Anything But Gloomy

Add some sunshine to a rainy day with one of these fashionable umbrellas!

April Showers...

It's April and time to bring out the raincoats and the umbrellas. This season is all about the trench coat. There are several fun versions of the trench, but my favorite is the variety of colors they come in now. The brighter the color, the more fashionable it is!

Raining and gloomy outside? Brighten your surroundings by wearing a trench coat in one of the colors of the rainbow!

The Perfect Yoga Pant

For as little as $20 you can own the perfect yoga pants. Victoria's Secret foldover yoga pants are the most flattering pair of yoga pants for any body type that you can find for the price. Lightweight enough for summer, and enough coverage for winter, these pants come in a variety of colors and also in short and long lengths to suit every taste and size. Whether you're lounging around the house, or working out at the gym - do it with panache with these classy pants.

Nioxin Volumizer

Recently, I read somewhere to try Nioxin volumizing and texturizing creme. I decided to give it a shot and am now hooked! I just rub a dab in my hair right after the shower for immediate volume and texture. It lasts all day long and is shiny too! You can get it at any salon and some drugstores for about $13. It's worth every penny.


Bra and Panty sale at Figleaves!

Just an FYI to those in need of some new bra and panties (or swimwear, etc). Figleaves.com is having an "Up to 50% off" sale for Easter. I just got myself a pretty little something:)

p.s. They also have a super pretty nursing bra on sale for a great price. So any Moms out there nursing and in need of something pretty, you defiantly should get it!


Affordable dresses

I went to Target this Sunday in search of tiny white Easter shoes for my daughter. I left with Easter shoes for my daughter...but also a dress for me (the shoes were on sale for 8.99 btw, so cute!).
While there I tried on almost every single spring dress they had out. I loved almost all of them but ended up going for this adorable little jersey number since I figured I'd get more "every day" use out of it.
It's comfortable, soft, cute, easy to wear and only $29.99. It's big for the size though, so you may want to try it on before buying.
Check out their website for many more adorable, affordable, dresses!


Bikini's and bathing suits for sale!

I know not everyone is a Victoria's Secret fan, but every now and then I find some really great, cheap, sexy little deals that are just to good to pass up. Like this sexy little bikini for only $9.99 for the top and $8.99 for the bottoms! They have a few different style bottoms that are super cute that match this as well.

They are also having some really good sales on panties! Well...actually they are just having a lot of sales right now. If you are a VS girl, check out their website soon, before all the sizes are gone!


J.Crew for Less

Recently I've been pouring over J.Crew catalogs and lamenting the fact that I can't afford their chino shorts, and cute little summer dresses...that is until I found that Ebay has almost everything for less than a third of the price. Apparently, they sell their overstock and discontinued colors for dirt cheap to retailers on Ebay. I just bought an originally $295 dress from J.Crew, new with tags, off Ebay for only $49.99. Not a bad deal.

You all might want to check it out.