Red Hat Lady

Haven't styled my hair yet, it is still wet from the shower...but am running short on time, so picture first, hair later. :-)
I know, I know...I look like one of those "Red Hat Ladies" today. I used to try to avoid purple and red at all costs, but apparently not anymore. I liked how the red looked with this violet sweater.

At least I'm not wearing a red hat!
Violet sweater - Express - gifted from Christmas
Red clutch - Express - gifted from Christmas
Red suede maryjane pumps - Aerosoles - $29
Lighter wash skinny jeans - H&M - $19.99
Red skinny belt - Target - $3.74
Silver hoops - Target - $1.00
Hope you are all getting ready for some killer New Year's Eve parties for tonight!


Back home

Unfortunately, we've been sick for most of Christmas vacation, otherwise I probably would have tried to post, even away from home...but when I'm sick, sweat pants and sweatshirts are all I can muster.

I got a lot of great new clothing items and accessories for Christmas that I can't wait to show you. My style quest is definitely on hold (and probably has been for a while) as I plan on experimenting with all the new pieces I have now.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to this New Year!

Graphic t-shirt - Vera Wang for Kohl's - one of my Christmas presents
Beads - Express - free with purchase
Vintage cords - J.Crew outlet - $14.99
Black leather mules - JCPenney - $9.99

and my best and most complimented accessory...

my 2 year old son - CJ - priceless


Answer to a reader question...

Hey, i am shopping for jeans. Do you have any favorite brands/ and waist styles? I love the low rise, but after 4 kids they don't fit as well anymore. Even at pre-preggo weight the "squishy" middle just doesn't work with low rise, any suggestions? I do not want jeans up to my rib cage just good ole normal waisted jeans! thanks!

I have lots of favorite brands, but usually I'm a cheapskate and just go for what is cheapest (I'm trying to change this). For what I can afford, I can always rely on Express jeans, but when I can get jeans for $5-13 at Old Navy or the juniors section of Macy's, I don't hesitate! Since I am so short waisted, the lowest rises on me look like mid-rises, and anything mid rise looks like a high waist, so I always shoot for the lowest rise they have.

As for recommendations...

First, I'd recommend trying out some jean finder websites like Zafu. These sites allow you to type in your measurements/requests, and then gives you a list of jeans that match your criteria.

Secondly, I'd recommend trying out websites that allow you to actually create your own jeans and have them made especially for you. In Style magazine just did an article about these options and gave these sites rave reviews!

Lastly, I hear from many people who have a hard time finding the right jean that Lucky Brand has the best selection of styles, and that anyone can find their perfect jean there.

My personal belief, however, is that no one can really tell you what a good jean is for you. Every person is different, which is why we all struggle with finding just the right jean. That being said, the bottom line is that you just have to look. Make a day of it, bring your hubby or a friend for an opinion, get someone to watch your kiddos, and try on anything and everything.

A few suggestions for starters is to try Ann Taylor and J.Crew. Ann Taylor for a dressier jean and J.Crew for a casual jean. Both these brands tend to have higher rises that don't look like "high-waisted" pants. These brands also tend to veer more towards classic styles and run roomier than most. Also, don't be afraid of extra length. Take your jeans to a local drycleaners and you can get them hemmed for about $7. In fact, you may want to buy two pairs of that perfect pair so you can hem one short enough for a flat, and keep the other long enough for a high heel.

If you don't have $90 to spend on a pair of jeans, try Ebay. First spend that day shopping for the right brand and fit. Then once you know what works for you, go to Ebay. If you don't find what you are looking for right off, keep checking back for a few weeks. Eventually what you want will turn up, and who knows, you might score that perfect pair of designer jeans for $20!

Be sure to let us know what you find...I think most of us can agree that we need a higher rise these days (especially during the holiday season!), and will be curious to know what you find works for you!

Last day of work

Today is my last day of "work"! For the past few years I've been working from home part-time. And today...I'm done!!
I know this picture makes me look kind of bored and snooty, but I'm really super happy today that I'm all finished. I decided to wear my coat and scarf in the house because it's FREEZING! (we have been getting a TON of snow)
Scarf ~ Ginger Street $12
Top ~ Nordstorms ~ 20
Jacket ~ Macy's $10
Pants ~ Target $19
Boots ~ Payless $36
Earrings ~ Premier Jewlery $19


Christmas Vacation

I know, nothing exciting today! I haven't posted much because I've been cleaning a lot getting ready for Christmas vacation. We'll be so busy with traveling and all, that I probably won't be posting much at all until after Christmas.

If I don't post before then, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Jeans - Macy's - $12
Cable knit sweater - Target - $3
Red patent flats - Target - $3
Red bead necklace - Express - free with purchase


Baggy dress

Nothing more comfy than a baggy dress and sweater.

Please note, I have not done my hair yet...hence the frizziness.

Dress - Old Navy - $5
Boots - Aerosoles - $29
Sweater - Macy's - $5
Chain necklace - thrifted - $1
Colorful necklace - Kohl's - $1
Glass earrings - gifted


More for 50 cents...

I wish the picture showed the details better...these pants have a bit of a sheen to them and are pinstripe. I also have a really pretty black beaded choker on that you can't see well. While it is a very simple outfit, the little details are nice.

Green sweater - JCPenney - $9
Black pinstripe pants - Michael Kors (off Ebay) - $.50
Black pumps - Steve Madden - $27
Black choker - Lia Sophia - gifted
Beret - had for so long I don't remember where or for how much


Cookie Party

Today's outfit was inspired by In Style "your Look/Instant Style" page in this months issue. They had a super cute black mini skirt paired with a white, short sleeved sweater, peep toe boots and a really pretty black scarf. So, it's not a mini skirt, or boots, or a short sleeved sweater. But it's the basic components they suggested.


Another work party

My husbands work party is tonight as well. We don't have to get dressed up very fancy so I opted to wear pants. I also wanted to show case the new shoes I bought at Target last night...for $8! I think they are really fun!
The pearls I am wearing are from my Nani (grandmother). All those pearls are from one very long strand. I can't decide if I'm wearing them right or not...or if pearls are the wrong thing to wear with this.
So here is the outfit again in just a plan silver necklace.
I can't decide...I'll have to play around with it more before we leave.

Another Christmas Party

I know, a lot of pictures of just one outfit...but this is a special outfit! Tonight is my annual work Christmas party. We have a really fancy dinner and all that and are supposed to dress semi-formal/festive.

This dress I found at Lord & Taylor for originally $352. It was marked down to $34.99 on their storewide clearance event, but then with a coupon I had, and for opening a credit card with them, I got an extra 40% off! It didn't fit perfectly, so I had it altered for $20. Now this is the most perfect fitting dress I have ever owned! The seamstress took it in at the waist, let it out at the hips, reinforced the zipper, raised the shoulder straps, made the armholes bigger (since we cut some off with raising the straps), and then pressed it beautifully.

Dress - Lord & Taylor - $20 (plus $20 in alterations)
Blazer - vintage - inherited
Sateen trench coat - Kohl's - $23
Pumps - Macy's (Steve Madden) - $27
Statement earrings - gifted
Black leather gloves - gifted
Not shown - bronze glitter clutch - H&M - gifted

In Style

I just got my most recent "In Style" magazine, the one with Kate Hudson on the cover. It's a shorter issue but there was so much in it I was loving.

Near the back they have these great makeover ideas for turning your closet into something beautiful. One of the ideas they had (besides my favorite one of putting cool looking fabric wallpaper up and setting in clear shelves for your shoes) was to take a clear cylinder and fill it with your belts instead of just hanging them on a belt hook or hanger. Maybe it's not as cute an idea as i think it is, but I quickly grabbed one of my un-used vases and filled it with some of my favorite belts. Ta da!

Stoked about my new 50 cent trousers!

Had to show as many angles of these pants as I could - these are brand new wool herringbone trousers by J.Crew (normally about $130) that I got off Ebay for 50 cents! I just love them! I had to spend a few minutes last night hemming them so they would be just right for today, but other than that, they fit perfectly!

The change in the weather or something is letting my hair be so easy lately - today is an air dried, completely natural look. Maybe it's all this rain! Wish everyday could be this easy to style my hair!

Sweater - H&M - $5
Trousers - J.Crew (off Ebay) - $.50 (not including $5 shipping)
T-strap leather pumps - Aerosoles - $29
Teal bead necklace and earrings - Kohl's - $1.60



Do you see the fuzzy hair at the top of my head? Can you tell it's raining? Usually I try to wear a hat in the rain, but I didn't feel up to it today. Frizzy hair, here I come!

Jacket - thrifted - $6
Turtleneck shell - Banana Republic - hand-me-down
Necklace - thrifted - $1
Pearl earrings - gifted
Wide leg trouser jeans - Express - $9.99
Black pumps - Target - gifted


Playing around

I've been waiting for a day when I could pull out my fedora to wear with this dress. I just think the two go well. I tried it with my vest too, but it was a bit much. I figured these pearls would make it more feminine and brighten up the outfit a bit intsead.

I can't believe how warm it is today! I'm glad I don't have to bundle up. It's raining, though, so time to pull out the raincoat or trench.

Fedora - Charlotte Russe - $5
Houndstooth dress - Target (little girl's section) - $6 or 7, forget which
Leggings - Gap - $5.97
Peeptoe pumps with rosette detail - Aerosoles - $29
Pearls - thrifted - $1
Pearl stud earrings - gifted


I'm hosting a brunch at my house for the ladies in my bible study this morning. I didn't want to get to dressed up, but I did want to look "cute". I got inspired by a picture in my Lucky magazine this month and tried to copy with my version (the girl in the pic had on a tied jacket and a sequined top...but still, I got the three components she had on, straight skirt, tucked in top, belted outerwear)
This isn't the best shot, but I still have German apple pancakes to make and a table to set and my daughter to dress and feed...so I'm in a hurray:)
Top ~ Target $5
Skirt ~ Ann Taylor Loft $20
Cardigan ~ Gap $30
Tights ~ ?
Leopard flats ~ Target $5
Oh that reminds me, I need to go put on some jewelry!


The White House Christmas Tour

Yep, that's right - I'm headed to DC for the White House Christmas Tour of 2008. I went to the tour for 2007 and it was breathtaking. I can't wait to see how it's decorated this year!
Btw, I ended up changing my shoes to my closed toe black pumps for a more professional look.
Black dress - J.Crew (off Ebay) - $49.99
Red blouse - Express - gifted
Black pumps - Macy's (Steve Madden) - $27
CZ studes - gifted
Ruby ring - vintage - inherited

Wear your Red and Green!

Well I'm not wearing green, but I've got on as much red as I think I own (why don't I have more red clothes?)
I'm dressed like a candy cane because today is my MOPS (Mothers or Preschoolers) Christmas party and each table is suppose to have all their girls wearing red and green for extra "points". We are collecting points to win a dinner date and a movie with our husbands for a night out.

So I figured since I'm on the steering team I should go as crazy as I could muster for this event:)


Beret and vest

Can you tell I really like this vest? This outfit has a little too much going on for me, but I was experimenting today and was amused by the results...amused enough to leave it for the day. I'm not going anywhere significant enough to care anyhow. I'll probably take the belt off later on and unbutton my vest, and then I'll look "normal."
Tunic - Target - $3.74
Vest - Macy's - $9.99
Belt - Target - $3.74
Jeans - H&M - $20
Boots - JCPenney - $9.99
Beret - bought so long ago, I don't remember for how much or where!
Red earrings - Claire's - $1


Jacket and vest

It was freezing today, so I wore as many layers as I possibly could!
White shirt - JCPenney - $11
White cami - F21 - $2.50
Black vest - Macy's - $9.99
Blazer - Target - $6.98
Pinstripe flare leg trouser - H&M - gifted
Black pumps - Target - gifted
Chain/pearl necklace - thrifted - $1
Pearl earrings - gifted


Christmas Party

Tonight we are going to our first real Christmas party of the year. :-)

Blouse - Kohl's - $5
Earrings - vintage 14k gold drop leaf earrings - inherited
Wide leg jeans - Express - $9.99
Black pumps - gifted


Newsboy cap

I watched Leatherheads last night and was inspired by all the newsboy caps that the men wore in the 1920's. I love my newsboy tweed cap and don't wear it nearly enough.

And a shot with the purse...not that anyone cares, but I liked how the tan blended with the orange and brown.

And my coat, which lends itself to the newsboy cap quite well I think.

Tweed cap - some menswear website a friend found for me - $13
Toggle coat - Gap - $24.99
Brown wide-leg trousers - Macy's - gifted
Orange sweater - Banana Republic - $7
Pearls with brooch - thrifted - $1
Brown t-strap pumps - Aerosoles - $29


Vest with corduroys

White shirt - JCPenney - $11
Vest - Macy's - $10
Cords - J.Crew Factory Store - $15
Black peeptoe pumps with rose detail - Aerosoles - $29
Chunky beads - The Velvet Lounge - $2.40


Cookie Exchange

I'm having a cookie exchange this afternoon with some friends and have been baking cookies all morning. They smell so good!

Everyone always says to layer your shirts, but for short/curvy people, it can be tricky. I'm obviously not doing it properly for my figure since this sweater is all bunched up in the middle now because I have a tank top underneath. I could have fixed it right for the picture, but this is what happens throughout the day as I walk. Everything rides up and bunches around the middle. So annoying. At least I stay warm, though!

Brown sweater - H&M - $5
Green tank - Kohl's - $4
Denim skirt - Gap - $9
Brown tights - Target (little girl's section where they are cheaper) - $2
Suede boots - Aerosoles - $29
Gold chain with pearls - thrifted - $1