Eyes and Legs

My girlfriend recommended for me to try "CoverGirl" Lash Exact mascara recently. I've seen many commercials now for simualar mascara wands that boast longer, clump free lashes due to the rubbery, flexible wand. I didn't believe it though until I tried one for myself. I LOVE IT! I feel like my lashes look miles longer and it looks more natural as you don't get any clumping! (at least I haven't seen any yet).

Even though this mascara brand isn't waterproof, my eyes have stayed looking cheery and bright all day, without getting the dark shadows under my eyes. The way the brush is designed allows for easier application to the inner, corner lashes. Considering the price, I'd recommend this brand to anyone.
My all time favorite razor is Shick Quattro for women. It gives the nice close shave you'd get from a mans razor but has the lubricating strips with aloe and vitamin E you want from womens razors, the best of both worlds:-)


Say "Cheese!"

What is usually the first thing people notice about us? Our smiles. A clean, bright smile can make any plain or dull face look gorgeous. There's nothing like bright white teeth to match that tan summer body. Crest Whitestrips are a cheap, easy, and effective way to brighten your teeth. The results are immediate and long lasting.

If you have caps or sensitive teeth and cannot use Whitestrips, then try other tricks. An easy way to make your teeth look white is to use a blue-based lipstick. The cooler colors you wear, the less your teeth will look yellow. The more yellow-based lipsticks will make those teeth look all the more yellow.
So bleach those teeth and smile big, 'cause baby, it's summertime!


Don't forget your water

Just a quick post for all our beauty/healthy girls out there. More then ever summer is the time to load up on lots of water. Not only is water good for keeping you alive with all this heat, but it's also really good for your skin (think, full, lush lips, etc). I've been really double up my water in-take these days and I just wanted to remind you all to do the same. Such a simple, free, easy way to keep you looking and feeling your best!

Sun Advice

Lately it seems like our culture is drilling into us the fact that sun causes cancer. We're supposed to wear sunblock, hats, and limit the time we are in the sun. It seems to me that we're forgetting all the important benefits the sun has to offer and going a little extreme with our sunscreen. I mean, come on--the chemicals in the sunscreen can be just as carcinogenic! I believe that all things should be done in moderation, but hey, a little tan can't hurt and the results go a long way.

Here is a great article from a guy who thinks like me off a website that has some great natural beauty products that you should check out.


How to cut your own hair

I don't recommend cutting your own hair if you want to do a new style, but if you are just maintaining a cut you already have, cutting your own hair is easy, fast, and cheap! I try to have my hair done professionally about every six months, but in between professional cuts, I do it myself. Here is a great website that explains how to do it for those of you brave enough to try.



I just bought these new lace thongs at Old Navy. I LOVE them. You don't feel like you are wearing anything, they are so light and fit great. I wear size 8 bottoms and I got these in a small...they fit perfect!
They come in black, white, gray, beige, mulberry bush, flo pink (shown), fennel blossom and ballerina blue. Only $4 if you buy three or more, or get them for $3.99 online! Great to wear under pants, shorts, jeans, skirts...everything!


Cute clothes for less

I just had to post a few items that I've been eyeing at Forever 21 for you all to see. I really want to own more "cute" tops for nights out or the random occasions when I need to dress nicer. This top I think is adorable, only $22.80 at Forever 21.
One day, when I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I really, really want to own a pair of nice white linen trousers. These are such a good price I may even buy them before I get down to my needed weight. $24.80
They looks like they would be such a flattering fit on nearly any figure.
Ok, so maybe these really do look as cheap as they can be bought for...but I still love them, $19.80


I'm in love

I recently bought L'oreal Paris Manicure nail polish in Satin Sheets. I LOVE IT! Not only does it give an amazing pinky gloss without looking to "done up". But it is also doesn't chip easily. I put it on Thursday and then spent a weekend vacationing on a beach and being out doors and getting icky. But my nails...they look fablous, as though I just got home from a manicure.

I think I'll be buying more colors in this brand now. I love having my nails manicured but I always hate the fact that my nails usually look bad after only one day because of washing dishes, working, etc.