Comfy Monday

Tunic - Wal-Mart - ?? (cheap, whatever it was)
Jeans - Express - $19.99
Flats - Ann Taylor Loft - $3.88
Bag - Coach - gifted
Earrings - gifted
Cami - hand-me-down



Blue dress - Target - $6
Belt - thrifted - $1
Pumps - Target - $6
Earrings - Macy's - $2
Bag - thrifted - $3


Project Runway

I'm so excited that Project Runway has started! I wasn't around for the first show last week, but I watched the rerun last night. I've decided that this season I'm going to participate by sketching my own designs based on the challenges the contestants are given.

So, below is my Red Carpet look. I was thinking Academy Awards. I wanted it to have an ethereal quality, so the hair would be a bit frizzy and fluffy and platinum blond. I wanted a pale face with red lips. The dress would be made of peachy pink organza, and the bottom part would have feathers coming out the sides, with tulle and chiffon layers in the middle and coming up from out of the neckline. I didn't have time to sketch the back design, but it would have a little bit of a train too and a very low back.
For the maternity challenge, Rebecca said she wanted something tight, and I figured she would want to show off her legs as that was the thinnest part of her. I could totally see her wearing something like this:
Nevertheless, I think the dress is completely unwearable by the average pregnant woman, and wearing shoes like that is completely unpractical. Still, I had it in my mind and wanted to sketch it for fun.

I didn't have time to finish the sketch of what I would actually wear or could see other women wearing, but here's an idea:
It's supposed to be a little jacket, that could be adjusted to wear when you aren't pregnant, too. A little cami underneath and a denim pencil skirt would finish the look.

I'm really looking forward to the future challenges, and just hope I can sketch faster the next time around!

Scarved and pinned

Scarf - vintage - free
Jeans - Old Navy - $7
Top - Wal-Mart- $3
Earrings - thrifted - $.75
Leather wedges - Target - $6
Watch - thrifted - $4


Whispers of Fall

It's only going to reach about 72 degrees today! I'm probably the only one I know who is saying this, but I wish summer would last longer.

Top - Vera Wang for Kohl's - gifted
Scarf - Target - $7
Skinny jeans - H&M (hems ripped by me) - $20
Leather shoes - Target - $7
Earrings - gifted
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1
Leather belt - Gap - $24.50
Bag - Coach - gifted



Top - gifted
Jeans - Express - $19
Espadrilles - Target - $3
Leather belt - thrifted - $1
Chandelier earrings - Macy's - $2


Office Monday

Top - Vera Wang for Kohl's - gifted
Skirt - Target - $5
Pumps - gifted
Earrings - gifted from a friend from Venice, Italy


The flash caught me, so I look like I'm drunk here, but I wanted to post this pic to show my pinky make-up colors. I liked how they went with the aqua.
Top - thrifted - $1
Cami - hand-me-down
Earrings - thrifted - $.75
Shoes - JCPenney - $3
Skirt - Gap - $16
Bag - Coach - gifted
Sunglasses - Ann Taylor Loft - $4.88


Blue and gold

A little technicolor due to having to change the lighting in the photo because my flash didn't go off. Oh well.

Top - Target - $3
Earrings - gifted
Necklaces - thrifted - $1 each
Shoes - JCPenney - $8
Jeans - H&M - $20 (I ripped the hem)


Back again

I haven't been posting this week because I've either been at the fair...all sweaty and gross, or dressed in workout clothes all day because I don't have time to change after my jog during my lunchbreak when I'm working from home all day.

We're going to the county fair again tonight in the heat and in the rain. I had to wear shoes that I didn't mind getting muddy, but would keep me cool (cheap flip flops was my choice), and then had to wear jeans because we'll be sitting on dirty benches on the grandstand. To keep cool, I chose a knit halter top. It's too hot to really accesorize this outfit, so I just put on some silver hoop earrings

I know it's not much of a post today, but it's better than nothing, right?

Top - Banana Republic - $7
Shorts - hand-me-downs
Flip flops - Target - $5
Hoop earrings - Target - $1


Answer to a reader question

Do you use hot rollers?? And also what kind of product do you use? I've been thinking of getting big hot rollers and trying them out. I really like big curls.

I don't usually use hot rollers, but I have used them on occasion. When I use hot rollers, I get a much tighter curl and the curl lasts for a couple of days. Lately, I haven't had to use hot rollers. Since I highlighted my hair, my hair has had a lot more body, so for all of these pics since the highlighting, except for the one of me in my Shabby Apple dress, I don't do anything with my hair but let it air dry. I've been using Dove moisturizing 2-in-1 shampoo, and that's it. Every once in a while I've used John Frieda's Dream Curls spray (pictured below), but usually I only use that to touch up at the end of the day. I love this product because it doesn't make your hair look dirty, and it is soft and touchable all day long.

For the photo of me in the Shabby Apple dress, I just used a small 1" barrell curling iron and curled a few sections of the ends under.

If your hair is not as full bodied or is on the straighter side, I would definitely recommend hot rollers. And if you want the curl to really last, use a curling iron before you put the roller in. If you don't have thick hair, velcro rollers that you put in damp hair and then blow dry can really add a lot of body, and won't look like you "curled" your hair.

When you take the rollers out, brush through it all upside down, and then tease it a little at the crown when you come back up to give it that full bodied, big curl, look.

One of these days I'll do a video tutorial on how to use hot rollers and how to curl hair. There is an art to it. For now, I'll just say, try to think about where you place each curl. Where do you want height, and if you want the curl to face away from your face, or in to your face. Depending on where you place a roller or a curl, it can totally change the look.


Answer to a reader question

One of our readers asked if we had any ideas on how to wear a dark denim vest for the summer (and she noted she wasn't great with white). I originally responded in the comments suggesting the two looks below (although, I imagined the dresses as floral print...just didn't have the patience to find one I liked on Polyvore).

Instead of the white long tank in the second suggestion (since she didn't like white), I should have found a white and grey or actually any large stripe tee to go underneath.

What about you, though? What are your suggestions for wearing a dark denim vest in the summer?

vest with dresses
vest with dresses by nicridley featuring Paul & Joe Sister dresses
Denim vest
Denim vest by nicridley featuring Jessica Simpson shoes

Shabby Apple Dress

I finally had a chance to wear my Anchors Away dress from Shabby Apple! Since I'm only 5' tall, I hemmed about 4 inches off the bottom so it would suit my frame, and then kept the buttons unbuttoned so nothing pulled. This dress would look great with nude pumps and a red belt, or all buttoned up with little red flats. It has a lot of stretch in it so it really contours the body nicely, but isn't too tight that you can't move in it.

Check out Shabby Apple dresses for their Fall Collection. These are high quality dresses, so you aren't going to find clearance prices, but the dress styles are classic, modest, and made to last.

Dress - Shabby Apple
Pumps - JCPenney - $3
Gold earrings - vintage (inherited)
Scarf - hand-me-down
Bag - thrifted - $3
Watch - thrifted - $4
Cami - F21 - $2.50

Saturday Afternoon

Dress - Ann Taylor - hand-me-down
Sandals - Target - $5
Shell earrings - Target - $.50
Bag - thrifted - $1
Watch - thrifted - $4



Scarf - gifted
Shorts -J.Crew (via Ebay) - $5
Sandals - Target - $5
Cami - I forget
Vest - Macy's - $10
Hoop earrings - Target - $1
Watch - thrifted - $4



Wearing the winged eyeliner today made me think of Amy Winehouse, so I tried my hair up like hers for one photo, but decided I like it better down.
T-shirt - Wal-Mart - $1
Jenas - J.Crew (ebay) - $2
Heels - Old Navy - $8
Silver skinny belt - gifted
Watch - thrifted - $4
Hoop earrings - Target - $1
Necklace - Kohl's - $.50


Pink or nude lips and cat eyes = Bridgette Bardot

The iconic look of Bridgette Bardot has been back in trend for a few years now. It is sultry, sexy, and yet fairly simple. Winged eyeliner, nude or pink lips, and big hair.

The modern day Bridgette Bardot look was achieved first by Angelina Jolie. If this photo of Jolie doesn't make you want to try the look, I don't know what will.
Last night I watched Kandee the Make-up Artist's post on winged eyeliner, and was inspired. I picked up some cheap Maybelline lipcolor in Pink Please at Wal-Mart, and decided to try it all out today. I think I should have gone all out and started with a matte foundation for the true Bridgette Bardot look, but you get the idea. Now I'm about to go for a jog, so my hair is nice and frizzy, and I'm already starting to sweat...but at least I have flirty lips and sultry eyes.
On another note, there's a website I found online that sells clothes wholesale clothing and other wholesale items like shoes and even intimates. It's called Red Tag Clothing and the prices are really great. Not only are the prices lower but you literally get more for your money.


Preppy Classic

Trying to get a close-up shot that shows that the color of the sweater is icy blue (matches the blue in the scarf)

Sweater - The Limited (thrifted) - $1
Shorts - J.Crew (Ebay) - $5
Wedge sandals - Target - $6
Scarf - vintage


Sick, but needing to run errands

I've been sick with a nasty cold for almost a whole week now. It's nearly gone, I'm just suffering fatigue and a cough. I hate colds, especially colds in the summer time. Granted, weather here in Washington does feel more like the beginning of Fall then the usually super hot August summer. So, I guess if I must have a cold in the summer time, it's good I'm having it while the temperatures are cool and allow me to curl up with blankets and tea without dying of heat stroke.
Jacket ~ H&M $15
Top ~ Old Navy $10
Jeans ~ Old Navy $19
Booties ~ AE for Payless $34
Bracelets ~ Gifted
Necklace~ Kohls $5
Earrings ~ Macy's $11



I've definitely got a thing for red. This is the second red wrap dress I've bought from a thrift store now. Like the last wrap dress I bought, this one needs about 4 inches hemmed. Since I was wearing it for church, I figured it was fine to leave it long for today.
Watch - thrifted - $4
Dress - thrifted - $4
Cami - hand-me-down
White heels - JCPenney - $3
Gold earrings - vintage - inherited



I love all the thrift shops that are out here. I'm finding all these great deals!

I just bought this watch today and love it. It's the first watch I've owned in about 8 years!

And this fab genuine leather belt for only $1 could not be passed up!
Had to show you a close-up of the necklace too.

I'm feeling much better today! Pretty much back to my old self - must have been only a 24 hour bug.

Top - Gap - gifted
Skirt - Gap - $16
Leather wedges - Target - $6
Leather belt - thrifted - $1
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Watch - thrifted - $4
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1
Earrings - gifted