Red and Green

I know these colors are too "Christmas", but it's what I felt like today and I think they go well.

Wine colored tank top - Ebay - $1.00
Green tank - Kohl's - $3.99
Mary jane suede heels - Aerosoles - $29
Corduroys - American Eagle - $19
Venetian glass earrings - gifted


You mean it's not summer?

OK, so I realize this is too summer-y for fall, but...it's warm outside! I also think it looks slightly tacky that my shirt matches my shoes so perfectly, but I love these colors together and these shoes are perfect for around the house. I may change into some brown wedges when I leave the house later.

And here is a close-up of the ring, because it's a long time gift from Missi, and I just had to show it off. The earrings match, but my hair completely covers them! lol! Since the picture isn't very clear, I'll describe the ring. It's a wide silver band with 7 little turquoise diamonds inset. I love small pieces of jewelry. Not really the rage right now, but I love it.
Turquoise t-shirt - hand-me-down
Skirt - Target - $4.98
Turquoise moccasins - Target - $3.74
Silver and turquoise drop earrings - gifted (from Missi)
Silver and turquoise ring - gifted (from Missi)

Quick post

I haven't done my hair yet for the day, but I'm going to be super busy and this was my only moment free to post. So, I posted with bad hair;)

Sweater ~ Gap outlet $17
White Shirt ~ Target $3
Denim skirt ~ Gap Outlet $30
Brown flats ~ Marshalls (Unlisted brand) $10


Answer to a reader question...

"I think your makeup is fabulous as well. What do you use?"

Well, first off, thanks! :-)

Let's see, I don't really ever wear any kind of powder or foundation, but on the rare days that I do, I wear Clinique Barely There foundation and Clinique's Glow Powder. In the picture you mention, I was not wearing any foundation.

For my eyes I use Cover Girl Volume Exact black mascara, black Revlon eyeliner (sometimes I use a blue or green eyeliner by Mary Kay). I have a myriad of different eye shadow options by Mary Kay, Victoria's Secret, and Cover Girl. In the picture you are talking about I was wearing mascara, black eyelinder, and Mary Kay eye shadow in Moonstone.

I LOVE the blush I have. It's Bronze Sands by Mary Kay. Mascara and blush is the make-up I wear every day and I've been wearing Bronze Sands for the past five years!

For the lips, I have Sheer Blush and Mocha Freeze lipstick. I have some Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works lip glosses I use here and there too. In the picture you noted I was wearing Mocha Freeze. I recently bought Fairest Nude by L'Oreal too, and it is a great color for when I do really dark eye make-up!

So that's it.

If you have not used Mary Kay before and are interested, you can either find a consultant in your area from the Mary Kay website, or just leave me a comment and I'll give you my consultant's business contact info.

Another Day

Top - Express (thrifted) - $4
Skinny jeans - Express - $20
Beads - Macy's - $5
Heels - Aerosoles - $29



Top - Kohl's - $5
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Suede wedge boots - Aerosoles - $29
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1.00
Medallion earrings - gifted


Rainy Day Hair

Is the weather from Hurricane Ike frizzing out your hair like it is mine?

In my opinion there are only two options for dealing with hair on a rainy or particularly humid day. Either you can 1) wear a hat, or 2) go with the frizz. The hat worked well for me yesterday, but today after I got out of the shower and let my hair naturally dry (big mistake) my hair poofed out like I put my finger in a light socket.

So today I'm going to go with the frizz. I added a bit of Sunsilk Waves spray and then teased the crown slightly in hopes that the poofiness will look "on purpose." lol! I don't know, maybe it is time to cut it all off.

Gold cardigan - Target - $3.74
Turquoise cami - Express (Ebay) - $1.00
Skirt - Macy's - $3.99
Boots - Aerosoles - $29.99
Bead/chain necklace - thrifted - $1.00
Turquoise faux patent leather clutch - JCPenney - $7

Off for a weekend trip

I'm leaving for a weekend trip at a nice resort near Canada (vague I know, lol). We have a four hour drive ahead of us and I wanted to be comfortable.
Stripped shirt ~ Old Navy $7
Black vest ~ Marshalls $14
Jeans ~ JCP $17
Scarf ~ gifted
Clogs ~ Dansko $100


New rainboots

I wasn't going to post yet today till after I got back from the gym. But after Nic's post on her adorable outfit...and lack of rainboots. I decided to go ahead and put on some clothes real quick so I can show off my new boots. I'm still planning on buying those adorable wedge boots I posted earlier this week...but until I then I bought these.

Rain boots ~ Fred Meyer $18
Skirt ~ Target $5
Top ~ Ralph Lauren gifted
Belt ~ JCP $3

Spending a day in the rain...

I'm planning to spend the entire day in the big city with my son in the rain today! I am hoping I'm prepared. I wanted to dress up just a tad more since I'll be with my husband for breakfast and lunch and he will be in a suit, but alas, I need to be a practical Mom today.

Missi, I spent the entire evening last night looking for rainboots, but apparently was looking in all the wrong places, because I found none! :-( Target had the most adorable styles, but they only carried two pairs and they were in the wrong size. I guess my suede wedge boots will just have to be wet.

Pale aqua tuxedo shirt - J.Crew (thrifted) - $3.00
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Black belt - Target - $3.74
Black boots - JCPenney - $9.99
Faux patent leather raincoat - Target - $9.98
Scarf - vintage and gifted
Houndstooth hat - Target - $6.98
Umbrella - Wal-Mart- $3.83


Lovin' this weather!

Tunic - H&M - $5
Leggings - Gap - $5.99
Black suede wedge boots - JCPenney - $9.99
White gold hoops - Wal-Mart - $19.99

Black and white

I know I wear this shirt a lot, but I don't really own many patterned shirts, so this is it. lol! Anyway, black and white I go, it's cool this morning so I put some black tights on. If it warms up I'll take them off:)

Top ~ Target $5
Skirt ~ Borrowed
Tights ~ ?
Canvas peep toes ~ Kohls $?
Belt ~ Marshalls $10

The day is just getting colder...not warmer! And I'm babysitting for a friend. So off came the skirt, I added a sweater and my slippers. lol!
Sweater ~ H&M $19
Jeans ~ JCP $17
Slippers ~ Walmart $7


Boot Season

The best part of fall is the fact that I get to wear my boots! I only have my black suede wedge pair and my brown suedge wedge boots, so I'm looking forward to stocking up on booties, and other styles of boots at the end of the season when they are on super clearance. For now, you're just going to see a lot of the same boots!
I also finally get to wear my corduroy skirt! I bought it while shopping with a friend just before spring, and didn't really get a chance to wear it too much. It's a really classic skirt and I see myself wearing it for many years to come. My friend bought the same one in brown and she looks adorable in it!
Turtleneck - hand-me-down
Beads - Macy's - $4.99
Corduroy skirt - Tommy Hilfiger outlet - $7 I think?
Brown suede wedge boots - Aerosoles - $29.99
Leather belt - Gap - $24.50

Beauty from the inside out!

No matter how good you look on the outside, when it's that time of month and you feel horrible, it reflects on the way you look. Take charge of your period by taking an herbal supplement that helps to regulate your hormones and relieve your period symptoms!

Since having my first baby, my cycles have been horrible - the cramps have been as bad as some of the contractions I had in labor, and the cramping would last for five days! Since taking Vitex only once a day, the symptoms are virtually gone. My first cycle after the capsules left me with only one painful day. My second cycle left me with only a few headaches! I'm definitely hooked and am looking forward to more pain-free months!

Any women looking to naturally relieve their monthly cramping should try this product!!

2008 Primetime Emmy Awards

I didn't actually get to watch the Emmys, but I thought I'd dig up all these pics online and let you all peruse them and give your opinions if you like! Among my favorites was Brooke Shields' fuschia ruffly gown. Gorgeous on her! My absolute favorite was Nicolette Sheridan's rich purple gown. The detail was amazing, and I loved how she wore her hair down with it. Vanessa Williams' dress really caught my eye too! She was stunning. I'm missing a picture of Jenna Fischer's gown, which is too bad. I thought hers was very elegant. Terri Hatcher's dress was fun and flirty.

The dresses I didn't like were Christina DeRosa's. That white fan purse was hideous - the dress was bad enough! Eva Longoria Parker got points for her dress, but I thought it looked ridiculous. Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kate Walsh, and Mary Louise were also among the ones I disliked.



I have been on Piperlime.com off and on today, trying to find some super cute rainboots for my daughter. While I did find some boots for my daughter, I couldn't help but check out boots for me. I saw some really cute argyles, adorable daisy print, and plenty of polka dot boots that I'd love to own in my closet. But part of me was wondering "would I really wear these flat, boots?"

I assume that once I put them on I'd feel short and stubby and know the only thing cute about my outfit would be my boots. So, I found a solution! Wedged rainboots! Here is a way to be stylish and practical while out in the rain or garden!
Sperry Top-Sider Sadie boots, for $70

I don't know if I'll buy them or not, but they sure are tempting!

First Day of Autumn

Brown swing jacket - Target - $7.48
Denim skirt - Gap - $9.99
Tank top - Kohl's - $3.99
Gold belt - Kohl's - $4 I think?
Bronze flats - Ann Taylor Loft - $3.88
Gold headband - Family Dollar - $1.00
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1.00
Beaded necklace - Macy's - $4.99


Ushering in Autumn

Black chiffon top with tie - H&M - $? (I bought it so long ago I forget)
Red skirt - Banana Republic - hand-me-down
Black tights - hand-me-down
Black pumps - gifted
black bead drop earrings - gifted