My little brother...

My little brother looked so cute and stylish today, I had to take a picture of him for the fashion blog.


I don't know what is with Gap's sizing these days, but these pants are already a size smaller than I normally wear (plus I've gained a few pounds) and yet they are still way too big. I bought them from Gap's final sale for $7.97, but didn't try them on before I bought them. Dumb idea. I decided I would get one days wear out of them before I try to sell them on Ebay (or let me know if you would like to buy them - I would sell them for $8 + free shipping).

Pants - Gap - $8
Top - Target - $3
Pumps - Target - $7
Jacket - gifted
Necklace - gifted
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21

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My son is making fun of my pose. lol!

Top - Wal-Mart - $3
Slacks - Macy's - gifted
Pumps - BCBGirls - $21
Hoop earrings - Target - $1
Double wrap belt - Banana Republic - $4


Another outfit today

We're going out to eat tonight so I needed to change into something nicer than what I wore for the walk. I put on this sweater and boots because it is really cold out (40, but sunny).
Just before we left, I changed into this t-shirt, because I just couldn't bear to wear a bulky sweater in the springtime! ha ha!
T-shirt - Gap -thrifted
Flower pin - NY&Co - gifted
Jeans - JBrand - gifted
Boots - Jessica Simpson- gifted
Earrings - Premier Jewelry

Taking a walk

I have my two little brothers here for the week - in this picture is one of them--my son is in the stroller. Beautiful spring day for a walk to the park!

Jacket - H&M - $20
T-shirt - Express - $7
Jeans - H&M - $20
Sneakers - Crewcuts - $15
Scarf - gifted
Hat - Banana Republic - $6


Shabby Apple Sale


Tank - Gap Outlet - $2
Plaid shirt - Abercrombie (thrifted) - $2
Skinny jeans - H&M - $20
Nude pumps - Target - $5
Chandelier earrings - Macy's - $2
Trench - London Fog - gifted



I was hoping it would be warm enough for me to go barelegged in this outfit, but 57 degrees is still a bit too chilly for me, so I added the cream tights.
I wanted an excuse to wear this belt - I bought it while shopping with my little sister this past weekend. It was normally $55 at Ann Taylor, and I snagged it for $3.88. You can't beat that!
I think the belt exaggerates my hourglass figure a little too much for my taste, so I think I like this outfit better without the belt. The belt is fun if I were going to be with the girls, but today is work, errands, and a family Birthday party (I know, we have a big family and have family birthday parties a lot!) - so I'd rather look a bit more relaxed.
I thought adding the flower pin to my necklace was a nice touch. The aqua contrasts well against the orange, and makes me feel like I'm dressed for spring!
This day is especially important because my sister, Missi, had her baby today!!! I can't wait to meet my little nephew!!!

Sweater - J.Crew (thrifted) - $5
Skirt - H&M - gifted
Tights - Wal-Mart (little girl's section) - $1
T-straps - Aerosoles - $29
Beads - thrifted (garage sale) - $1
Flower pin - New York & Co - gifted



Dress - Target (little girl's section) - $6
Jeans - J.Brand - gifted
Shoes - Dillards - gifted
Necklace - Target - gifted
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Watch - thrifted - $4
Jacket - F21 - gifted
Cute little boy - priceless


Symphony Night

Enjoyed the Toledo Symphony tonight - it was wonderful - and I love the excuse to dress up!

Dress - Lord & Taylor - $20
Pumps - BCBGirls (via Macy's) - $21
Necklace and earring set - The Velvet Lounge - $2
Clutch - thrifted - $2
Jacket - Jones New York (thrifted) - $3.25
Sunglasses - Ann Taylor Loft - $4


Non-fashion day on St. Patrick's Day

I've been having a few days here and there (the days I don't post) looking like this lately. There's a park near our house that my son and I have been enjoying now that the weather is becoming milder.

Some days it feels good not to bother with putting together a creative outfit, and instead feels better to just throw on something practical for playing at a park with your kid. It's a "mom's" prerogative that I should take advantage of more.

I hope you are all planning something fun in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and enjoying beautiful spring weather!


Blurry Photos

My son wanted to take my pics today. I get a kick out of it when he wants to do it, but he definitely needs some more practice for them to come out clear!

Sweater - Ann Taylor - gifted
Tunic - Gap - gifted
CZ studs - gifted
Black choker - Lia Sophia - giveaway
Boots - JCPenney - $9
Denim pencil skirt - Gap - $16
Belt - Banana Republic - $4


Going to a friend's recital...

Sweater dress- New york and company-$7.99
Pale blue scarf- macy's-$9.99
Boots- shoe depot- $25.99? ( maybe...can't remember)


Baja at Shabby Apple and Free Shipping!

Birthday Party

It's warm enough to wear this dress sans tights, and to take pictures outside without being knee deep in snow! Hooray!
Tut, tut, it looks like rain! My little boy uses that phrase (a line from Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh) all the time and thinks he's pretty cute when he does. He's right, though, of course.
Close-up of th earrings:
Back shot of the hairdo:
After a sad day yesterday, today will be joyful. Tonight we're throwing a family Birthday party at our house. I got out all of my fine china and silverware, and have been cleaning the house all morning. Just got dressed, and now it's time to get some office work done before I start the cooking. We're having cashew chicken in lettuce cups, with jasmine rice soaked in coconut milk. yum!

Dress - Target - $6
Belt - Gap - $24.50
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Earrings - Macy's - $2



Today was a hard day for us. We attended a funeral for a dear friend who died unexpectedly. My husband was one of the pallbearers.

Blouse - Ann Taylor - gifted
Dress (former bridesmaid dress) - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $49
Pumps - BCBGirls (via Macys) - $21
Vintage clutch - thrifted - $2
White gold/aquamarine drop earrings - gifted



If you see a close up of this first pic, you will notice my smile looks CRAZY! hee hee! Here's a normal smile, basically the same pose, though.
It is so warm and sunny out today! I can't believe it! I wish I could get an outdoor photo - I just couldn't find anything to set the camera on.

Skirt - J.Crew - $19
T-shirt - F21 - $3.50
Jacket - Hydraulic - gifted
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Chain necklace - Target - gifted



Vest - Gap - $9
Shirt - Banana Republic - $11
Jeans - JBrand - gifted
Heels - Target - $7
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Scarf - thrifted - $.25



Had to get a close up of the braid because I'm proud of it. :-) It took me three tries to get it just right today. I always feel like a little girl when I wear my hair like this - but then that's a good feeling sometimes.

Dress - Gap - gifted
Jacket - Hydraulic - gifted
Necklace - Kohl's - $1
Hoop earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21
Leggings - Target - $3
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Little 3 year old adorable boy - priceless


Another hat day

I love it that my family and friends know what I like best and always buy me clothes or jewelry for gifts! :-) This outfit is almost entirely made up of gifts!

Hat - Banana Republic - $6
Jeans - J.Brand - gifted
Top - Kohl's - gifted
Sweater - Ann Taylor - gifted
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted
Pearl necklace - gifted
Pearl earrings - gifted


Black Fedora

This is not the coolest way to wear a black fedora, but I needed a hat to hide my hair, and had to do something different with this otherwise basic outfit.

My son and I are going for a walk. It's actually sunny out and about 35 degrees! That is warm for Northwest Ohio for this time of year.

Sweater - Ann Taylor - gifted
T-shirt - Kohl's - $8
Jeans - courtesy of Maurice's
Clogs - thrifted (Colin Stuart) - $4
Hat - Charlotte Russe - $5
Black belt - Kohl's - $4
Pearl necklace - gifted