace - Kohl's - gifted
Clutch - Target - $7


Answer to a reader question: Bermuda Shorts

One of our readers brought up a great question:

Hi! Been a reader of your blog for a while and love it! I enjoy seeing your outfit posts because we are the same height and have similar proportions so I know that if something works for you, good chance it will work for me too. My question is in regard to bermuda shorts. I like the just above knee length, but I'm having trouble finding a comfortable pair that doesn't have leg openings that are too wide. If the leg openings are too wide, I look shorter and wider. I'm trying to find a more elongating pair for the summer. Any tips on what I should be looking for? Would shopping in the petites be my best option?

I'm totally with you on having trouble finding the right bermudas! I run into the same problems of finding that the leg opening is too wide, or the length too long!

I have finally figured out that the only bermudas that look right on me, are those that have a little stretch to them. Stretch = leaner line = slimming.

For stretch bermudas, I've found juniors styles tend to make the most flattering bermudas.

American Eagle also makes some very slimming choices. The two below are from AE. This navy pair below is my favorite and is currently on sale for $29.95!

This pair from Ann Taylor Loft looks really flattering, and is designed specifically to taper in a little at the knee.

For length, you could try J.Crew's 9" chino short, or opt for a rolled style so you can adjust the hem to any length you like (see the denim bermudas from AE above for an example).

Lastly, my cheap way of finding flattering bermudas is to cut off older pairs of bootcut jeans at the knee. Bootcut jeans thin out right where it should for a bermuda short. You could also just pick up a cheap pair of bootcuts at a thrift store - cut them a little longer than the length you desire, and roll them up to the "just-above-knee-length" that you want.

Good luck shopping and let us know what you score!


P.S. If you click on the pictures, they link to the website where I found the products.


Outfit Post: Black, white, and red

I wore my sweats all day because I figured I wouldn't be going anywhere (it rained all day) and I needed to do chores over my lunchbreak (I work from home from 8 to5). However, later in the day I found my little boy had developed some sort of rash. The earliest I could get him in to see the doctor was close to 7PM. I decided I'd just stay in my sweats since I figured my son was sick, and I should be dressed for whatever might happen, but I figured wrong...

My husband called on the way home from work and said he would pick us up and take us to the doctor. I told him I was in sweats. I guess he can be as vain as me, because he told me to change so he wouldn't be the only one dressed up (he wears a business suit and tie to work each day). So in the 10 minutes I had before my husband got home, I picked these foolproof separates. Since I didn't have time to do a full face of make-up, I swiped the red lipstick on. I love how red lipstick makes you look like you have all your make-up on.

And just so you know, my son is fine. The doctor says he has a case of hives - probably an allergic reaction to the new laundry detergent I just started using yesterday, or possibly something he touched outside or ate. Other than that, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health!

Jacket - Jones New York (thrifted) - $3.50
White shirt - Banana Republic - $11
Jeans - JBrand (via Ebay) - gifted
Pumps - BCBGirls (via Macy's) - $21
Necklace - NY&Co - gifted
Bag - Helen Welsh - gifted


I know I don't really post any more, and I don't really plan on posting much in the future, but today I'm posting because I bought myself new earrings and a fun necklace and decided I'd post my outfit today so I could show them off:)

I know, lots of blue right? LOL. My plan this summer is to have a plain wardrobe of casual t-shirts and cute shorts or skirts and dress up my outfits by wearing fun accessories. With having a new baby and nursing often, I don't want anything complicated.
Close-up of my earrings

T-shirt ~ Gap $2
Jacket ~ H&M $15
Jeans ~ Gap $? they were on super clearance last year
Brown heels ~ Nine West $40 (about 7 years ago)
Necklace ~ Target $14
Earrings ~ Target $7


Mother's Day

Looks like these jeans are too long even with 4 inch heels! I didn't realize that until I took this pic...time for some hemming.

Couldn't make it to church this morning because I was taking care of a sick hubby and sick son - but we did get to go to lunch at my husband's parent's home. The food was delicious and fellowship priceless.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's out there!

Top - Calvin Klein - hand-me-down from lil sis
Jeans - care of Maurice's
Heels - BCBGirls via Macy's - $21
Earrings - gifted
Cami - F21

Repsonse to a Reader Comment on Modesty

I received an anonymous comment from a former reader who pointed out that my outfits have gotten immodest. I think maintaining modesty is important for all of us, so I'm opening this up for discussion. The comments are as follows:

Ok, I just have to comment on this dress. You don't have to post this comment publicly, since it's intended for you and not to embarrass or humiliate you. I have followed you for a long time because you say you are a Christian and so am I. I stopped following however, when some of your poses and clothes became very risque. This dress is very immodest, and you should know that.
4:51 PM

nic said...
To Anonymous: I'm sorry I'm not as conservative as you. I am a Christian, and am so sorry to offend you. I am wearing a cami underneath this dress that is beige. Perhaps you thought I was just wearing a low cut dress? The cami covers everything. I do have standards of modesty. I always ask the men in my life (brothers, husband, father) if something is immodest and I don't wear anything that my husband doesn't approve of. As for my poses - I am sorry that these offend. I will try to smile more, but I'm not sure other than the look on my face, how the poses could be risque.
7:23 PM

Anonymous said...
Again, you don't need to post this publicly if you don't want to. I am in no way trying to embarrass you. You are correct, the cami is invisible in that picture. Immodesty is not something I go around pointing out, and I did so in this case only because you are so vocal about your Christianity, and you are representing the body of Christ. It isn't offensive only to me. We are to be a light in this dark world, reflecting God's holiness in all things, including manner of dress. How can we shine when we look/dress just like the world around us? God's world tells us to "come out from them (the world) and be ye separate", and "he that is friends with the world is at enmity with God". Wearing a low cut dress or skin tight Miley Cyrus jeans draws attention to those body parts that were intended for your husband's eyes only, and that isn't modest. It isn't the lack of smiling that is risque. Often it just appears to me that you are trying to look like a "sexy" model, and sexy is for your husband. It is not always easy today to find the right balance of chic and chaste/modest, but as Christian women we have that responsibility. I hope that is helpful. God Bless You, Nic.

My response:
Thank you for your comments. Modesty is something I strive for and I appreciate the accountability.

As a Christian, we each have to follow our convictions based on God’s leading through Scripture on each issue we face in this world – modesty being one of them. If you’re interested in the specific Scriptures I base my beliefs off of or want to discuss this further, please email me at DomesticSophisticate@gmail.com . Generally, though, my conviction is that as a woman, it is my responsibility to look like a chaste/modest woman in order not to offend, seduce, or cause a brother to stumble. Since I don’t see myself the way men do, I rely on the Christian men in my life (husband, father, and brothers), to point out anything that might be immodest. Sure, I have a set of rules, but rules cannot always ensure modesty. For this reason, I allow my husband to overrule my own personal modesty rules. Nevertheless, I know my husband's and my judgment on the matter has not always been perfect, and I have had to get rid of clothes that I realized too late were inappropriate. I didn't see the Miley Cyrus jeans as being immodest before, since my tunic covered my bum - but now that you pointed it out, I can agree with you that they are inappropriate for me.

While I do have convictions of modesty, I don't think that means that I cannot look beautiful or attractive. One of the points I try to make in having this blog is to show the world that you don’t have to give up on style and beauty when you have children. You can be a stay-at-home-working-from-home-mom and still look attractive. I'm not trying to look like a sexy model - I'm trying to look effortlessly attractive (obviously I don’t always achieve this, but this is what I shoot for). In my poses I simply try to look wistful or romantic in an effort to avoid a fake smile photo.


Outfit Post: Neutrals

Sweater - Ann Taylor - gifted
Belt - thrifted - $1
Dress - thrifted - $5
Wedges - JCPenney - $8
Earrings - gifted


Outfit Post: Pink and Black

Went out to dinner with a friend tonight and had a great time! It's been a while since I've had a "girl night." Girl night is always a good excuse to pull out the pink blush, pink lipstick, and pink t-shirt.
Jacket - JNY (thrifted) - $3.50
T-shirt - Gap - $2
Jeans - Levi's (thrifted) - $5
Pumps - BCBGirls (via Macy's) - $21
Pearl necklace - NY&Co - gifted
Silver chain necklace - Kohl's - $.60
Earrings - gifted
Clutch - JCPenney - $5.97


Kid Style

My son lookin' stylish.

White button down - Old Navy (thrifted) - $1
Jeans - The Children's Place - $4.99
Converse - thrifted - gifted from Grandma

Modest Swimwear

It's that time of year when most of us are out trying to find that perfect swimsuit for our summer vacation. The hardest part about swimsuit shopping for me, is that I tend to be very conservative, so trying to find a modest swimsuit can be a pretty tough job. Trying to find one that is flattering makes the search that much harder.

Now, I should point out that modesty is all relative. For me, modest means no midriff, cleavage, or an extremely high leg opening. I'm ok with spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, or skirt-less/short-less swimsuits.

I did some online searches and was pleased to find that there are numerous options available that fit my modesty requirements (now let's just hope these are flattering as well!).

For instance, these two suits are from Target. Each piece costs $19.99 or under.

I found this one at Macy's, but it is pretty pricey (I think it was $108).
I love this navy and white suit because I think it would be figure flattering on many body types. I found it at Dillard's, but it was definitely on the pricey side.
I'm loving girly ruffles on swimsuits, I just wish I had the figure for them. This yellow ruffled number would look great on a small bust, so it's not for me - but I though it was cute and modest.
Some fellow fashion bloggers have introduced me to Divine Modestee which offers several different designs of swimwear at a reasonable price.

Check out how cute this retro red checkered suit is from Dillards:

Downeast Basics is another online store that I think offers a great selection of modest swimwear. Two of my favorites of their suits are pictured below:

Another modest online swim shop is Lime Ricki Swimwear. They offer a great selection of suits at good prices, too.

Where do you shop for swimwear, and is modesty an issue for you? Or just quality and fit?


Product Review: eShakti Clothing

When eShakti asked if I would be willing to do a product review for them - I jumped at the chance! I had been hearing about the company from Fab Finds Under 50 for quite some time, and had spent some time on their website long before they contacted me.

What makes eShakti stand out from other online clothing companies, is that they offer customization for each garment for a nominal fee of $15. So for instance, the dress I chose to review was originally mid-calf length and had sleeves. I opted for sleeveless and knee-length.

Not only do they have a very large selection of clothing items in any style, shape, or color, but the quality of their clothes is impeccable. I would say the quality of the dress they sent me was at least as good as Ann Taylor or J.Crew, but their prices are about 1/3 the price of Ann Taylor or J.Crew.

Not only is their selection wide, quality tops, and customer service excellent, they offer all sizes, or specialized sizing (where you can type in all your measurements and they make a garment to fit your exact measurements), so you are guaranteed a perfect fit. This option makes online shopping easier than ever.
I love my dress and would heartily recommend eShakti.
***The shoes are Steve Madden and I'm wearing a beige textured cami underneath this dress by Lunaire. The lighting doesn't show the cami well, however, so I thought I would point it out.

Outfit Post: Green Dress

I won this dress from Spoils of Wear! I absolutely love it. It is such a versatile dress - I plan to wear it many different ways in the future, but am happy with this first look. I wore it to my brother's college graduation ceremony and got several compliments on it. Thank you Spoils of Wear!

Dress - Target - giveaway win
Leather belt - thrifted - $1
Shoes - Steve Madden - borrowed from Mom's closet
Bag - Helen Welsh - gifted
Hoop earrings - Premiere Jewelry - $21