Wish I took a better shot of the shoes, since the only reason I posted this outfit is because I liked the real casual outfit with a pair of heels (they are not very high - just 2", but they are metalic, picking up the shine in my t-shirt).

T-shirt - Wal-Mart - $1
Shorts - hand-me-down (were pedal pushers, I hemmed to knee length and added the cuff)
Sandals - Target - $5
Silver large hoop earrings - Target - $1

Fashion Sketches

Fashion Haircuts

When I get the urge to try a new haircut, I just sit down and draw a bunch of styles that I'd never have the nerve to try, but admire on other people.


Nailene product review

I was recently sent some products by Nailene. Looking through all of the products they sent, I decided to try the most impractical set of nails to "practice" on. My brother was nearby when I applied them, and exclaimed the style (black/silver/diamond tipped) to be hideous! Once on, however, he said they weren't so bad, and my husband thought they were sexy.

The application was incredibly simple. After pushing my cuticles back, I sanded down the nailbeds with the nailfile that the set came with, and then applied the glue to both the fake nail, and my nailbed before pressing the fake nail firmly onto each nailbed.

Unfortunately, I used a couple of nails that were too large for my nail beds, so they didn't stick all the way. Since the two nails popped off due to their size, I ended up pulling all the rest off after only 24 hours of wear. During that 24 hours I got several compliments, and felt ultra-feminine with my sparkly tipped nails!

While I really can't recommend fake nails for the on-the-go-mom, I would certainly suggest some of you gals out there who don't have the time or money to go to a nail salon, to try out these fab nail sets, which are very reasonably priced at your local Wal-Mart or drugstore. It may be just the icing you need to make your look more glamorous for a special night out.


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What to wear when it's hot and raining...

I have a pair of flat brown sandals in my bag for when it stops raining, but in the meantime, these wellies will have to do. No sense in drying my hair either!

Going to the library today for storytime. Best thing to do when it rains is read stories!

Skirt - J.Crew - $19.99
Tank - J.Crew - $3.99
Necklace - thrifted - $.25
Boots - J.Crew - $24.99
Umbrella - Target - $3.74
Bag - thrifted - $3


New blue dress

Washington is currently experiencing some very hot weather, I don't mind the hot weather so much but I do find my wardrobe seems to be lacking in some hot weather essentials. Like the fact I own a total of three tank tops and two pairs of shorts. :(

So, today, while running errands at Wal-mart with a friend, when she came across this simple, knit, very cool dress, we both decided to buy one. Since it's hot and sticky out I'm not really dressing this up. But I think this was a good buy, one I can dress up or down depending on the day or mood. Hurray for hot weather that sends me running errands to wal-mart!
Blue dress ~ Wal-mart $16
Flats ~ A&E 10 years ago
Earrings ~ Macys $11
Bracelets ~ Gifted


I'm really liking my canvas bag with my rose pin. When I wear a simple outfit, it's always nice to have something not so simple to accent it.

Top - thrifted (Ralph Lauren) - $6
T-shirt - F21 - $3.50
Shorts - J.Crew via Ebay - $5
Sandals - Ann Taylor Loft - $9
Bag - thrifted - $3
Rose pin - Express - gifted
Hoop earrings - Target - $1



Top - thrifted - $7
Pearls - won from a giveaway from Savvy Mode
Jeans - Express (thrifted) - $7
Wedges - Gap Outlet - $2
Bag - thrifted - $3
Flower pin on bag - Express - gifted

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Close ups of the hair

New haircolor

I had my hair lightened last night, and then again this morning. I'm loving my new summer look!

Wearing basically the same thing as yesterday, except I borrowed my little sister's blouse. :-) It's so nice to have a sister that wears the same size!


Today's outfit

Sorry for the bad pics - I'm in a rush today, though!

Top - Gap - gifted
Belt - thrifted - $1
Skinny jeans - H&M - $20
Wedges -Target - $6
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1
Earrings - gifted


Tuesday's Outfit

Top - J.Crew - $6.99
Shorts - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $5
Sandals - Ann Taylor Loft - $9
Earrings - Macy's - $2
Belt - gifted

New shoes

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I feel like I just keep wearing and re-wearing all the same outfits I always wear and post. So...that's my excuse. At any rate, I did want to post some cute new shoes I just bought though! I got these on sale at Kohls. Normally $54 on sale for $19.99
I like them a lot! Sadly, in the first day I wore them I managed to scuff up the toe part. *sigh* cheap shoes, what can I say. One day I will own really nice shoes and I will care for them very, very well. lol


Colorful Monday

Hat - Target - $6
Tank - J.Crew - $3.99
Skirt - Gap - $9.99
Wedges - Gap Outlet - $3
Scarf - Aeropostale - came with a pair of shorts I bought there
Earrings - Claire's - gifted
Bag - thrifted - $3


The past few days' outfits

Shorts - J.Crew - $5
Top - H&M - $5
Chain and pearl necklace - thrifted - $1
Pendant - thrifted - $.25
Wedges - Target - $6
Bag - thrifted - $2
Scarf - thrifted - $.50

Dress - H&M - $10
Wedges - Target - $6
Denim jacket - gifted

Top - H&M - $5
Wide leg jeans - Express - $9.99
Sandals - Target - $6
Bag - Coach - gifted
Scarf - thrifted - $.50
Earrings - B.B. Peppers - $.50
Dress - B.Moss - $7
T-shirt - F21 - $3.50
Pumps - JCPenney - $3.98
Bag - Coach - gifted
Earrings - gifted



I have a fun filled day ahead of me. I'm hanging out with a girlfriend this afternoon. Trying out new recipes and having a family over for dinner and games this evening! I love entertaining and love cooking and feeding people! Hurray for Fridays!

Sweater ~ Target $5
Tank ~ Target $7
Skirt ~ Target $11
T-straps ~ JCP $11
Necklace ~ Kohls $5
Bracelets ~ Gifted, bought and made


Hanging out at home

I have no plans for today. Maybe playing in the backyard with my daughter and that's about it. Not to sure about this stripped tank under the dress, but since I'm just at home I'm not going to sweat it. If I go out I'll probably change.
Tank ~ Old Navy $5
Dress ~ Target $19
T-straps ~ Ann Taylor loft $9



Took my son to the storytime at the library today and thought it was as good excuse as any to wear my new necklace by Savvy Mode!

Sweater - Target - $3
Shorts - Gap (hemmed to knee length by me) - $9.99
Peeptoe flats - thrifted - $3
Necklace - Necklace giveaway by Savvy Mode

Free movie day!

Our local movie theater has "free kids movies" playing in the summer time. Today is one of those free movie days so I'm planning on taking my daughter to go see one. Should be fun!
Top ~ Old Navy $10
Skirt ~ Gap $30
Wedges ~ Payless $19
Necklace and bracelet ~ Gifted
Earrings ~ ?


A couple of outfits I wish I had...

Now that I'm back to being a SAHM, I've gotten to enjoy some leisurely days full of laying out in the sun, trips to the library with my 2-year old son, and of course, plenty of time for crafts. Over lunch today, my son wanted to draw, so I couldn't help but do a few sketches of my own.

I'm really wishing I had a coral colored knit dress with simple lines like the first pic. I'd pair it with a turquoise flat, different colored bangles, big gold hoop earrings, and a gold hobo bag. If I could just go out and buy whatever I want whenever I wanted, that first outfit is what I would buy to wear today.

Then for date night, I'd effortlessly throw on a royal blue strapless dress over a white sheer blouse, add a black wide belt, nude pumps, and a black little bag. Yep, I like that look. Now if only I would be brave enough to try the Gwyneth Paltrow hairsylte - blond and straight...shoulder length. Sigh.

Another Summer Uniform

I decided to post a couple of shots of the swimsuit I found off the clearance racks of Macy's last fall. For those of you who are interested, the suit is still at Macy's (with just larger polka dots).

I LOVE this suit. Due to it's retro lines, it is on trend, but by tying the halter slightly tighter, it succeeds in giving me plenty of coverage on top making it plenty modest as well. It also has extra support with boning on the sides of the bra, as well as a hook in the back.

I got it at Macy's for $9.99 for each piece, but full price it was only about $20 for each piece. Not bad if you ask me.

What swimsuits have you found this year that work for you?

Tank top and shorts

This is pretty much my summer uniform - tank top and shorts/minimal make-up, and hair just worn natural. I thought I'd turn it into an outfit, though, by adding mascara and lipstick, a piece of statement jewelry, a colorful bag, and a pair of fab flats. This is an easy way to up your style quotient - just add a few key pieces and even your basic tank top and shorts can look pulled together.

Tank top - J.Crew - $3.99
Shorts - J.Crew (via Ebay) - $5
Cutout flats - JCPenney - $5
Bag - thrifted - $3
Necklace - Kohl's - gifted

Park day

I hope it warms up for Park Day today. I missed last week because it was to cold and then it rained. We'll see
Top ~ Ann Taylor Loft $12
Shorts ~ Old Navy $14
Flip flop wedges ~ Ann Taylor loft $10


Evening baby shower

Later this evening I'll be going to a ladies baby shower. I wasn't going to wear a sweater, but with the rain, wind and 60 degree temps I figured I should throw one on;)
My daughter offered her little "bow" headband for me to wear, and I think it's actually kind of cute. For now, I'll wear it.
Sweater ~ Old Navy $6
Top ~ Target $5
Jeans ~ Gap $30
Heels ~ Ann Taylor Loft $20
Earrings ~ Macys $11
Headband ~ daughters:)

Sunny Monday

Top - Gap - $6.99
Clamdiggers - Gap - $9.99 (hemmed to knee length by me...they used to be jeans)
Wedges - Target - $6
Chain and pearl necklace - thrifted - $1
Necklace - gifted


My new scarf

Skirt - J.Crew - $19
Pumps - Target - $6
T-shirt - F21 - $3.50
Bag - thrifted - $2
Scarf - thrifted - $.50
Earrings - gifted

Church on a rare stormy day

While Western Washington does get a lot of rain, thunderstorms we don't get much of. So I was very surprised when I woke up to lightening and thunder this morning. The storm seems to already be passing...but it's close toed shoes for me this morning since there is rain.
Top ~ Target $19
Skirt ~ Gap $13
Shoes ~ Nine West $30 (years ago)
Bracelets ~ Mixed, most gifted
Earrings ~ Macy's $11


Urban Look for Saturday

Ignore the stupid look on my face. I should have smiled for this last shot.

Going to a few small town downtown cities to explore the new area we live in, then headed to a the movies tonight to see the second Transformer movie.

Tunic - Target - $3.74
Necklace - Kohl's - $.60
Hoop earrings - Target - $1
Leggings - Gap - $5.97
Sandals - Target - $5
Hat - Charlotte Russe - $5
Bag - B.Moss - $3

I was the lucky winner of this beautiful white and gray pearl necklace from Savvy Mode! I can't wait to wear it!


Top ~ Charlotte Russe Gifted
Skirt ~ Gap $30
T-straps ~ JCP $11
Bracelet and Earrings ~ Gifted from Farrielle