For the Christmas Party

For those of us who would rather buy one holiday outfit for the two or three Christmas parties we're going to, here are a few ideas to either dress up, dress down, modernize, or add spice to that classic little-black-dress.

In Style had exactly the pictures I was looking for to show how to update your black dress in several different ways...

Satin fabrics in jewel tones accentuate and brighten. They add pizzazz without making your look too formal.

Bow embellished high heels are a simple, but elegant way to spice up your ensemble.

Bejeweled bags or clutches take your style up a notch for instant glamour.

Black and gold acecssories are classics that look good every holiday season.

Bold jewelry is a must for the 2007 holiday season if your dress has no embellishment.

A very romantic trend for the 2007 holiday season are pearl accessories.

So tell us - how are you wearing your black dress this holiday season?


Stripes on me

I love stripes, when it comes to clothes. I love the nautical appeal, the casual, effortless style that stripes afford. They are crisp, clean, bold, sharp. I can't say enough of how much I love and adore stripes. However, a horizontal striped shirt looks horrible on me. Yes, I still wear them, but when I see a picture or take time to stare at the mirror and judge...I realize a nice solid top would do so much better for my figure.

While scanning a magazine the other day, however, I found my solution to wearing stripes without adding 10 pounds to my frame. Striped scarves!!!

I wish I had a pic of the one I saw in the magazine, thin, red stripes. A long, lean scarf. So cute! Anyway, just had to post about my love of stripes and how excited I am about realizing a new way to wear them:)