Coming Up for Fall...

Purple and grey are the "it" colors, taking center stage this fall. Deeper shades of purple work, like the color on this Isaac Mizrahi dress from Target, but the brighter 80's shade is going to be the most fashionable.

From suits, tights, to tops and dresses, grey is showing up everywhere. For a brighter, feminine look, opt for something with a bit more of a silver or shimmery shade like the dress pictured below.
Animal print is always classic, but will be one of the trademarks of this season. I suggest using it as an accessory (belt, purse, shoe). These ballet flats are only $15 at Target.
Menswear-turned-ladies-wear is also very fashionable for this season, manifesting itself in shoes, shirts, vests, and trousers. The oxford, menswear style heels pictured below are appearing to be the most popular pick for the menswear look.

The ensemble pictured below is what In Style suggests for the "menswear" look.
Patent leather is showing up everywhere now, too. Not just in purses and shoes mind you. Pictured below is a Nordstrom's patent leather coat/dress. A little patent leather in any color will instantly update your look for the season.
Have fun fall shopping! I'll be posting some more ideas later.


Try a bit of color

Red lips are back this season and I just love it! Not that I'm a red lipstick wearing mom...but there are days when the only look to properly suit me is dark eyeliner and red lips. I love the look of red lips with a clean, fresh, face. Natural eyes, a touch of mascara and just a pinch of pink on the cheeks.
I don't care much for the dress, but I love her hair and makeup
Loved the dress:)
If you've never done red lipstick before, I think this is the fall to try it. Come on ladies, have some fun!


Updo's for fall

I hear nice soft updo's are going to be pretty popular this fall. Messy, smooth, anything can go. Especially if you pair your nice updo with a fun accessory, such as an...
...adorable hat:)
Have fun with your headbands too! In the fall I am always more inspired to wear reds, yellows and orange colors. I wonder why?
I don't care for this up do, but the headband is adorable.
Hope you girls have fun with your hair styles this fall! Try out new looks and if it fails...plop on an adorable hat:)


Like it?

I have mixed emotions concerning the Fall trend of the cropped jacket. I can't decide if I think it is totally adorable or a piece that should only be worn by expecting mothers. If worn wrong, you can really look...dowdy.I think a lot depends on the cut, and there are many styles out there for sure. I personally love the white jacket above worn by Christina Ricci. It's clean, crisp and looks great with those skinny jeans (which I normally hate).A similar cut with a heavier material is this navy blue beauty. I like how the sleeves and the length of the jacket fall at the same spot giving this jacket more of an old fashion wrap feel.

This casual jacket is my favorite. I love the flattering length of the sleeves, especially with a tight long sleeve underneath and the empire cut is very flattering.

What do you think of this jacket? Do you like it?


The Look of Colored Tights

As per your request, here is what I think about colored tights. . .

First of all, I, myself, am not brave enough to don such a trendy look, and think that a bright color on my short and stout legs would only make me look that much shorter and wider. However, for those of you with long, shapely legs, there is nothing cuter and more fun than adding a splash of color to a regular outfit.

I dislike some of the more radical ways of wearing this look, but was impressed by the way one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, has implemented the look:

These subtle colors add dimension to an otherwise plain dress, and look very rich and feminine.
I like how these models do not wear shoes that match their tights exactly, but pick another subtle color that is either found elsewhere on the model, or an accent color. If you try to match too carefully, there will just be too much of one color. Breaking up the colors keeps the look fresh and young.
For those of us a little more shy of the look, try wearing them under a pair of trousers. A little color peeping out underneath the pant leg, makes regular office wear a bit more exciting.


The Look of Leggings

I know many of us don't want to re-live the eighties, but come on, all fashions are just a redo of the past. So we might as well bring out the old, as long as we pick and choose the best from what is there. The look of leggings is back with a vengeance, and really isn't as bad as it used to be. Now they're being worn under romantic, flowy dresses, tunics with hipster belts, or empire waisted tunic tops that are very figure flattering and feminine. As you've probably already noticed, the more adventurous and younger crowd are wearing them under jean miniskirts and even city shorts.

Before you scoff at all the 80's nostalgia, realize that out of all the fads that are out there right now, the leggings are probably the most figure flattering for every shape than anything else, and think again.

Now not just any pair will do. I'm not a fan of the sheer leggings, as that looks a little too ballet for everyday wear for me. I also don't like the lace or textured leggings either, because that just attracts too much attention to your legs and makes you look more like an animal with spots than anything else.

But you can't go wrong with a pair of classic, opaque, black leggings. Hides cellulite and gives you a bit more modesty for those short summer dresses you've been wearing this season; as well as accentuates a slim part of your body, while allowing you to wear something billowy on top to camoflouge the rear and tummy area.Not to mention, leggings are one of the cheapest ways to put you on the "most fashionable" list. So what the heck...go spend $10-$18 and buy a pair of leggings.