Meme part 2

Eight Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Going to Hawaii in June with my husband!
2. Going to see Star Trek
3. Going to see the new X-men movie
4. Finishing a 5k
5. Hoping to get pregnant this year
6. Finishing up my sessions with my trainer and hoping to see some results!
7. Getting to see some of my family in June
8. Learning how to make a pillowcase dress for my daughter (a friend is going to teach me)

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Nanny-ed
2. Went to MOPS and helped in the 2-5yr old class (Moppets)
3. Posted on my blog
4. Played "Princess castle" with my daughter
5. Made dinner for a friend who just had a baby
6. Ironed shirts
7. Bought organizing things for my kitchen
8. Organized my kitchen

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Workout every day!
2. Get a second car (soon, so soon!)
3. Play guitar (I'm starting to learn)
4. Speak a second language
5. Juggle
6. Shop with friends every week!
7. Cut hair
8. Remember to drink enough water every day!

Eight Shows I Watch:
1. Bones
2. House
3. American Idol
4. Lie to Me
5. Survivor
6. Amazing race
7. Heros
8. Chuck!

A meme

My friend, Courtney, over at Books N Boys tagged Missi and I for another meme. So here goes nothing:

Eight Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Being able to quit my job and be a full-time SAHM
2. Mother’s Day weekend
3. A summer tan
4. Getting my braces off
5. A gym membership
6. Being healthy again
7. Shopping for summer clothes for my son
8. Every day at 5PM when work is done and I can be with my husband

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Worked a 9 hour day at home
2. Went to church
3. Posted on my blog
4. Changed my son’s sheets on his bed
5. Helped my husband carry out all the old tiles he removed from our kitchen floor to the car to be taken to the dump
6. Helped paint my son’s new wooden toy train and put the decals on it
7. Did laundry
8. Made dinner

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Jog 4 miles every day regardless of the weather
2. Quit my job
3. Spend more time teaching my son
4. Go clothes shopping once a week
5. Time to read
6. Eat dairy products
7. Never make any typos
8. Think before I speak

Eight Shows I Watch (doesn’t apply because we don’t have cable or an antenna for the TV)

Aright Missi - your turn!

Linen pants no more

A couple of brave commenters said the linen pants didn't look quite right on me today. I agree! Too many times I've held on to an item because I thought they looked great on the hangar. The little pink jacket is going to go, too. The button popped off today at work. The quality is just horrible.

To those who had the guts to say something negative, thank you for being honest and for giving me the courage to finally get rid of these pants! To those who left sweet comments, thank you for being sweet!

Black, white and gray

This is what I wore in the morning, at home, for bible study.
And this is what I'll be wearing tonight for youth group!
Without the jacket and scarf
I thought the black and white was a bit...boring...for super cute teenagers. So I decided to switch my tops for something more colorful.
Black cardigan ~ Gap $30
Gray tank ~ Target $4
White jeans ~ Gap $20
peep toe wedges ~ Kohls $13
Beaded necklace ~ JCP Gifted

Wednesday at the office

It's back to the office for me. I'm definitely missing my little boy right now. Thankfully this is only temporary!

Jacket - Deb's - $4
Linen pants - thrifted - $6
Pink wedges - Gap Outlet - $3
Bag - hand-me-down
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1
Necklace and earrings - gifted
cami - I forget where



It was hot today...a welcome change! The first day of the year in shorts!

Tonight is church, so I just wore a navy tank top with this for the day, and then added earrings and the orange top for the service. It's so warm out, I won't be adding any kind of a jacket.

Navy check bermudas - thrifted - $4
Orange knit top - H&M - $5
Leather wedges - Target - $6 (I had to note that they are genuine leather, since most of my Target shoes are just cheap man made materials and only worth the $4-$6 I pay for them)
Venetian glass earrings (orange colored - and sorry - no picture) - gifted

I wore my white bag with this.

Have a great evening ladies!

Is the hat to much? hee, hee

Jade and I found this hat at Target for only $4. I bought it for "her" but this morning, with all the rain outside and the errands I will be running I thought "what the heck, I should wear it" What do ya think?

With it


Okay, that's enough *grin* Here is a pic without the jacket so you can see I'm wearing bracelets


Another song for you...

We did this song on Saturday, the night before I left Missi's...it came out too dark and blurry so we weren't going to post it. But my Mom requested to see it, so I decided to post it. You may not be able to see us, but at least you can hear us being all goofy and silly.

Yes, it's awesome having a sister that you can be totally yourself around and who knows you almost better than you know yourself!

Back home and missing Missi!

At the office today in my normal business casual attire. Had a delayed flight, so I came in late to work this morning. Wishing Missi was here with me!

Shift dress - Target - $3.74
Nude pumps - Target - $6
Pearls - thrifted - $1
Chain pearls - thrifted - $1
Pearl earrings - gifted
Shades - target - $3.74
Bag - hand-me-down


Getting ready to go to work

I got to help Nic work at her conference today (that is why she is out here, in case I haven't already mentioned...she is working a conference). So we both got up sort of early, to get dressed, take some fun pics and head off to our big day.

Nic wanted a picture with my little girl in her cute "princess" nightgown.
And I wanted a picture where it looked like I was grabbing her butt.
We are both happy we got the pictures we really wanted. *cheesy grin*


Pictures from Yesterday

We spent some time down by the port of Olympia yesterday, eating lunch at the farmers market and walking on the pier. Here are two pics from that.

Here is Nic's work outfit for yesterday. She borrowed the dress from my closet, I think it looks fabulous on her!
And here is my hair, still kind of poof-y from the night before's hair do.


Nic and Missi say "Hi" to you all!

Pictures from yesterday

Hey ladies, Nic is here!!! She arrived yesterday afternoon, looking fabulous in the outfit below.
Then she did my hair and make-up for me before heading out with a bunch of my Washington friends.
Us just being silly:)
Here we are at the restaurant, we had a great time! Will post more later


Just so you all know

Nic and I haven't posted today yet because...Nic is gonna be here, in WA in about 1 hour! I'm taking her out tonight to meet a bunch of friends so we are hoping to post some pictures with us together later this afternoon/evening.

If you can't tell I'm really excited about her coming. Since I live so far away from the rest of my family, I get super excited when any of my family comes to visit me!

Posting to you all soon!


Boring black

My "to do" list today: Babysit, gym, clean house, make meal for friend.
Top ~ Target $10
Skirt ~ Target $19
T-straps ~ Ann Taylor loft $? I think 11 maybe
Earrings ~Macy's $11
Necklace ~ Gifted

More rain and in the office again...

It's a gloomy day, but tomorrow makes up for the gloom. I get to go see Missi tomorrow! For the rest of this week, you'll be seeing us in pictures together!

Fuschia top - H&M - $5
Pin strip pants - Michael Kors (via Ebay) - $.50
Turquoise belt - gifted
Pink beads - Kohl's - $1
Cami - F21 - $2.50


Business casual on a rainy day

I was at the office again today. I'm now going in three days a week for the next five weeks to help get us through a rough spot. It shouldn't last much longer than that, but until then, I'll have more "office dress" looks than "SAHM looks".

Hair was left wet today since it was pouring rain outside. It feel so nice to have a cut that I can wear all wet if I need to. I do miss curling and straightening my hair, though, and hope to do that soon!

Blazer - thrifted - $5
Skirt - Target - $3.74
White t-shirt - F21 - $3.50
Shell earrings and necklace - gifted
Nude pumps - Target - $6
Bag - hand-me-down


Sunday Errands

My daughter woke up with a little cough this morning, so there's no church for us today. Instead I have a few errands to run.

Top ~ Ann Taylor Loft $12
Jacket ~ H&M $15
Jeans ~ Gap $13
Shoes ~ AE for Payless $19
Bag ~ Kohls $20
Earrings ~ Macy's $11
Necklace ~ World Market $?

Bermuda Shorts for Church Nursery

I rarely wear crazy color eyeshadows, and wish you could see that I'm wearing shiny aqua colored eyeshadow today to match my shirt! Missi, it's that fourth color in that Very Sexy VS eyeshadow compact you bought me for Christmas two years ago. I put the color even under my lower lashes, so it really makes a statement!
And if you click on this pictures to enlarge it you can get a better view of my white gold/diamond chip/aqua earrings. My husband bought them for me, so they are extra special.
And since it's only going to be 72 degrees today, had to add the jean jacket.
Shorts - Gap khakis pants that I hemmed to knee length - $9.99
Aqua print top - Macy's - gifted
Aqua drop earrings - Zales - gifted
Nude pumps - Target - $6
Jean Jacket - Macy's - gifted
Bag - hand-me-down


Going shopping

I'm hoping to leave in just a bit to do some shopping with my little girl. Either that or running some errands. It's still chilly out but I think the sun may shine. We'll see.
I forgot to include my yellow bag, but here is me in my trench. Perhaps the purple scarf and purple trench clash a bit, but I don't really mind today:)
Black top ~ Target $5
Scarf ~ Local Shop $21
Jeans ~ Gap $20
Nude Pumps ~ Target $6
Purple earrings ~ World Market $3
Trench ~ Gifted

Maxi dress

Today is the first day it has been warm enough to wear this dress! My sis bought it for me and has been waiting for me to post pictures of it...so here it is!

Now I've been told that you are supposed to wear flats with maxi dresses. But then, probably a 5' tall girl shouldn't be wearing a long dress anyway (does not make her look any taller), so I might as well wear 5" platforms with this dress and break all the rules!

Dress - Old Navy - gifted
Scarf - gifted
Bag - hand-me-down
Platform red leather strappy heels (woohoo!) - Aerosoles - gifted
Shell earrings - Target - $1
Cami - F21 - $2.50
Shades - Charlotte Russe - $5.99


Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!

The sun has been peaking out more and more these days. I'm loving being able to play outside with my daughter and soaking up some rays!

So with that thought in mind, I'm just sending out a reminder to all women out there "don't forget your sunscreen!"

Of course, you should be wearing sunscreen on your face year round, but I know it's easy to disregard when the sun isn't shining. I like to include my sunscreen application as apart of my daily face washing/make up routine. That way even if I forget to re-apply it later, I have done "something" to protect my skin. Right now I'm using Mary Kay's Timewise Day solution with sunscreen. It's SUPER light and isn't a bit greasy, which I love. Then I just put my moisturizer on top of that. However, I am thinking about switching to...
...Burt's Bees Day lotion with SPF 15. I already LOVE the Radiance day creme so I'm sure their lotion I'll love just as much. Anyone tried it? If so, what are your thoughts?
There are a ton of sunscreen options out there, to many for me to list. If you have nothing else, grab your babies sunscreen and put a nice layer on your face before you moisturize and apply your make-up. If it's gentle enough for baby I'm sure it is gentle enough for your face, I've used my child's sunscreen on my face many times. *grin*

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Another fuzzy pic - sorry!

Skirt - Old Navy - $4.99
Sweater - Target - $3.74
Scarf - vintage - gifted
Pumps - Steve Madden from Macy's - $27
Drop earrings - The Velvet Lounge - $1.00


New Haircut!

Here is the before picture of my hair...it was air dried, no product, and no styling...so completely au naturale in all its frizzy glory! lol!
Here's the fabulous cut! I love it! It doesn't overwhelm me, but it is still long and flowy. When my stylist finished the cut, she didn't even need to blow dry or style it - it looked fine as is! So yes, this is my hair without blow dry, hair product, or any styling! I hope to keep my hair this cut for a long while - it's so easy!

And the outfit:
Pink knit top - Banana Republic - $6.99
Trouser jeans - Express - $9.99
Green jacket - hand-me-down
Pink shell earrings - gifted
Nude pumps - Target - $6
Bag - hand-me-down

3 under 3

And by "3 under 3" what I mean is I have three kids today I'm watching that are all under 3 yrs old! I didn't want to dress to "functional" though, because it promises to be a sunny (though cool) day and I hope we can all go outside and play as soon as it's warm enough. So I broke out my spring time "yellow" bag and I'm wearing peep toe wedges.
I LOVE my yellow bag. There is nothing really that fantastic about it, I bought it at Kohls, it doesn't even have fabulous pockets or anything. But I love the creamy yellow color of it and it just makes me happy.
Since I've been watching a lot of kids lately (all under the ages of 3) I have been avoiding long necklaces that are easy to grab (and therefore, break) so I'm sticking to my charm necklace with an "M" for Missi" and a "heart" for love. You could argue that my necklace says to "love Missi". hee, hee
These are my AE for payless specials that I bought last spring. They are super comfy and give me the height I so crave.

Top ~ Marshalls $10
Jeans ~ Gap $13
Wedges ~ Payless $19
Bracelets and cuff~ gifted, DBY and Charlotte Russe
Necklace ~ Gifted
Earrings ~ Macys $13


It might be warm enough today ~ Editied

I couldn't decide if I should wear a skirt or pants today. It might be warm enough to get away with a skirt, but it might not. Hmm...
Oh well, I'm wearing the skirt for now and will put on jeans later if I find I'm to cold.

I decided to put on a black sweater and black shoes. I think I like this better then the flats and red sweater. Sorry the picture is so dark.
Top ~ Target
Sweater ~ Target $5
Skirt ~ Gap $10
Flats ~ Target $5
Necklace ~ Gifted