I look horrible in Aviator sunglasses, which is the only reason I haven't bought every single adorable pair I have found. Regardless of how they frame my face or not, I REALLY, REALLY want a pair.
I think I found a pair I am willing to buy. $9.50 at Old Navy. Later dudes


Well, hello little pretty...

Spring is in the air...spring is every where....er...maybe not where I am living right now, however it is on www.Bluefly.com. 55% off this sweater and 40% off most spring knits. The cost of this adorable "CeCe" light pink cotton knit lantern sleeve wrap sweater is only $59.00 *sigh* If only.


A little Fashion from Oscars night

Hello my friends. In no real order I have some of my favs (and not so favs) from last nights fashion show.
Penelope here, had on a gown with so many feather accents, I couldn't really get into the whole ensemble, however, I LOVED her hair. It was poofed back and then long and dramatic down her back. I loved all the different dark colors you could see in her hair...for me, it was SO pretty.
My favorite thing about Nicole's outfit is her necklace. After seeing boring outfit, after boring outfit walk down the run way I thought "finally, a boring black dress with some drama!" While the necklace may be over the top, for the Oscars I think it was absolutely perfect!
Marion really does look like a mermaid in this outfit, complete with the wavy curls falling over her shoulder. I thought the dress was very stunning.
I like Keri Russel, I'd like her even more if she would stand up straight for pictures. Her gown was flattering and her necklace gorgeous. I like that she avoided the red and black that was everywhere on the red carpet this year.
Boring. There was SO many "over one shoulder" gowns. Why? Is it that flattering? At least the getup shows off her adorable figure really well, I think it was a very flattering choice, just wish she went a little more over the top.
Such a pretty color for Alba! I love her in purple. Hate the feather. But what are you gonna do?
For some reason I couldn't stop looking at Jennifer. Her jewelry and hair and makeup was perfect! Her eyes were so dark! The dress was cool in that the material and details were amazing. If you are gonna do black, I think it's smart to give it some flair. (did I say that already?)
Again an off the shoulder gown, and black. Blah. But I love Hillary so she has to be seen here. Her smile is so huge and so happy...she really is a pretty lady.
And now...my favorite gown of the night! Watching her walk in it and see how it moved was very dramatic. I loved the crystal looking lace sleeves, they were amazing. Very age appropriate without looking "old". I LOVED her gown!
Hey, hey Heidi! Cute dress...you look like a Barbi!
I wish Cate's dress covered her shoes. I think fancy dresses should touch the floor. But perhaps she got fitted before her belly got bigger? (jk) Regardless I thought she looked very pretty with her wispy hair and the pretty color of her frock.
I loved the details on this dress. It does look a little blah, but I think Cameron likes to do simple. The details were fun and kept you looking.
I forgot why I have a picture of Anne. To make fun of her maybe? There is a very home town beauty queen look about her. With what appears to be a band of flowers placed over her shoulders. All she needs is a beauty queen crown.
Amy, Amy. Love your dress, boring color though. Is it green? Is it black? Love your tiny mesh purse with nothing in it! Loved you in Enchated, will probably love you forever now.
And I think that is all folks.


What I want!

I want summer sun dresses for every day...that cost less then $50! Here are a few I found.Gap $49.50
American Eagle Outfitters $39.50

Newport News on sale for $39.00

Old Navy $24.50


The Grammy Awards 2008

Here are a few favorite or not so favorite dresses from the grammys...

Keyshia looks fun and flirty in her little black frock.

Natasha's waist looks super tiny in her wide-belted gown.

Nelly is looking beautifully grecian goddess. Hate her hair, but the dress is fabulous.

I was disappointed in Rhianna. Too many frills for my taste, but the color is great.

Taylor Swift looks super feminine in this graceful gown.

I absolutely hate her hair, but Alicia's dress is simply stunning.

Are you noticing this deep blue trend?

Carrie looks a little too cheap in this. The print on the dress just doesn't seem dressy enough--in aqua or yellow, I would have loved this dress. But she is gorgeous as always.

I don't know what happened here, but it was a big mistake.

Faith Hil looks classic.

Fergie hit the nail on the head in this dress. New, fresh, young, feminine, and well - it's just cool.



I was just out shopping yesterday, and like usual I stopped into our local Romy to see if they had anything new. They did. A few new silk tops, some new skirts, knit blouses, etc. I had to try on a whole bunch of outfits to see how lovely they would all look on me. I ended up walking out with an adorable little dress for under $14! What I love about Romy is even at full price, their pieces really aren't that expensive, and they are ALWAYS having great sales that knock prices down by at least half, if not more.

You can't shop online for their clothes yet, but if you have one in your local mall you really should check it out.


Three steps to better skin

I have fairly good skin. Not to oily, not to dry. I rarely break out, just have a few redder spots on my face that I don't care to much for...and therefore try to cover with makeup. But overall...I have good skin. This being the case, you'd think I wouldn't have any trouble finding a light foundation to compliment my complexion and allow my make-up to last longer then two hours.
Yet, with each new foundation product that I try, NOTHING seems to work right. Mostly, my issue has been odd discoloration the foundation has done to my skin. Splotchy skin, after applying foundation, should NOT be happening.

So last week (or was it the week before) I decided to talk with a Clinique rep about my foundation issues. The gal was so sweet and so helpful. She sat me down to give me a full make over starting with "cleaning your skin". She said that the key to a good foundation, is to first have good skin underneath. Even though my skin my look nice and healthy (and clean) there is a lot happening there that my naked eye can't see.

1. Wash your face. Use a mild soap (you don't have to buy the fabulous facial soap that Clinique sells for $14.50...though I did, and I LOVE it). After you wash and rinse, make sure your skin really is clean by wiping your face with a damp cotton ball...if the cotton ball comes off clean...move on to step 2.

2. Exfoliate. Exfoliate with a clarifying lotion. Clinique's sells for $11.00 and your whole face kind of tingles after you apply this. Making you feel like you really are cleaning and exfoliating your skin.

3. Moisturize. I always have moisturized, I love putting on face lotion and feeling how soft my skin is. I just never realized that the moisturizer can't really do it's job if you have lots of grim on your skin to begin with . You can of course spend the $23.00 to buy Clinique's "Dramatically different moisturizing lotion or gel" (which, of course, I did)...but I'm sure you could find something just as effective for a LOT cheaper.

At any rate, I'm sure I'm one of the last girls on the planet to try Clinique's fabulous three steps to better skin plan, but for the very few of you who haven't...you really should start up this very simple, very easy, skin care plan. Everyone wants healthier skin right? I for one sure do and I'm loving how my face feels and how fabulous my foundation goes on (yes, I did buy their foundation as well...SO nice...oh, and a foundation brush...marvelous!).

Happy skin day!


2008 SAG Awards

None of these pictures are really in order, but here is my take on who looked good, and who didn't...

Ellen, if you're going to wear a little black dress for the Red Carpet, please make it more fun and interesting (like Rebecca's)!!

Jamie Sigler looked fresh and clean in this simple two-toned gown. Great color for her skin tone--she just looked radiant!

Vanessa looks young and flirty in her take on the "two-toned" gown. The tan lines are not very chic, though.

Wish I had a better picture for Amanda. I think she's beautiful. Her hair and dress were the most romantic look that I saw on the Red Carpet.

Angie, I know you're stressed with having to raise all those children, but why oh why could you not take the time to clean Pax's barf off your dress before you walked the Red Carpet?

Ellen looked very statuesque and regal in her shiny dress. I think she needed something bright on her face, though. She looks a little too mousy.

Simple and elegant is always my favorite look on the red carpet, so Marion made it to my top 5 list.

I think America needed to pick a different color for her dress, but I love the cut and lines. The color, however, is definitely something my Great Grandma would wear. I think we saw a little too much silver and gray on the Red Carpet.

Speaking of silver and gray...yikes, what happened here?

Kate's hippy look just didn't do anything for me.

The color of Jenna's dress is beautiful, but those lines on her shoulders make her shoulders look particularly droopy. I thought Jenna would learn from her last Red Carpet walk, but apparently her stylist has some issues.

Men wearing costumes on the Red Carpet is just tacky. What were your favorites on the Red Carpet this year?