Shades - Charlotte Russe - $5.99
Gold leather belt - Kohl's - $4
Top - Gap - gifted
Pencil denim skirt - Gap - $16
Metalic sandals - Target - $5.74
Gold drop earrings - inherited
Red patent clutch - Express - $11


Afternoon with friends

After the wedding, we all got out of our wedding garb and met in the afternoon to re-hash the wedding. I had to grab something quick to wear, and opted for something blousy so I could eat a lot! lol!

The wedding was beautiful and fun, by the way!

Also, thank you for all the suggestions for the blog - and your notes of encouragement! I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve, but I'm sure it will be a while before you'll start seeing them, as it will take some time to put together.

Top - Gap - $6.99
Jeans - Old Navy - $6.99
Shell earrings - Target - $1
Pumps - Target - $6
Chain/pearl necklace - thrifted - $1

Just hanging around kind of Saturday

Top ~ Marshalls $10
Shorts ~ Target $?
T-straps ~ Ann Taylor loft $9
Earrings ~ Papaya $2
Necklace as bracelet gifted

Morning Wedding

Off to get the Maid of Honor's hair ready for the wedding at noon - and then attending the wedding. Can't wait! I love weddings!

I bought this dress last year off Ebay after putting off buying it at Gap in hopes it would go on clearance. Unfortunately, it sold out at Gap, so my only option was Ebay, and the deal wasn't that great. Nevertheless, my heart was set on it, so I bought it anyhow.

I've not been sure of it since I bought it until last night when I finally decided to hem it 2 inches. It's amazing (in my opinion, at least) what a difference the shorter length makes for my petite frame!

Dress - Gap (off Ebay) - $35
Shrug - Rave - $15
Crochet bracelet - The Velvet Lounge (boutique in downtown city shop) - $.50
Pumps - Target - $6
Shell earrings - Target - $.50
Bag - thrifted - $2



Dress - H&M - $10
Cami - Deb's - $5
Bag - JCPenney - $5.97
Pumps - Aerosoles - $29
Chandelier earrings - gifted
Leather and elastic belt - Kohl's - $2.40


A dash of red

Back to the office...and rocking my extremely versatile bridesmaid dress from J.Crew! I told you I'd get a lot of wear out of this dress

White shirt - JCPenney - $11
Dress - J.Crew Lyndsey dress (via Ebay) - $49
Pumps - Aerosoles - $29
Necklace worn as a bracelet - Express - free with another purchase
Red belt - Target - $3.74
Rhinestone stud earrings - Wal-Mart - $1
Tan bag - thrifted - $2


To roll or not to roll...

Yes, my son has since confiscated my picture taking area for his playing pleasure. lol.

Anyhow - had to post again...my husband claims that all women who roll their jeans (including Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon) look like posers. If you want your jeans short, buy capris. Ha! So for those of you out there who agree with him...you win.

Since I really only care if my husband thinks I'm attractive or not, his opinion rules, and no more rolled jeans for me. Sigh.

Now he also thinks my bracelet is ridiculous. I'm not quite ready to give that up yet, even if the majority of you agree with him. Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns on what you like, regardless of what others think - after all, I'm willing to pay the consequences. lol!

A little bit of attitude...

Here is an example of how to spruce up a stay-at-home-doing-nothing outfit...I wore the jeans unrolled with this t-shirt all day while I took care of my son and worked from home. In the morning, I just put some product in my freshly showered hair and let it go natural - at around lunch time I added mascara, lipstick, and a touch of violet eyeshadow and some bronzer. Then, just before going out, I added the belt, rolled up the cuffs, slipped on a pair of heels, added large silver hoop earrings, a funky bracelet, and a glittery clutch.

Now I realize this is a trendy look, and not everybody's style - but hopefully you get the idea of how I easily transition my lounge wear to an actual outfit.

Graphic t-shirt - Express - $8
Boyfriend jeans - J.Crew (off Ebay, ordered a size larger so they would look like boyfriend jeans) - $2.25
Skinny belt - gifted
Large silver hoop earrings - Target - $1
4 strand chain necklace worn as bracelet - thrifted - $1
Sandals - Target - $3.74
Glittery clutch - H&M - gifted

Answer to readers questions

" I'd like to know about longer jean skirts, if you've happened to see any - I have veins behind my knees that I like to hide."

"I have 2 questions...I am a Christian and I only wear skirts that are below the knee for modesty. I've been looking everywhere but can't find a denim skirt that falls just below the knee (1-2"). They are all either at the knee, mini skirts, or long to the ankles. It's so frustrating! Have you come across any modest, not-too-long denim skirts? I'd love to get one before summer is over! My 2nd question...what size tops do you typically wear? I'm not just being nosy, you are curvy like me and I love that cardigan on you. I'm just not sure how it would look on me, I'm very busty. I love your style and often wonder if I can pull off the things you wear. Thanks so much for your help!"

I know these questions are mostly about skirts, but I'll get the "What size top do you wear?" question first. I wear size small, medium and large. lol!

Depending on the style, cut, material and brand my size varies. I'm sure you've all read the shopping advice which says, when you go in the dressing room take the size you think you are and then grab a size smaller and larger. Unless you only shop one store/brand you probably won't find the same size fits you the same way, in every store you shop. So if you avoid certain clothes because you think "That could never fit me right", try it on in a few sizes first before righting it off all together. My only tip to the busty women out there and trying on/buying tops, is avoid ruffles, puffiness, added fabric, pleats, etc...at the bust line. It just makes us look bigger, in a "my chest may swallow my head" sort of way.

As for skirts, the beauty of being short (I'm 5'1") is many styles meant to be shorter, hit me at a fabulous length! The denim skirt I wore the other day, on the model went about 3 inches (or more) above her knee, but hit my short legs at the knee.

This denim skirt at Old Navy is on the longer "shorter" side and since it hits the model slightly below the knee, I know this one would be well below mine.
Newport-News sells a ton of skirts and dresses for great prices and at all different lengths.

This light weight, a-line, denim skirt at Gap looks ridiculously comfortable and perfect for summer! It's long and will more then cover any thing you wish to hide on your legs, while still staying cool.
I know this is not a denim skirt, but I added it, because it looks like so much fun and it's on the longer short side. You can find it at Macys

A few other websites I've found that sell modest denim skirts are:
Style J Denim Skirts

Honestly, though. If you are at all an online shopper, there are a ton of fabulous, fashionable, modest options out there for fairly reasonable prices. Often when I'm looking for something specific I shop online first, find where the item is at a store I shop at. As you all know, Nic is an amazing ebay shopper and has scored fabulous deals on name brand, nice items. I hope this helped!


Answer to a reader question

I am working on my wardrobe, and I have a question for you. I'm a SAHM and I don't run errands very often (maybe twice a week) requiring me to get somewhat dressed up. We go to church Sun morning, Sun night and Wed night so I have a good church wardrobe. I'm wondering what you wear on off days when you are at home all day. Can you offer some ideas to help me put together some nice outfits for around the house? I don't wear pants (ever), and of course, I want to be comfortable...it's so hard not to look frumpy! I don't want to be a frumpy housewife. HELP!

I didn't usually run errands either, except maybe once or twice a week, and I worked entirely from home up until last month. You can look back at old posts to get an idea of what I wore - but be warned...I've learned a lot since starting this blog, and look back at some of my old outfits and am appalled!

I started this blog to help me have some accountability to get dressed every day, and I also tried to at least go out and take a walk or invite someone over on those days I had nowhere to go, just to give me a reason to dress nice. On the days I couldn't contrive any reason to go somewhere or see someone, I would just dress up right before my husband got home.

I think as long as you take 10 to 20 minutes each day to at least do your make-up and fix your hair, that you are already not a frumpy housewife. Every one has days where they remain in lounge clothes all day - and as a SAHM you're entitled to more days of that than the average person!

Ways to step it up a notch would be to dress up your house clothes with accessories just before you walk out the door, or receive friends or your husband home.

For instance, if you normally wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt (no shoes, no make-up, no accessories, etc.), all it would take after doing your hair and make-up is a colorful skinny belt, some hoop earrings, and a wedge shoe to have you looking fabulous without any effort on a day that you will remain completely at home.

On those days that you are wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt - keep that outfit and stay comfortable while you are lounging around the house, and then just before the hubby gets home or you go outside to talk to a neighbor, switch out the sweatpants for a modern jean skirt, colorful flats, and a chunky necklace (yes, worn with your sweatshirt).

These are just my preferences, though - you can easily alter these suggestions to fit your tastes. The key is take what you would normally wear on your day at home and add a few accessories, with polished hair and make-up for a non-frumpy look. Just steer clear of denim jumpers, baggy or outdated clothes, and tennis shoes with jeans.

Hope that helps!

Memorial Day attire

Tank ~ Old Navy $5
Long cardigan ~ Ann Taylor Loft $12
Denim skirt ~ Gap $30
Platform sandals ~ Target $10
Necklace ~ gifted
Earrings ~ Papaya $2

Answer to a reader question

In your FAQ section you said you hem your dresses with a "blind stitch"...can you describe what a blind stitch is? Thank you!

I found this fabulous website that explains the hand-sewn blind stitch perfectly:

Answer to a reader question

Hi. i am a follower of your blog and i must say i admire you for your fashion taste and thriftiness.
Speaking of jewelries and accessories, would you mind posting a picture of your jewelry and accessories organiser in your closet. i just wanted to see so i can have idea. my jewelries are a mess, just scattered on top of my dresser. :(

thanks in advance.

Well, you asked...so here are the pictures:
The picture above shows my necklaces, scarves, and bracelets. All strung on nails that I hammered into a board in my closet.

The other wall is where I hang my belts and molded bras.
I keep the shoes I wear the most out on the most reachable shelf, and stock my off-season shoes behind or on the unreachable shelves.
Bags are all lined on the top shelf along with my hats.
These are the inside shelves that contain the shoes I don't wear as often.
And just for fun...here are the stacks of fashion catalogs/magazines I peruse to get ideas. I know, I'm addicted!


Answer to a reader question

You seem to have new things every day and I'm wondering, how often do you go shopping in order to find the great deals? I'm a SAHM (homeschooling mom) of five, I live 1/2 hour from any store, so I don't have the time to shop. Not to mention in this economy (hubby sells real estate) money is tight. I was just wondering how you manage to do it.

I am not yet homeschooling, and only have one child; so compared to you, I'm sure I have a lot of time!! Nevertheless, I've been working at least 30 hours a week from home since my son was born, so that cuts into my time quite a bit.

When I first started this blog, I had a budget of $80 a month for clothes, and I spent every penny of it. I would shop on the days I would go grocery shopping in the late afternoons, which was every other week. I usually found a way to stop by at thrift stores or garage sales whenever I was out and about running errands on the off-weeks.

Now everything is different. I work 40 hours a week, and three days I work at the office, two days I work from home. My husband has been unemployed since January, and since then, I haven't bought any clothes at all. However, I requested at Christmas time and around my Birthday (February) clothes and accessories as gifts...so I got several new things then.

Also, if you notice, I only buy things that are on super clearance, so when I do shop, I don't spend very much at all.

I am struggling in this tight economy as well, and I am also at least 1/2 an hour from any shopping. While my husband had a job, I was still very frugal, and since my son is easy to shop with, never had a problem finding the time to shop. But now I am just learning to make the best of what I have and wear things a different way every day.


Yellow dress - B.Moss - $7
Leather belt - Gap -$24.50
Leather t-strap sandals - Aerosoles - $29
Yellow hoops - B.P.Peppers - $.50


Answer to a reader question

So I have an accessories question for you, since you always seem to have just the right accessories and just the right number of pieces. Do you have any rules that you follow when picking your accessories each day? For instance, Coco Chanel said to "always remove one thing before going out of the house". I see a lot of women who over-accessorize with earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets all at the same time, and I find it distracting. I have loads of accessories! I like a clean and simple look, but I love bold pieces. If I wear a bold necklace, should I forego earrings? If I wear a chunky bracelet should I wear a ring on the same hand? I hate matching sets of jewelry and I have a lot of mixed pieces. For instance, I have a Jackie O style chunky pearl necklace that can be worn long (single strand) or short (tripled)...do I wear it with diamond studs, because I think my pearl earrings would look too "Barbara Bush" with it, or no earrings at all and let the necklace stand alone? I have a chunky vintage red bead necklace that is long. I love to wear it with black and white outfits...what other (if any) accessories would you wear with that? I'm sorry for the novel...I guess that's what you get for looking great every day! LOL....Thank you so much!

This certainly is a hard question to answer because the answer is so subjective. I don't believe people usually agree on what is the right amount of accessories, since I've seen one gal portrayed as having the right amount in one fashion mag, and the same gal portrayed as having the wrong amount in another fashion mag.

I will try to give you an idea of how I choose my accessories, but of course, it is by no means the right way. Everyone should have their own version of how accessories should be worn to match their own personality, and of course, I agree with Coco Chanel that less is more. If you aren't absolutely confident that it looks great, then just forego it altogether. If you have the confidence, you can pretty much pull off anything.

So to answer your first question, Do you have any rules that you follow when picking your accessories each day?

1. I pick and choose by instinct or by my mood.

I used to think that everything had to match exactly. I still think that is a nice classic look for professional occasions. But now I know it isn't necessary. Sometimes I wear large silver hoops with a chunky necklace because the silver in the hoops bring out the silver pieces in the necklace, or because the look I'm going for is a bit more trendy or urban. I try to experiment and just pick items that I think work based on my mood for the day.

2. I try to keep my look balanced.

If I'm going to layer necklaces worn as bracelets, then I usually pair that with statement earrings, or large hoops to add bulk on top to balance out the bulk on bottom. Or, if I'm wearing a statement belt, I don't wear a necklace so that the necklace doesn't take any attention away from the belt.

3. I get ideas from fashion mags or catalogs like J.Crew and Anthropologie.

I love the way stylists for J.Crew and Anthropologie fashion their models for their catalogs. Genious. I try to copy the looks with make-do versions of what I have in my closet. By reading fashion magazines I've started to catch on to what actually works and what doesn't. I subscribe to In Style and Glamour.

4. I stock up on cheap accessories.

Why pay a lot for accessories, when you can buy them on clearance for a $1 or less at thrift stores, garage sales, Claire's, Wal-Mart, or Target? The more you have, the more options you have for creating your own combinations. My goal is to buy several trendy accessories to update my classic wardrobe items. I intend to keep buying new cheap trendy pieces so that I always have something to make my look modern. I have a few pieces of quality/real jewelry, shoes, and bags to fall back on, but I love stocking up on cheap items to keep my wardrobe looks rotated and fresh.

5. I keep my accessories organized and showcased.

You won't be inspired to wear your accessories unless you can open your closet and see them all. There are several classy ways to showcase accessories, but all I did was hammer large nails into a board in my closet where I hang all my necklaces and belts. I have my shoes stacked on the shelves on one side, and my scarves I hang over the hangar rod. My purses are lined on the top shelf. When I open my closet I can see all the options I have for what necklaces, scarves, bags, or belts I could pick to wear with my outfit.

Now to address the specific questions you had:

If I wear a bold necklace, should I forego earrings?

You don't have to, but you certainly don't want your earrings to distract from your statement necklace. Small stud earrings that coordinate with the necklace will always look great. If they don't quite match perfectly the better, but they must compliment. My rule of thumb is if my hair is up, I wear earrings no matter what. I just wear small studs if I am wearing a statement necklace. If my hair is down and I'm wearing a statement necklace, I forego earrings. But that is just my preference. I've seen women pull off bold earrings with a bold necklace.

If I wear a chunky bracelet should I wear a ring on the same hand?

Definitely! I would layer the bracelets too. You're making a statement by loading up in one area. I just would forego a necklace, but balance the bulk out with large earrings. Again, this is just my preference. I would certainly agree that it is safer to just wear the bracelet or the ring.

I hate matching sets of jewelry and I have a lot of mixed pieces. For instance, I have a Jackie O style chunky pearl necklace that can be worn long (single strand) or short (tripled)...do I wear it with diamond studs, because I think my pearl earrings would look too "Barbara Bush" with it, or no earrings at all and let the necklace stand alone?

I agree - matching jewelry sets are quite old-fashioned these days. Nevertheless, if I'm going for a vintage look, or wearing a statement pearl necklace (chunky or several strands), I usually wear small pearl studs. If you are worried about looking too stuffy, just forego the earrings and let your hair cover your ears.

I have a chunky vintage red bead necklace that is long. I love to wear it with black and white outfits...what other (if any) accessories would you wear with that?

If you wore it with a longer tunic and skinny jeans or leggings, I'd pair it with some mismatched silver bracelets with one or two red pieces(bangles and/or cuff). A simple tunic can handle the bulk. Or, if that is too risky for you, I would pair it with a large cocktail ring in an accent color (aquamarine would be my pick). I would wear a red chunky necklace with any print that had red in it, or any neutral print. I would wear it with just about any solid color except for greens. You don't want to look Christmas-y. And lastly, I'd layer it with delicate long chains or regular pearls. I probably would either wear diamond studs, or no earrings at all with it. It would look great peeping out from under a colorful scarf if your outfit was simple enough.

I'm certainly no expert on accessories, so please leave a comment with your own words of wisdom!

Answer to a reader question

I just have to ask you about the cami/tank you have on under your blouse. I notice you often wear something like that. I am petite as well and every tank I find is too low on me and doesn't provide the modest coverage I'm looking for. I'm wondering if you can give any advice as to brands or stores that have good tanks/camis for petite women. Thanks!

Today I'm wearing a sports bra to act as both a cami and a bra. This particular sports bra has a high neckline and straps that you can raise (it's the Champion cotton jogbra that comes in my size! 32DD). However, I also use Forever 21 camis that are only $2.50. They don't have built in shelf bras, so you they don't hang low, and they are made of very thin material so they don't add bulk. Their necklines are also very high. The drawback is that they are not long, so they don't work for long torsos if you want something that covers your midriff. For short torsos like mine, they are perfect!

One other trick I've tried is cutting the bottom layer off a cami, so that I don't have to feel like I'm wearing so many layers. So many camis ride up my waist or bunch up under dresses. I bought one cami that I just cut to only hang right across the bust so I don't have to worry about bulk around my waist.

Hope that answers your question!


Blouse - Macy's - gifted
Denim pencil skirt - Gap - $15
Pumps - Target - $6
White gold/aquamarine earrings - Zales - gifted


Anniversary Date Night

Dress - B.Moss - $10
Pumps - Steve Madden -$27
Clutch - Express - $11
Crystal drop earrings - gifted


Long black dress

I'm off to the airport in a bit to go pick up my friend from Texas. It's suppose to get warmer this afternoon so I'm hoping I won't have to add a sweater to this dress.
Here is me trying to pose serious
And...yeah, I don't know how to pose serious. Oh well:)
Dress ~ Gifted
Necklace ~ Gifted
Bracelet's ~ Gifted
T-strap Sandals ~ JCP $11
Earrings ~ Premier Jewelry $19

"We always wear pink on Wednesdays..."

Shirt - JCPenney - $11
Skirt - Target - $4.98
Bag - hand-me-down
Skinny belt - gifted
Shell necklace and earrings - gifted
Heels - Target - $6


Red, white, and blue with layered necklaces

Jeans - Express (thrifted) - $7
Tunic - Target - $3.74
Wedge platform sandals - Aerosoles - gifted
Bag - from a friend
Layered necklaces - gifts or thrifted - the entire lot of them cost about $1.50 (I'm wearing 4)

New Jacket

A friend of mine gave me this Roxy jacket a few days ago. I haven't been able to wear it, since it's actually been warm out. But today is cold and rainy out, so I was excited to have an excuse to wear my new jacket.
I know I'm wearing it rather plain, but I'm home most of today, so no need to dress up.

Jacket ~ gifted
Top ~ Old Navy
Jeans ~ Gap
Wedges ~ Payless
click on the picture to see the image larger and the cool frayed detailing on the seams:)


Boring Monday

Nothing exciting today. But at least I'm back to posting.

Top - Ann Taylor Loft - $11
Slacks - Macy's - gifted
Sandals - Target - $3.74
Pink earrings - gifted


Sunny day = Sundress

Dress ~ Macy's $24
Sandals ~ Target $?
Bracelet ~ DBY
Necklace and Earrings ~ Gifted


Biking pretty ~ Edited

This morning I biked to the gym with my daughter. It was really lovely out, just a bit cool. This afternoon I plan on biking to a friends house to visit for a bit. I want to look nice, but I will be biking. So hidden under this light skirt are a pair of biking shorts. Hee, hee, don't tell anyone. No jewelry until after I get back from my biking and visiting. Have a happy Friday everyone!

Sweater ~ Gifted
Top ~ Kohls $17
Skirt ~ Gap $12
Peep wedges ~ Kohls $13
Tiny hoop earrings ~ Gifted

So, in the end, it was still to windy and cold for the skirt. But, at least we got our bike ride in and I can wear the skirt now that I'm home.


Another rainy day

I'm hoping to get out later today and run a few errands. It's still pretty rainy and windy so I don't really feel like dressing up to much. This weekend is suppose to be lovely though. I can't wait!

Top ~ Target $5
Jacket ~ H&M $15
Jeans ~ Gap $15
Scarf ~ Local shop $21
peep toe wedges ~Kohls $13


Pink on Wednesday

Skirt - Target - $4.98
Metallic sandals - Target - $3.74
White shirt - Target (Isaac Mizrahi) - $6.98
Bag - JCPenney - $6.97
Cami - F21 - $2.50
Pink shell earrings - gifted


Casual and Curly

Inspired by Nic's luscious locks, I decided to curl my hair today also. Even though I'm keeping things casual with jeans, t-shirt and a sweatshirt cardigan. It's MOPS day, but it's also rainy and windy *blah*.

Cardigan ~ Banana Republic $10 (about 5 years ago)
T-Shirt ~ Vera Wang for Kohls $17
White Jeans ~ Gap $20
Brown booties ~ AE for Payless $32
Bracelet's ~ Gifted
Earrings ~ ?

Curly Tuesday

Blouse - thrifted - $6
Jacket - Kohl's - $1
Black pencil skirt - thrifted - $4
Peeptoes - Aerosoles - $29
Necklace worn as bracelet - Kohl's - $1
Hoop earrings - Target - $1


Tribute to Mom

At the request of one of our readers, I have posted pictures of my beautiful mother. Below is the picture of my Mom in her black velvet dress that she wore to (I thought the Phantom of the Opera) Swan Lake. I think she had just had her sixth child when this photo was taken.
And the picture below is at my Aunt's wedding. Notice my Mom's amazing long hair! She had just had her 8th child when this photo was taken.
And lastly - here is a photo of her when she was expecting her fourth. Missi is the little girl on Mom's lap, and I'm the chubby girl on Mom's left. How young she looked for having so many children already!
Hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Time after time...

I know! I keep wearing this jacket! I don't have a professional wardrobe anymore, so I keep adding this jacket over some of the girly outfits I have in hopes of making the outfit look more appropriate for the office. I will probably only wear this jacket on my way in and on my way out anyhow, and just wear the dress plain throughout the day.

I'm worried that the dress is too bright for the office, but I figure that since it is cut appropriately, I should be able to get away with it.

Happy Monday everyone!

Dress - B.Moss - $15
Jacket - thrifted - $5
Pumps - Target - $6
Earrings - Kohl's - $.50
Bag - Coach - gifted