For healthy eyes, skin, and bones...

For the past several months I have been taking a dietary supplement of cod liver oil, which is known to promote healthy eyes, skin, and bones (as prescribed by my mother).
I have not really noticed any benefit to taking it until yesterday after I had stopped taking it for two days. Unfortunately, yesterday, I ended up with a zit on my face. Something I have not had to deal with since taking cod liver oil. Needless to say, I have resumed taking it today, but thought I'd recommend it to everyone else out there who doesn't have time for a fancy skin care regime. Just swallow a few cod liver oil tablets every morning and healthier skin should start to develop!

For more on the benefits of cod liver oil, check out what Wikipedia has to say.


Just a few simple things

I have been trying to come up with an alternative to the casual tee shirt look I wear almost every day. I think I just found my solution. Simple, casual, clean, kept looking. That is what I want.On a different note, I love the way Temperance Brennan dresses in the show "Bones" Mostly I just love the fact she is almost always wearing a striking piece of jewelry.
I found this top on Banana republic, I don't thick my body shape would work well with all the folds of fabric, but I thought it was really cute.
Cute flats are all I want right now.


A few I liked...More on the Emmys

I wasn't to thrilled with the gowns on the red carpet, but there were a few accessories and some dresses that caught my eye. For starters I LOVE the hair on Anna Piquin. I think the off the shoulder gown is adorable on her, and I like how she doesn't sport dangling earrings or a necklace (just two beautiful bracelets) and it looks perfect.I am a bit of a Jennifer Morrison fan, even though she can be a bit annoying on "House". Her gown is blah on her, though creative. Perhaps if she had more of a figure I would like it better. Again, what caught my eye is her old Hollywood hair do.
I never did get a frontal view of Gayheart's dress, but this picture of her is very elegant. I like the navy blue.
To be honest, I have no clue who this women is and I do not like the white top she is wearing with this skirt. Perhaps if this were a complete black dress...maybe with a heart shaped, neckline (no sleeves), perhaps I would like. I posted this picture solely for the skirt, I LOVE the skirt.

The 2007 Emmy Awards

A great fashion event like the Emmy Awards can't go unnoticed by we Moms. =)

So here are a few random notes of my observations...

First of all, I thought there was too much red. Kate Walsh, Ali Larter, Heidi Klum, Lisa Edelstein, and Mary Louise-Parker all wore red. Good grief, such a bold color should come in small doses.

Vanessa Williams looked like a peacock. For real.

Katherine Heigl looked very statuesque and elegant, as always.
Marcia Cross should have been wearing diamonds on her ears instead of her hips.
Olivia Wilde's dress was pretty, but I could do without the wrap thingy around her arms (supposed to be drooping sleeves, but a little too droopy for my taste).
Sandra Oh personified the look of "simple," and made me wish my "simple" was just as romantic.
Teri Hatcher looked pretty in pink, but I would have preferred this dress with a softer empire waist, instead of these rigid lines.
Ali Larter is being praised for her frock, but I seriously think she looks like she is wearing a sack. I understand those of you who thinks this look is pretty, it's just not something I would choose to wear off the beach.

Christina Aguilera looks like she is going to her first prom.
Hayden Panettiere looks like she is hiding a baby bump.
Heidi Klum looks sexy and sophisticated as always, but I particularly love her hair.
Helen Mirren should have covered her arms a little more, but I love the color she picked.
All in all, it was a glamorous night, and everyone was stunning.
I'd love to hear your thoughts, though. Which gown was your favorite?

Clean Out Your Closet

I found myself quite disturbed the other day when trying to pick an outfit for going out to dinner. It seemed that every thing I pulled out of my closet either looked bad on me, didn't fit, or needed to be mended. After several minutes of searching for just the right outfit, I decided to purge my closet.

Piles of clothes later, I finally had a much neater, albeit smaller closet full of clothes. I boxed up the old piles, and returned to achieve the impossible: find something to wear. Much to my surprise, I felt like I had a lot more outfits than I had before. Now, everything in my closet fit, looked good, and was in great condition. Anything I would pull out now would be great, and there wasn't just one outfit, there were several.

For those of you who feel like you have nothing to wear, cleanse your closet and you may find that you have a whole lot more than you think.


Bridging the Gap

I hate doing this, but another fashion site has so much good advice for how to transition from summer to fall, that I can't help but just add someone else's thoughts here instead of being original. Visit http://www.youlookfab.com/ for excellent ideas on how to turn your summer clothes into fall's latest fashions.

As for my own thoughts, here are a few cute ideas for fall: What makes this outfit strike my fancy? This ensemble by J.Crew is great because they've taken some very classic pieces that we probably all already have, and put them together for an updated look that is a great crossover outfit for fall. Just grab a jacket, khakis, button down, v-neck sweater, and a long necklace and you'll be stylin' for fall.
I like how Old Navy created this look using almost all summer pieces, and yet it will still work for fall. Instead of leaving the sleeveless tunic, they added a jacket. Instead of a sandal, a closed toe flat. To dress up the look, they added a belt. Now how cute is that?
I just think this is a stylish (and well-priced at $24.99) crossover piece from Target. If it is too cold, wear a long sleeved tee underneath. If it is still warm enough to wear solo, dress it up with a wide belt. Wear it over a shift dress, or with jeans, and with just about any color and for any season...it will go with just about anything.


More on Gray...

Just a quick post here...this weekend I tried on this gray top at Target ($19.99) I didn't think it was going to be a very flattering fit on my short frame (er...torso), but it was actually very flattering. For a cute, fall, gray sweater, you should check it out. It also comes in a few other colors as well