Couldn't Decide What To Wear

At first I put this on...
Tunic - Forever 21 (thrifted) - $3.00
Belt - Target - $3.74
Leggings - Gap - $5.99
Pumps - Target - gifted
Hoops - Target - $1.00

But I realized it was a tad too dressy for what I was going for...so I completely changed my look and opted for this:

Hat - gifted
Earrings - B.B.Peppers - $0.50
Tank top - J.Crew - $3.99
Denim skirt - Old Navy (thrifted) - $3.00
Leather pumps - Aerosoles - $29.00
Metal bangles - Claire's - $1.00
Vest - B.B. Peppers - $10.00

New Blogs!

I found some other great fashion blogs I think you all will like - I've added them to our "Inspiration" list in the sidebar. Check them out!


For Church

Dress - B.Moss - $15.00
Earrings - Kohl's - $.50
Nude pumps - Target - $6.74


Floral shorts

Today I am wearing Target specials. All save the earrings (not shown) and the necklace, which were both gifted (thanks Cindy and Grandma!)

Black top Target $3
Floral green shorts $8
Black Flip flops...um...I forget, probably around $6 or $7 maybe less:)

I'm off to run errands and meet a friend for coffee!


Classy Shorts

Blouse - Ann Taylor Loft - I forget the price because this is a VERY old top!

Chino shorts - J.Crew (off Ebay) - $5.00

Wedge peep-toes - Target - $6.74

Chain/faux pearl necklace - Garage sale find - $1.00

Faux pearl earrings - gifted


Straw Fedora

Without the hat, purse, or cuff...

With the hat, purse, and bracelet...

Is it better without the hat?

I love hats, but when I wear them I feel ver conspicuous as most people don't wear hats anymore. I mean after all...how many of you would even wear hats if you had them?

So what do you think? Is a hat a good look for the day, or is it only great for gardening and the beach?

Straw hat - Target - $6.48

Linen tunic - Moda International (thrifted) - $3.50

Pedal Pushers (Gap curvy jeans - hemmed into pedal pushers by me) - Gap - $9.99

Leather wedges - Off Broadway (B.O.C.) - $19.99

Leather belt - Gap - $25

Venetian glass earrings from Venice - gifted from a friend visiting Venice

Metal cuff - Claire's - $1.00

Pink canvas and leather tote - Lillian Vernon (thrifted) - $1.00


Sunny Day...Navy dress

Navy Dress Gap $20
Yellow T-Strap sandals JCP $11
Earrings Target $3

Rolling Up Bermudas

I should have cut my head out of these photos - my expressions are ridiculous...
Anyhow...I keep trying to make the bermuda short work on me since it's a great casual look for a stay-at-home-mom, but I just think they make my short legs look even shorter.
Maybe hiking it up an inch or two will help, or maybe I should just forego the look altogether. What do you think?
Girl's Gap t-shirt - Gap Outlet - $2.97
Seersucker bermudas - Thrifted - $4.00
Leather wedges - Off Broadway (B.O.C.) - $19.99
Brown leather belt - Gap - (I forget what I paid, but it was full price, so probably around $25)
Metal bangles - Claire's - $1.00
CZ studs - gifted

What I wore yesterday

For some reason I wasn't able to upload pictures yesterday. So here is what I wore a day late. It was cleaning day and errand running day.
Purple top JCP $3
Pastel Plaid Belt $6
Bermuda shorts Gap $30 (I think)
Peep toe Canvas Wedge Sandals $15 I think (or was it $22, lol)
nude colored bracelets Target $3
Purple ball earrings World Market $3


Baggy Clothes for Eating Out

Last Sunday we went out to eat after church and I wore some constricting clothes - not good. This week I plan on getting full and staying comfy with this baggy tunic and stretchy leggings.
Red tunic - Macy's - $5.00
Black leggings - Gap - $5.99
Metallic flats - Ann Taylor Loft - $3.88
Metal bangles - Claire's - $1.00


Pink top - Banana Republic - $6.99
Black high waist skirt - thrifted - $3
Black belt with pink rhinestones - Target - $3.74
Black leather pumps - Aerosoles - $29
Silver hoops - Target - $1
Black sunglasses - lost and found


A White Dress

This is me feeling like a princess...'cause...well...flowy white dresses make me feel like a princess. :-)

You will see this dress again because I plan on wearing it with different belts, jackets, and will eventually hem it to knee-length. But for now - I'm wearing it long with this pink sash. Wouldn't this outfit be perfect with a floppy straw beach hat? Sigh. I need summer hats!

White dress - J.Crew (thrifted) - $3
Pink sash - Aeropostale - came with a pair of denim cut-offs I bought
White sandals - Shoe Department - $7.99
Pink shell earrings - gifted


For A Wedding

Dress - Target - $8.98
Belt - Kohls - $2.40
Pumps - gifted
Earrings - gifted

A few pics and what I will be wearing today

As some of you know I live far away in a place where sunshine and warmth don't always go hand in hand, so if there is a sun-shiny day, that is warm, you must take full advantage. So I did:) I know this has nothing to do with fashion but here is me being goofy posing in my bathing suit and cover up after having laid out in the sun for about 45min, reading my favorite magazine's (Lucky and In Style).
The dog was being a goof and is shown nipping at my toes (I think she liked my sunscreen or something, because she kept licking my legs and feet)

Ok, on to "Fashion" or at least my version of it. So yesterday I went shopping at Target and came back with a few fun finds, my favorite was this Navy and Hot pink dress on sale for only $10!
I love the funny looking pockets, the bright color with the dark and how it hits me perfectly at the knee. I did get it in a size or so bigger then I normally do (because that is all they had) so I wasn't sure if I should wear the belt or not, I think I could do either way.
This pic isn't the best, but here it is without the belt.

I also got two really cute belts that I hope to show off in up-coming posts and this floral skirt. The skirt is cut to be a bit longer in the back then the front and I got it for only $12! Hurray for me!
This is the outfit I plan on wearing today, but maybe I can wear my new colorful dress tomorrow!


Comfy Casual

White T-shirt Target $5
Wide leg Navy Slacks Gap $19.99
Yellow T-strap sandals $11
Long beads Gifted (thanks Kara!)
brown beaded bracelets Claire's $1

You can't tell but I'm wearing pink ice lipstick by Mary Kay. I like wearing it right now because I feel like it makes my face look more tan:) lol!

Park Day

The organization I work for holds an annual picnic. Today is the picnic. I'll have my 19 month old with me and will have to be climbing jungle gyms, so a skirt or dress was out of the question, unfortunately.

So yes, here I am...plain and simple - no style statement - but I wanted to post a picture anyhow. :-)

I'll probably change into my brown flip flops later on, but for now - I'm most comfortable in something with height (crazy, I know).

Blue tank top - J.Crew - $3.99
Khaki shorts - J.Crew (off Ebay) - $9.99 (with shipping)
Brown leather wedges - Off Broadway Shoes (B.O.C. brand) - $19.99
Silver hoops - Target - $1.00


Just Another Day

I am so used to wearing certain colors that looked good with my other haircolor, that I forget that I can't wear those colors anymore. I think with my darker hair I needed to wear my magenta colored tank top - or maybe black. I felt like brown, though - so brown it is. :-)
Brown tank top - J.Crew - $3.99
Green floral skirt (shortened to knee-length by me) - Target - $9.98
Brown leather wedges - Off Broadway shoe (B.O.C. brand) - $19.99
Medallion earrings - gifted


Accesorizing with Hats

I am a big fan of hats. I tend to wear them less in the summer, though, since they keep me too warm and shield me from the sun (which I am usually craving). Nevertheless, I'm determined to start wearing summer hats...

The cowboy hat is super cute with a sundress, sandals or better yet, cowboy boots.

This one is from Target for only $12.99. I love the turquoise beads!
Fedora hats are becoming popular, but mostly because menswear is making a big comeback this year. I've seen them paired with an outfit as simple as a t-shirt, shorts, and gladiator sandals.
I love fedora hats with a white shirt and vest. The one pictured below is from Target for only $14.99
Perhaps the most feminine summer hat is the straw floppy hat. This hat is perfect for laying out on the beach, gardening, or just as a fashion statement with a sundress. Kohl's has this hat on sale for only $15.40.
My favorite hats in the winter are newsboy caps...in plaid summer colors, this hat is perfect for summer, too!
Newsboy cap found at Target for $9.99.
Keep your eye out for hats on clearance - I just picked up a cowboy hat at Kohl's for only $1.60!
Never be afraid to buy a hat...a hat is a fun and practical accessory to your wardrobe. It covers up a messy hairdo if you don't have time to fix your hair, it protects your hair from the sun in the summer, and provides warmth in the winter. If it is the right shape, it can frame your face beautifully. Best of all, it can make you stand out from a crowd...but in a good way. ;-)

This Summer's "It" Shoe

Yes, gladiators are ridiculously popular this season. I can't go to any fashion blog without either seeing them on models or being directed to where you can buy them.

My favorite finds are pictured below from Make Me Chic's website.

There are some crazy styles out there, but this gladiator heel looked like something I might actually wear - especially for only $21.oo! It came in several different colors, too.

I like the metalic gladiators. They add some sparkle to any sundress. These are only $14.00!

While these aren't quite gladiators, they are just as popular. Bejeweled t-strap thongs are a touch more feminine. You can get this pair for only $9.00!

Old Navy and Payless have some great practical gladiator and t-strap looks for less, too!


After Church...

I desperately tried to get a good angle on this outfit - alas, it photographs horribly. The expression on my face in the first picture shows my frustration at these pictures. Yes, very irritating to find out an outfit isn't as great as you thought it was.
So yeah, I'm not sure I like this outfit now that I see this picture...makes my thighs look particularly large. But anywho...the vest is new and I thought it was a lot of fun. :-)
Vest - B.B. Peppers - $10.00
Green tank - Kohl's - $3.99
Denim capris - Hydraulic - hand-me-down
Leather wedges - Off Broadway Shoe (B.O.C.) - $19.99
Yellow hoops - B.B. Peppers - $0.50


Green tank top - Kohl's - $4.99
White muslin skirt - Target - hand-me-down
Nude pumps - Target - $6.74
Chain and pearl necklace - Garage sale - $1.00
Pearl earrings - Macy's - gifted



Aqua shirt - Express - thrifted - $3.50
Poppy skirt - J.Crew - $19.99
Espadrilles - Target - $3.74
Metal cuff bracelet - Claires - $1.00

Conference day two, last day:)

pinkish/red wrap Target $19.99
Black dress pants Target $19.99
White canvas peep toes $17.00
White sweater (not shown) gifted


Conference Attire...day one.

Today I got to work a conference from 9am-6pm for my work. I decided for fun I'd take pictures of what I wore and I'll try to take pictures of what I wear tomorrow.Sorry this pic is so far away, I didn't edit it:)
Dress Romy~$12.99
canvas peep toes Kohls ~ I forget...$17 I think
I also really felt like wearing bright red lips. What do you think?
I threw on a cropped sweater to keep a bit warm...sweater from Target $9



Today I went for a walk and cleaned the house so I just wore a tank top, gym shorts, and flip flops. By dinnertime I was very sweaty, still make-up-less, and very grubby! While in this state, my husband decided to take the metro home instead of the train so that I could meet him at the station (closer to town) to pick out a wedding gift for a friend at the mall.

So in the five minutes I had to get ready, I quickly threw on this denim skirt and these wedge sandals. While I waited in the parking lot for my husband, I brushed on some make-up and put my hair in a clip.

All this to say, that 1) I do dress grubby when I feel like it, I just see no reason to post those pictures; and 2) it's easy to go from grubby to cute in no time - so there is never an excuse!

So for those of you who scoff when I wear a skirt on cleaning days, know that I only do that when I feel like it, not every time. And for those of you who say it takes too much effort to get dressed cute - no, it really doesn't. (Now of course that is assuming that my simple outfit really is cute...we're all still learning, right? lol!)

Tank top - J. Crew - $3.99
Denim skirt - Gap - $9.99
Brown leather wedge - Off Broadway Shoes (BOC brand) - $19.99
I had on a brushed gold cuff with this too, but had just taken it off before the pic.


New Haircut

I forgot to note in my haircolor post the color I dyed my hair: Clairol Natural Instinct - Medium Brown/Hazelnut color (I think the number was 28).


I couldn't decide if I liked my outfit today or not. It's cold, rainy and wet out and while I want to look cute, I also want to be warm...so, back came the leggings....and I also dawned the jeans. Which look is best?
I also wanted to point out my updo, I never can seem to keep my hair to stay up in clips and buns until I read the genius post found on the "What I wore today" blog titled "Lazy girls Updo". Of course, why didn't I think of that? Us a pony tail holder then twist and secure with a cute clip or fancy hair stick.

Anyway, to the outfits...ahem
Black v-neck Target $3
colorful neck scarf $12
magenta corduroy skirt Gap ~$10 about four years ago:)
Black leggings Marshalls $6.99
Dark Wash Jeans $19.99
Leopard print flats Target $5



Check out the "Inspirations" section on the left hand side of this blog! We've just added (and will continue adding) a whole list of blogs related to style, fashion, and/or fashion and the stay at home mom. Enjoy!

Black and Yellow

Tunic top H&M ~ I forget how much...$20 maybe?
Capri Leggings $6.99
T-Strap Sandals $11.00