Sweater vest

Oatmeal Vest ~ JCP (Mixit brand) $17
White long sleeve t-shirt ~ Wal-mart $6
Dark wash jeans ~ JCP (Mixit brand) $17
Brown heels ~ Nine west $40
Necklace ~ Gifted
Earrings ~ Walmart $3



While out shopping for drapes for my house, I past by some super clearance items at JCPenney. I couldn't resist. $1.97 for silver flats! $2.97 for a black belt! The belt is by American apperal and was normally $32 the shoes were A New Aproach (A.N.A.) normally $20. I was thrilled. So, of course, I had to update my outfit to show off my fabulous finds.

Top ~ Target $5
Skirt ~ Kohls $8.99
Belt ~ JCP $2.97
Silver flats ~ JCP $1.97

Running Errands on a Saturday

I'm off to the library and some fun errands this Saturday. It's warmer today but I felt like wearing my jeans again.
The two pictures are so you can see my necklace a bit better:)

White tank ~ Gap Body $10
Patterned tub top ~ Old Navy $3
Jeans ~ Old Navy $6
Green Sandals ~ Target $5
Brown necklace ~ World Market $5
Earrings ~ Walmart $2
Bracelets ~ Target I forgot:) cheap
Yellow Bag ~ Kohls $40


Another casual day

Today I have a casual meeting at my house in the morning, then later this afternoon we have a casual work picnic to attend. It's been a bit chillier then normal these days so jeans and sweaters is all I feel like wearing. Not all that exciting.
Argyle sweater ~ Target $5
Old Navy Jeans ~ $6
White t-shirt ~ Target $3
Brown heals ~ Nine West $40 (years and years ago)
Earrings ~ Romy $6
Bracelet ~ Banana Republic gifted
close up of earrings
you can tell these shoes have seen some years:)


Labor Day Weekend

This outfit looks SO much better with heels...but for once, I'm not going anywhere and am just receiving company for the weekend and they arrive today, so flats for around the house. :-)

Red tunic - Macy's - $4.99
Black leggings - Gap - $5.99
Bead necklace - Macy's - $4.99
Black low wedge - The Velvet Lounge - $6.00

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Purple + scarf = lots of bright color

I finally have my camera back. This morning I was a bit hurried so my pictures didn't come out as well as I would have liked.

After getting my JCrew catalog this week I was inspired to pull out my bright corduroy skirt that I tend to only wear maybe once a year. This is a fall color for me (I don't wear mustards, oranges and yellows very well) and with temperatures down in the 50's I figure I should pull out some more fall colors.

Black top ~ Target $3
Corduroy skirt ~ Gap $19.99
leapoard flats ~ Target $5
Multi-colored scarf ~ Ginger street $12
Corduroy jacket ~ Ross $10


Just Another Day

I bought this dress without my husband present, which was a risk (my husband has very strong opinions about what I should wear). I love the dress - it's so girly and fun! Nevertheless, when I first brought it home to my husband several months ago, he claimed that it was a bit too frumpy for him. Whatever that means. I'm sure some of you can see what my husband sees, but for those of you who appreciate girly/feminine clothes, then you will probably appreciate what I see in this dress.

This picture below was edited to blur out a zit I have on my chin. While I was blurring, I decided I might as well blur out my buck teeth that were sticking out of this slight smile. Now it looks like my lips just got botox. Hee hee!
Flower cotton dress - Kohl's - $7.20
White cami - Bali - $9.99
Pink shiny cutout flats - JCPenney - $4.99
Periwinkle drop earrings (that you can't see in the picture) - gifted

I plan on carrying my spring green JCpenney bag while I'm out today. It brings out the green in the dress perfectly!

Answer to a Reader Question

I have a question. Do you get most of your clothing ebay? You seem to get really good deals on your clothes. Can you give me some tips? I don't have a h&m in my city where else can I purchase their clothes?

I would say I get most of my clothes from Target, actually, but I do find a few things off Ebay. I think one of the best ways to be sure you find great deals is to shop at the end of the season when everything is on super clearance. In other words, I probably won't find a winter coat until March or so when all the winter coats will be on sale. That means I have to pay attention to what will stay in style for at least a year so I can be sure I'm buying something that will still be fashionable that following year. I also pour over J.Crew catalogs and then look on Ebay for the same item for much less.

As for H&M, I know they are now selling their clothes online, and they even have a virtual changing room where you can try items on a virtual model to see what you like. You might try that!

For other tips on shopping for clearance prices and Ebay deals, check out some of my previous posts here and here.


T-strap Sandals

I'm finally wearing my new T-strap sandals from Ann Taylor Loft. As much as I'm trying to wear flats more, I still gravitate towards wedges and heels, especially when I'm wearing a skirt or a dress. However, I hemmed this skirt up a couple of inches so that it doesn't look as bad with flats now, and thought I'd give it a try with my new sandals.

White cami - Bali - $9
Teal sequin scarf - gifted
Pink to red ombre skirt - H&M - $5
Turquoise leather t-strap sandals with rhinestone studs - Ann Taylor Loft - $9
Silver and turquoise drop earrings (too bad you can't see them with my hair covering them up in the pic!) - gifted

What I want now!

I have wanted to try Navy colored mascara for a very long time. I keep putting it off since it seems like an unneeded novelty. This fall, however, the wait it over. I'm going to buy Navy mascara and see if it really does make my brown eyes look amazing (they say purple is better for blue or green eyed girls)
I want this sweater!! I want it in a million colors! This is new on Banana Republic for $98 (go on sale to...$20! Please!). I think what I like best about it is, no buttons! Just a pin. How versatile for gaining or losing weight! lol! I mean, I could even wear this baby if I were pregnant...right?

Hello, beautiful, purple trench coat. Since I live in the Northwest I know I'd get more then my share of use out of this trench coat. Not only is it an amazing color but it feels like butter (I tired it on already in the store). It's on sale for $139 (I believe) normally $198. For a coat that I would end up wearing for fall, winter and spring, I think it is more then worth the price tag. Now to just find $139 laying around.


Another Answer to Reader Question

I also have a super-random question about your awesome eBay finds...do you set a predetermined price limit for yourself and don't go over? If you do, do you set a price limit in general or for every specific item? Also, when you say you find something on Ebay for $5.00 for example, does that include shipping?

I don't always set a predetermined price. Usually I am looking for something specific...for instance...I like J.Crew chino shorts, but I don't like to pay $40+ a piece for them, or even $20 a piece for them when they are on sale. So I went to Ebay. Obviously I wouldn't pay more than what I could get for them at the store on sale, so I guess in that way I set a price limit. I usually watch the item until just before the auction will end and then I bid so I can make sure I'll win the bid.

I never post the price of shipping when I note the price of the item, so the $5 for my chino shorts does not include shipping. However, I bought this pair with two others at once from the same seller, so shipping for three pairs was only $5.

Hope that answers your question!

Answer to a Reader Question...

I have a very random question for you...I am a target-holic but with size 9.5 even size 10 feet I almost never score shoes on clearance. out of pure curiosity, do you have really small feet or a target that is not shopped often? I ask bc I notice you get a lot of great target shoes on major clearance and when I do see those shoes there it is always the 5.5 and size 6's!

Ah, good point! I do have really small feet (since I'm only 5' tall!). I wear a size 5. Sometimes I buy shoes on clearance in the girl's section since I can wear a size 2. I find it ironic, though, that you mention that all the Target clearance shoes are the small sizes. While that may be the case with Target, I find, and have been told by major department stores, that all the small sizes get sold out right away because shoe brands are not carrying small shoe sizes anymore, leaving the small shoe sizes in very high demand. I find that usually every size 5 is sold out at the major department stores like Macy's, JCPenney, and Nordstrom only a month after the season starts.

So while I may get the super clearance Target shoes...the rest of you can get the on sale high fashion/nice brand shoes at the bigger department stores.

On another note, though, I shop at 3 different Target stores in my area so I can make sure I find the best deal!

Mello Yello

A bit 80's inspired? High ponytail with big hoop earrings and yellow sandal peeptoes...oh yeah! hee hee :-)

Yello Mello t-shirt - hand-me-down
Yellow hoops - B.B. Peppers - $0.50
Red shorts - J.Crew (off ebay) - $5.00
Yellow peeptoes - Target - $5.74
Green bag - JCPenney - $5.97
Brown leather belt - Gap - $24.50


A touch of mascara

I received a coupon in my Lucky magazine earlier this month for a free trial of Estee Lauder's new Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara (yes, that is a mouth full). Since it would normally cost $19.50 to buy it, I was thrilled to get a mini size verzion of the mascara to see if I liked it for free!
It is very Sumptuous and it did make my lashes look amazingly thick and so very black. However, it clumps something horrible! I found, even though it was wonderfully rich, with all the clumps left on my lashes I was much happier with my covergirl lashblast (under $7 at drugstores) which provided thick, volumuous lashes and zero clumps.
Perhaps if I had a lash brush or wanted to take the time to apply my mascara in a meticulous fashion the Estee Lauder Sumptuous would be worth it...but I don't:)
In summary it was sumptuous...but not clump free enough to make the $19.50 price tag worth it for me.

Sunday Afternoon

Green top - Anthropologie (off Ebay) - $4.01
Denim shorts - hand-me-down (hemmed by me)
Metallic sandals - Target - $5.74
White shell earrings - Target - $0.50
Fabric bag - handmade by the gal who gifted it to me

Yellow Again

I've been wearing yellow/mustard a lot because our new wall color has inspired me. We still have a ways to go in getting the trim painted, new flooring (yeah, we are NOT leaving the blue carpet!), and taking the tape off the steps, but other than that, it's looking good!

Yellow striped dress - B.Moss - $7.50
Yellow canvas wedges - Target- $5.74
Mustard hoop earrings - B.P. Peppers - $0.50
Turquoise clutch - JCPenney - $6.99

Worn to the Housewarming Party

Sorry for the stupid picture. For all those "pose critics" out there, I know, my smile looks fake (it's 'cause it was)...I was in a rush and didn't have time for pictures, so this is what you get.

This is something I've worn and posted on here before, but I got the turquoise clutch recently and figured it postworthy.

Mustard top - Vera Wang for Kohl's - gifted
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Black leather stilettos - Steve Madden - $27.00
Turquoise patent clutch - JCPenney - $6
Medallion earrings - gifted
Metal cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1.00

By the way, thank you for all the suggestions for the housewarming gift. We ended up getting a bottle of Pinot Noir (2006). We have been so busy I never got a chance to actually get a card or find a really special gift like I had hoped to. The wine was something we could just pick up on our way there and get away with giving it without it being wrapped or with a card attached. Wish I could say I was a bit classier than that, but what can I say...circumstances were against us.


T-shirt dress and yellow bag

So I've finally found a t-shirt dress I like and in my price range. I saw this dress originally at the beginning of the season in black, but it was a size too big so I passed it up. I was so excited to find it not only in my size a week ago, but also in a color that works better for me! All this dress is a scoop neck t-shirt with a little shirring right under the bust. That is all it needed to give it the right amount of shape. I love it!

I couldn't pass up this bag for the super clearance it was on, but originally thought it might be too big. Now that I'm wearing it I think it is just right and yet it is big enough to carry a sippy cup, diapers and wipes, a change of clothes, my wallet, and cell phone! I love the bow at the handle since I always wear my bags over my shoulder. It looks as if the bag is part of the dress!

Purple t-shirt dress - Macy's - $4.99
Gold colored chain - JCPenney - $0.48
Gold/amethyst heart ring at end of chain - gifted (from my Daddy when I turned 12!)
Yellow bag - B.Moss - $4.99
Yellow canvas wedge - Target - $5.74


New scarf and shoes

I bought this scarf at an adorable shop downtown Olympia called "Ginger Street" they had some really lovely ones for only $12 and $6! I haven't been able to take pics of it yet, until now. I think the color will be great for fall and into spring.
I wore my yellow t-strap sandals today, but I've also been living in my new white t-strap sandals from Ann Taylor loft for $9 and change. I LOVE them! 

Housewarming Gift Idea

Do any of you fab ladies have any ideas for me on what to get a stylish couple as a housewarming gift? I've thought of a plant...and that's all I could come up with. I do not know what their colors are or anything so I'm hesitant to get anything for their decor. This is my husband's friend and I do not know the wife very well, so I'm stumped. Oh, and I don't want to spend that much!

Yellow Dress

Having fun with my photo shoot today. ;-)

A retro dress like this lends itself to a 1940's half updo, red lipstick (this is the closest I have to red), and a classy belt. Yes sireee.

And I know! My head is turned in every shot, but front-head on shots are just not very flattering I think. Maybe that's just me.

Yellow striped dress - B.Moss (hemmed to knee-length by me) - $7.50
Red skinny patent belt - Target - $3.74
Red leather platforms - Aerosoles - gifted
Red hoops - Claire's - $1.00


The Scarf

So I got to participate in a little project Kimberly is doing having to do with the scarf I am wearing. You'll have to check out her blog for the scoop.

I was excited to finally try wearing a scarf tied the way I have it tied. Normally I tie it tight around my neck. This looser way really shows off the scarf more. I like it.

Mustard cardigan - Target - $6.74
Blue tank - Kohl's - $3.99
Mustard hoop earrings - B.B. Peppers - $0.50
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Nude pumps - Target - $6.74
Pink canvas tote - thrifted - $1.00


Red shoes

It is my birthday in two and half weeks and while I'm visiting my family my Mom bought me my birthday gifts early. 

Below are the pearls and my new red shoes!!

Black tunic top ~ Macy's $10
White jean skirt ~ Target $11
Red shoes ~ JCP gifted
Pearls ~ JCP gifted



I wish the lighting showed the detail on the shirt. It has seaming under the bust, then the ruching at the bust is covered with this sash that kind of resembles a necktie.
I bought four different pairs of these J.Crew shorts in a certain size, thinking they fit just right, but realized later they were one size too big. I think this outfit would look so much better if the shorts didn't stick out so wide and the crotch was a tad shorter...nevertheless, this will have to do.

Black chiffon top - H&M - $10
White cami - Bali - $10
Chino shorts - J.Crew (Off Ebay) - $5.00
Black flats - The Velvet Lounge - $6.00


H&M dress again

I'm showing this dress again only because this time I wore it with a slip underneath with some of the slip's embellishments showing, and I've also finally gotten around to hemming the dress to knee-length. I don't know about you, but I think the new length makes quite a difference.

Dress - H&M (hemmed by me) - $10
Slip - Victoria's Secret - gifted
Sandals - Target - $3.74


Coral jersey dress - B.Moss - $7.50
Cuff bracelet - Claire's - $1.00
Medallion earrings - gifted
Nude pumps - Target - $6.74