Another Outdoor Concert

So I pretty much wore the same thing...

Pale blue halter - Banana Republic - $6.99
Wide leg jeans - Express - $19.99
Brown leather belt - Gap - $24.50
Red leather wedge - Aerosoles - gifted
Glitzy earrings (unfortunately not pictured) - gifted
Russian Navy nail polish - OPI - $7.50
Cowboy hat - Street vendor at Cabo San Lucas - gifted

I think I should note that my husband picked out my outfit today. I insisted on wearing a sundress, but he insisted that white t-shirt and jeans is best for a country concert. He even picked my earrings.


Green and Navy

After seeing Vanessa's adorable flats that she got from Ann Taylor loft, I had to go today to see if I could find a cute pair. I did! Check out the green shoes and navy bow! So, what do you wear with solid green shoes with navy accents? Jeans I guess? How about this flower skirt? I think I need something fitted and my hair up, or back, or curled, or straightened. Thoughts?
I just came back from dinner with my family. I did opt to wear the white shoes with this skirt. Better?


Well, I finally did it. I bought a pair of flats. Even though I still don't feel pretty in these, I had to buy them...they were only $3.88 at Ann Taylor Loft...and hey, they're even real leather. You can't pass that up.
I'm sure there are much cuter things I could wear with my new flats, but simple was the mood I was in this morning...
Green tank top - Kohl's - $4.99
Brown tank top - J. Crew - $3.99
Khaki pants hemmed into shorts (by me) - Banana Republic - hand-me-down
Metallic leather flats - Ann Taylor Loft - $3.88
Medallion necklace - Target - gifted
Medallion earrings - Target - gifted


In Style

Missi...you are the greatest!!! I just got my first issue of In Style from the subscription you got me! Woohoo!!!

Outdoor Concert

I'm going to a concert tonight and really couldn't figure out what to wear for it because I've never been to a concert before. I'm going to see Ben Folds. Unfortunately, I just had a stomach virus last night and am still recovering today, which means I had to also consider dressing warmer than normal and as comfortable as I could. I was told most people just wear jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops...but...I wanted to do something different.

I saw this red scarf in my closet and couldn't resist...

Of all days to get sick, why did it have to be the night before the concert?

Red scarf - souvenir from the Dominican Republic - gifted
White cami - Bali - $9.99
Wide leg jeans - Express - $19.99
Black leather belt - Kohls - I forget how much it cost
Silver oversized hoops - Target - $1.00

For when it gets chilly I'll add my denim jacket...

Denim jacket - Macys - gifted

Red leather wedge sandals - Aerosoles - gifted

Hopefully my choice isn't too far off what others are wearing tonight. I guess I'll just have to see!


Figleaves sale

Just FYI Figleaves is having a 50% off sale through tomorrow!!

Cleaning Day

I have a lot of work to do today, but need to run to the grocery store for a few things before I get to cleaning. Since I'll be on my hands and knees scrubbing, a skirt by itself wouldn't work, so I added the leggings.

Pink graphic t-shirt - Express - $7.99
Black leggings - Gap - $5.99
Denim frayed skirt - J.Crew - $2.99
Black leather cork wedges - Target - $6.74
Small white gold hoops - Wal-Mart - $19.99


Waves of Envy

I know I posted not that long ago about using Sunsilk's "waves of envy" sea spray. I still use it and love it. Well, I recently just bought the shampoo and conditioner to go with it. Needless to say I do not have naturally wavy hair, but using this shampoo and conditioner on my locks gives me a heck of a lot more wave then I ever had naturally. I LOVE it. It makes my hair soft and full, not to mention more body. If your looking for some cheap shampoo to do some nice stuff with your hair check it out. Or go on their website and order free samples!



Aqua shift dress - Target - $3.74
Pink rhinestone belt - Target - $3.74
Black pumps - Aerosoles - $29.00
Silver hoops - Target - $1.00



Or at least I think that's what you would call these...
Not the most slimming outfit - but it's different, fun, and comfortable.
Jeans - Gap curvy jeans that I hemmed to turn into clamdiggers - $9.99
Pink calico blouse - Gap - $5.99
Brown leather wedges - Target - $6.74
Green jacket - hand-me-down
Pink beads - Kohl's - $1.40


Skirts for Summer

I'm taking Missi's cue and wearing a skirt on this warm, sunny day!

Blue tank top - Kohl's - $3.99
Khaki skirt by Banana Republic - thrifted - $3.00
Denim jacket by Hydraulic - gifted
Brown wedge flip flops - Target - $4.99

Crisp and clean

When ever I wear pure black and white I always feel crisp and clean. Even if my hair isn't done or I'm not wearing makeup *grin* My outfit is bought almost completely at Target.
white jean skirt: Target $10
Black cropped jacket: Target $9
Multi-color top: Target $3
Black canvas peep toes: Kohls $19
Aqua drop earrings: Romy $6


Outfits on Mackinac Island

I was able to snap a couple pics of what I wore on Mackinac Island...

Black shrug - Deb's - $6.99
Paisley chiffon strapless dress - B.Moss - $25
Black tights - gifted
Black pumps - Target - gifted
Pearl earrings - gifted

Mustard cardigan - Target - $6.74
Turquoise t-shirt - hand-me-down
Jeans - Old Navy - $7.99
Black pumps - Target - gifted
Mustard hoops - forget the store - $0.50

Unfortunately, it was hard to really look good on the island since I didn't pack for the 5 mile hike we took, nor for the colder weather...

Luckily Mom had a few things, and I was able to piece together a few things to come up with this perfect hiking outfit (said sarcastically, of course):

hee hee!

My Favorite Dress Again

What I wore for my brother's graduation:

My Jovovich-Hawk Dress from Target with nude heels and my long pearl chain.
Dress - $19.99
Necklace - $1.00
Earrings - gifted
Pumps - $6.74


Cleaning day in my LBD

Today is Monday, which for me means "cleaning and laundry". Normally I do this awesome deed dressed in pj's or icky jeans and t-shirts. I thought I'd change things up a bit and wear my knit LBD and my favorite flats:)
The flats I got at Target a year or so ago and the dress was a Ross special last October.

Not the best pic

I think this picture makes me look like I'm trying to force a double chin or something. Not to mention my odd stance. However, this is a new dress I got at Target on sale, so I thought I'd post my Sunday pic for you all to see:)


I love my fake nails!

Before leaving for my cruise last week, I went with a friend to get a pedicure and manicure. I opted to try fake nails for the first time. Doing the French manicure , as you see. I LOVE them! My nails are perfect and long all the time. lol! Granted, I doubt I'll keep them, since the cost would get to me after awhile, but I defiantly recommend for special occasions or times when you'd love to just have great looking nails 24/7.



Seersucker red jacket - Deb's - $4.50
Yellow and silver graphic t-shirt - Express - $4.50
Silver belt - Target - $3.74
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Brown leather chunky heels - Aerosoles - $29.00
Silver toned big hoops - Target - $1.00

White eyeliner. Can you tell?

This isn't a great self portrait, and I didn't spend more then 2min doing my makeup...but still. Can you tell I'm wearing white eyeliner? I think you can tell in person and I think it looks good! lol! I feel like it really opens up my eyes and makes my lashes look super dark.

I'm wearing a bit of bronzer, clear lip gloss, black mascara and white eyeliner:)


I'm Not the Only One

Just had to say that I just found this site: http://bohememusings.blogspot.com/ which, if you scroll down to her May 1st post, posted the same dress I posted on April 30, and also decided to pair it with dark wooly stockings and nude colored pumps. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who liked the look.


I have been looking for nice, colorful eyeliner for a good price...and I found it. Check out N.Y.C. and Wet n Wild for super great prices on fun colors for summer!


A few pics of "What I wore" while on my cruise last week

White tank top ~ Romy
Cream linen top ~ Charlette Russe
White jean skirt ~ Target
Canvas wedges ~ Payless

Wrap dress ~ Target
Black halter swim suit ~ Macy's
Flip Flops ~ Target
Yellow bag ~ Kohls

Green shirt and Shorts ~ Old Navy
Canvas wedges ~ Payless

White tank ~ Romy
Black Tshirt ~ Target
White sweater ~ I think I took it from Nic long ago or Mom maybe?
Multi-color skirt ~ Kohls
Canvas wedges ~ Payless
Sunglasses in all pics ~ Anna's shop (I don't remember the name of it.)

2008 Met Costume Gala

Did any one get a chance to see our society's fashion icons walk down the red carpet for the Costume Gala last week? I saw a few reruns and got a kick out of some of the looks. Here are a few pictures for you all to gawk at:

Don't you love the pink heels with this silver minidress?! Diane definitely had one of my most favorite looks.

Eva looks like a flamenco dancer.

Giselle looks a little too much like a giraffe here, but good grief, she's Giselle, so she's beautiful.

J. Lo looking so good so soon after having twins!

I don't like the length of Scarlett's dress. For some reason her feet look too big to me.

So old Hollywood style glamour on Naomi!

The red dress with cobalt blue shoes definitely looks "costume."

Beyonce wearing my absolute favorite color! And I love organza, too! So romantic!

This dress looks too much like what Jennifer Garner wore to the Oscars.

Check out more pictures online - Eva Mendes, Kristen Davis, Kirsten Dunst...are just a few that I don't have pictured here.

Swing top with skinny jeans

Vera Wang swing top - Kohl's - gifted
Black shrug - Deb's - $5.99
Skinny jeans - Express - $19.99
Black pumps - Target - gifted
Medallion earrings (not shown) - Target - gifted


The Side Pony

I love seeing that a side ponytail is now being worn soft. It looked ridiculous when I wore it up high and tight in the 80's, but now it really is romantic. The softer look has been trendy for the past few seasons now, but I'm only just trying it myself. I think I'd have to really perfect the technique if I were to ever wear my hair like this to an event, but for running some errands and taking CJ to the doctor this afternoon - this will have to do.
Fuschia graphic t-shirt - American Eagle - gifted
Z.Co jeans - Macys - $4.99
Brown leather wedge peep toes - Target - $6.74
Pink shell earrings - Claire's - gifted

Oops - almost forgot the necklace!
Teal beads - Kohl's - $0.90

Just a Thought

This past weekend I was working a booth at a conference with my Mother. After a while we started to guess at who would actually buy our product and who might not have the money. One lady walked by with a cute pair of white jeans, a spring green jacket, and nude sandals. Her hair was a fun, stylish cut, and she was wearing silver earrings and makeup. Mom and I immediately told each other that she had the money and we should make our pitch to her. To our surprise, she claimed she didn't have the money and ended up opting for a payment plan to buy our product.

Later, a very dowdy looking woman with what looked like a pair of 30 year old black jeans, a ratty t-shirt, tennis shoes, and a little too much facial hair for a woman stopped by our booth. We quickly explained to her that she could use a payment plan to buy our product, but the woman was not interested. She instead bought our most expensive product and later told us that she was an attorney.

It struck me that the way we dress can make people think you are either rich or poor. One woman was probably well-off, and yet, she looked poor. Another woman looked well-off, but didn't seem to have any money. Whether each woman really was rich or poor is not really the issue here.

I'm sure you can all surmise for yourselves what I'm getting at.



Black print tunic - H&M - $5.00
Black leggings - Gap - $5.99
Black leather cork wedge sandals - Target - $6.74
Silver hoops - Target - $1.00