Tips on for what is...or rather, what should not be seen

It seems all we women have trouble finding the perfect bra. Either it doesn't fit right, it wears out too fast, or it provides too little or too much coverage! Here are a few inexpensive easy solutions:

To hide those straps without buying a specialty bra, try the "strapper."

For a bra that does not provide enough coverage, try this.

Women with petite shoulders, who find their bra straps always slide off their shoulders, use "happy straps."

Another trick to keep those straps on is to use the "shoulder strap." The shoulder strap doubles as a shoulder pad, so that there are no unseemly creases on your shoulders that show up under t-shirts.

If your back has broadened due to weight gain or pregnancy, before trying the next bra size up, try using a "bra extender" first.

And to get the longest life out of your bra, use the "bra baby."

For a cheaper way to safely launder your bra, use an old fashioned lingerie bag. The bra baby is best suited to molded cup bras, whereas the lingerie bag is fine for sports bras or unlined bras.

If any of you have more ideas on how to get just the right fit, wear, and coverage, leave a comment - I'd love to try your ideas!


A few tips...

  • Now is a great time to get incredible steals on summer clothes for next year. It's fall now so stores are wanting to get rid of all their summer inventory. Why not think ahead and save money!
  • Old Navy has their "Diva" jeans on sale for $6.97! I tried a pair on and am hooked...you can't beat the price, and the cut is fabulous!
  • Remember not to skimp on layering pieces. While it may seem boring to buy a cami, tank, or opaque tights, small pieces can do wonders to your overall look and they go with everything...not to mention the fact that they add an additional touch of flair and usually even modesty!
  • To add the "fall" look to your summer wardrobe, just add tights and boots to that summer dress, or a funky scarf and hat to the jeans and tee, and you'll be stylin'!
  • Two short, busty moms (you'll never guess who) went shopping this past week and discovered that no matter how cute a tunic is with an empire waist and pleats under the bust, or how cute a trapeze top is with yards of fabric, it should never be worn by a buxom woman who is not pregnant--stick to straighter, tailored lines and fewer ruffles!!