Warming Up a Spring Dress

I love this dress! It's probably my most favorite dress of all the dresses I've ever owned! I love how it swirls, how parts of it are sheer, and how the buttons look like little crystals!

Unfortunately, it's a bit too cold out to wear it just by itself, so I added the tights and some accessories to warm it up . Not too sure if I'm going to wear the brown wedges with the belt or the nude pumps yet. Let me know what you think (belt or no belt)!

For more looks with colored tights and springy dresses check it out here.

Jovovich-Hawk dress - Target - $19.99
Teal crochet tights - Target - $5.99
Teal beaded necklace and earring set - Kohl's - $1.40

Trying it with a brown leather belt and brown leather wedge sandals (belt from Gap long ago), sandals from Target ($6.24)
Adding the bronze sparkly clutch (H&M - gifted)

Trying it with nude peep toe platform pumps (Target -$3.74)

Since I'm going to be wearing it tonight, I had to see if it matched my Nordstroms winter white wool coat (gifted).


No Reason To Dress Up

Hanging around the house day...
Silver headband - Family Dollar - $1.00
White gold hoops - Wal-Mart - $20.00
Pale yellow t-shirt with silver graphic print - Express - $4.50
Jou Jou jeans - Ross - $17.00
Girl's LA Gear brown suede velcro sneakers - JCPenney - $15.00



Black wrap dress ~ Target
Cream Cami ~ Romy
Necklace ~ gifted from New Mexico gift shop:)
Black canvas peep toe shoes ~ not shown ~ Kohls

Boots and Big Hair for a Rainy Day

Beaded silver headband - Claire's - gifted
Gray cable knit sweater - Target - $3.74
Hydraulic denim jacket - Macys - gifted
Pink cz belt - Target - $3.74
Paris blue jeans - Kohls - $11.60
Pink cz earrings - Wal-Mart - $0.75
Teal big beaded necklace - Kohls - $0.90
Black suede knee high wedge boots - JCPenney - $9.99
Want to go green with your hairdo and save on heat (blow dryer and curling iron or straightener) and yet still end up with something that looks stylish? Try a teased-up-messy pony.

A Cheap Alternative to Face Cloths

Back in June (6/8/07), I posted about drugstore finds, one of which being face wipes that I could use to wash my face one handed while holding CJ. I have been pretty consistent in buying these, but have lately found a cheaper alternative...

Since I tend to change CJ's diaper everywhere now, I always have his baby wipes with me. When I ran out of my regular face wipes, I decided to use his until I got some new ones. I actually found that I liked the results of using his baby wipes more than the face cloths! Baby wipes are super cheap and do just as good (if not better in my case) job than the face cloths.


Floral Dress

Blue floral dress - Kohls - $7.20
White cami - I forget
Nude pumps - Target - $3.74
Pink beads - Kohls - $1.60
Pearl earrings - gifted

The lime green bag added.

Red Prada Shirt

Red shirt by Prada - hand me down
Beads - thrifted for $1.00
Express wide leg jeans - $19.99
Black belt - Kohls - $7.00
Pearl earrings - gifted
5" inch red platform sandals - gifted (Sorry, they aren't pictured - but you'll probably see them with another outfit later)


Dressed Up Shorts

Fatigue Green shorts - J.Crew (off Ebay) - $5.00
Pale blue halter - Banana Republic - $6.00
Pale blue headband - Goody - $0.99
Golden yellow cardigan - Target - $6.24
Golden yellow hoops - Salt-n-Peppa - $0.50
Lime green bag - JCPenney - $5.97
Beaded espadrille wedge - Target - $3.74


What I wore today while running errands

My clothes:
GLO Jeans - $19.99
Green Merona t-shirt - $7.99
Gap Pale Green Cardigan - (bought to long ago to remember)
Eddie Bauer brown belt - (bought to long ago to remember)
Brown Dansko clogs - $99 (over five years ago)
"M" necklace - gift
My make-up:
A little blush
A little black mascara

My Hair:
Sunsilk "Waves of Envy" Spray
A little curling iron touch up to add more waves
Jade laughed at me while I took the pictures of myself, and when I was finished she stood still and pointed at the camera for me to take her picture. So here you go:)


Pink and Brown

Two of my favorite colors: pink and brown.

Kohl's SO pink tank top - $3
J. Crew brown tank top - $4
American Eagle skirt - bought so long ago I forget how much
Target Brown wedge flip flops - $5
Macy's beaded necklace - $5
Claire's pink shell earrings - gifted


My new bag!

I'm so excited, I just got home from shopping at Kohl's and I'm sporting not one, but two new handbags! They were having a buy one get one free sale, and though I normally don't spend as much as I did on one bag, I figured since I'm getting two it was totally worth it.

I have been searching for a buttercup yellow handbag in my price range for a very long time. This one is such a pretty buttery yellow and though it is made out of some kind of synthetic the material is so soft it makes you just want to hug the bag all day. It also came with a matching cosmetic case and a cute mini umbrella.

The great thing about this bag is it large enough to hold a few extra diapers, a baby bottle or other little baby things, as well as my wallet and keys (and whatever else I may need) and it is a wonderful spring color that will go with almost everything.

The other bag will make a fabulous bag for when I need a burst of color or just need to be holding something red. *grin* I love the side pockets I think they will come in very handy. It will also be a great bag to take me through the fall and winter. *sigh* Can you tell I am excited? I rarely buy new handbags since the nice ones really do cost a lot.

At any rate, if you are in need of a new bag check out Kohl's and their buy one get one free sale. They also have winter bags on sale for 90% off! Many of which were super cute!!

Something New

Fashionistas are making "what I wore blogs" popular now. Girls all over the world take pictures of their outfits for the day and post them. I find that I'm becoming addicted to these blogs for a variety of reasons...It helps give me ideas of what everyday people are wearing everyday. It helps me to see how styles are worn in a practical way. It gives me ideas on how I can achieve that look (if it's one I like). It helps me appreciate normal looking women instead of the stick thin models that I look at to view whether I like or dislike an outfit.

So here's to embracing the "average" woman and finding your very own style within your very own budget:

SO top from Kohls - on sale for $4.90

Z.Co jeans from Macys - on sale for $4.99

Ambiance red cami - off Ebay $0.99

What's What red suede pumps by Aerosoles and from Aerosoles outlet for $29.00

Venetian glass earrings from Venice - gifted


Spring Trends 2008

It's time to go over the list of "must-have trends" for Spring...

(Unless otherwise noted, all these pieces I found at Target.com)

The trenchcoat $69.99:

The classic shirtdress $24.99:

Something sheer $39.99:

Safari inspired styles $22.99 from Old Navy:

Anything with a full-skirt $39.99:

Goddess looks $39.99:

High-waisted pants $34.99:

High-waisted skirts $34.99:

Something global-inspired $5.99 from Old Navy:

A smart blazer $24.99:

Brights $49.99:

Cocktail shorts $17.99 (these go with the blazer):


Florals are hot $39.99:

This list is my "much cheaper" version of In Style's list of Spring 2008 trends. To recap:



Cocktail shorts










Have fun shopping!


Cute summer pants

Only $17.99 at Old Navy. I'm trying to shop around for some crisp, cool looking slacks for summer.


All things JCrew today ~ Summer wish list

This summer I'd love to have a well stocked closet, full of easy pieces that are both practical and pretty. First and most important I'd love to have tons of colorful t-shirts. Short sleeved, well fitted, very comfy. That's what I want.Second. Very casual dresses (or at least one). A nice summer dress that I can wear while cleaning the house or running to the grocery store.
Third, but probably more on my 6th or 7th list in importance. A cute sun dress. Not practical per say, but super cute and fun to wear.
A-line straight skits. Most flattering for my figure and in colors that say "I'm having fun! Are you?"
At least one pair of shorts that I feel I can wear with anything. T-shirts or nice blouses.
super casual, comfy pants. Great for warm summer days when I don't feel like shaving my legs *wink*. I'd also love to find a pair that would look good with both flats and heels. Is that possible?
Comfy, wedge sandals. In a neutral color to go with everything.
One (pale) yellow, every day bag. Big enough to hold all my things, plus a diaper and wipes. I don't want it to look like a diaper bag, but I basically want it to be able to hold as much as a diaper bag can.

And that's all for now:)


What I'm trying now

I just bought Sunsilk's waves of envy sea spray. It boasts "tousled, texturized, beach waves" on the label.

I tried this product out this morning on dry, un-styled hair. I can't say that I have "beach waves" right now, but I do have tousled hair and some texture (at least for my stick, straight, strands) and my hair feels creamy soft. I'm not sure if that's from the spray, or it's just a really good hair day, but I'm thinking the spray has something to do with it.

At any rate, for $3 I feel as though I smell of summer and even though I'm sporting just jeans and a sweat shirt, knowing I tried a new product in my hair, makes me feel styled and put together:)

I'm looking forward to using this more with different styles and see what it does when sprayed on damp hair (like the label recommends).