I just thought I'd give a quick update on how our Whole 30 diet went. 

So let me just say that my husband and I have completely different views of the diet. He lost 15 pounds. I lost 2. I felt slightly more sluggish on the diet, he had a ton of energy. Perhaps the main difference is that I don't eat too far off from this way on a regular basis. I think I was sluggish because of not having sugar. I definitely ate a lot of sugar before the diet. However, most of my sugars came from honey, maple syrup, plain yogurts, and whole grains, NOT drinks or refined sugars. 

Since being off the diet we've continued to avoid processed foods and we've limited grains and dairy. For instance, if we have a hamburger, we opt for no cheese, take the bun off and don't use condiments that are full of sugar - only mustard. We're also continuing to eat the "Whole 30" way for at least one meal a day. 

Lastly, we have cut back on how much meat we eat, and many days cut out meat entirely. I think after eating so much meat while on the diet, we've enjoyed replacing the meat with a whole grain or legume, which we couldn't eat before. 

I now have all of my energy back and Chris continues to have energy, as well as has lost 3 more pounds! I hope our healthy food choices will be a permanent thing from now on - or at least that is the goal. 


Fall Weather

I agreed to participate in a multi-family garage sale this weekend since we might be moving soon. I decided to sell all of the clothes CJ's grown out of and in so doing uncovered so much stuff that needs to go. For the past few days I've been asking myself how I accumulated so many unnecessary things! Have you watched the documentary about tiny houses? One of the biggest problems with living in a larger home is that you end up filling it up. Perhaps I need to cut our square footage in half. 

We are enjoying some very pretty fall weather right now. I am a big summer person and always have to brace myself when the leaves change color, but the smell in the air is pretty and the fall breeze is romantic.

This vest, sweater and jeans are going on a few years or more now. They are still proving to be my favorites. Love it when I can get that much wear out of something. Just updating the look with a high low tee, a baseball cap, and wedge booties.

Sweater - Target - $6
Tee - Everlane - $15
Ripped jeans - Banana Republic - $8
Booties - thrifted - $12
Hat - Old Navy - $3
Vest - J.Crew - $19
Bag - Antonio Melani - $62


Community Days

After a brisk 5K in town Saturday morning, I rushed back home to take care of my kiddos and then hurry us right back for community days. We missed the parade, but got to enjoy the little kiddie games in the park. One of the best parts about living in a small town is getting to participate in these cute small town events. My kids wouldn't miss this for anything.


Style Blogging

I feel like pretty much every blogger looks the same now. Trends are catching on quicker than ever, and high fashion is at even every low-end retailer so that everyone can afford to be wearing the latest styles. I am coming across fewer and fewer gals who aren't dressing current. 

Back when I first started this style journal it was all about experimenting. Trying to find flattering styles and being as creative as possible with what limited options you had. How many ways could you remix a dress or how many accessories could you pile on was the name of the game. Vintage was huge for inspiration, and dressing up was the mantra. 

We bloggers looked ridiculous most of the time, and the few times we got it right inspired us to keep going. I felt like our tries at style were encouraging and inspiring other gals along the way.

Now the style blogging world has exploded and it's pretty hard to keep up. I miss my old dressing up ways and yet love that the trend is dressing down. I find myself completely caving to it. I like how it looks cool and effortless. I like that it is practical for my lifestyle. I feel more approachable dressed this way and I don't worry as much about staying pristine.  So yes, I'm just like all the others.

While my outfit posts will spike at the beginning of seasons or when I have some new clothes I want to document, I feel that for the most part my style blogging is on its way out. There are thousand of other style bloggers who can make up for my lack of style posts.

I can't give up my little corner of the internet, though, so I will continue blogging about my life. Outfit posts will always show up, but if you hadn't noticed, they were already becoming less and less.

I have a few more outfits I want to get up here, but soon you'll see more posts about homeschooling, my jumbled thoughts, and my family life than anything else.

Top - Banana Republic - $3 (thrifted)
T-shirt - Everlane - $15
Shorts - Ann Taylor LOFT via Goodwill - $2.50
Booties - Guess via DSW - $19


A Case of the Mondays

I went to a mommy's group at our church Monday night. It was a rush of errands, schooling, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and classes all day. I was sweaty and a little on edge. But I was determined to make it to the meeting and try to enjoy myself. I walked my kids to the daycare room, dropped them off and settled into my seat where the other gals were--giddy to be free of needy children before bedtime and happy to be conversing with likeminded adults. 

Not too far into the program, I could hear my baby screaming in the hallway. She has a hardcore case of separation anxiety. What was I thinking leaving her in the nursery? 

I ended up walking the halls with her during the speaker. Not because she was crying, but because she couldn't stop squealing with delight or crawling out of my hands and getting into some other lady's purse. It was just easier to walk with her in the hallway and let her be giggly and loud all she wanted there. Thankfully I wasn't alone in the halls - other moms joined me here and there for the same reasons, so at least I didn't completely miss out on socializing. Nevertheless, in the end, I decided it was much easier to handle Capri at home and put her to bed than continue to keep her happy while I tried to participate with the others. So we left.

After a day of feeling completely unraveled, I needed a day where I felt put together. So here's to being a little inspired. Instead of blue jeans, I chose white (somehow I'll keep them from getting stained). Instead of a slouchy tee, I chose this feminine lace covered blouse. Instead of thong sandals or sneaks, I chose my classy leopard flats. Tomorrow I'll probably be back to the basics, but it felt good to don a little lace today.

And now I have to gush about this bag. It is so far proving to be my dream diaper bag. Large enough to carry two diapers, travel wipes, extra baby outfit, diaper rash cream, bandaids, nursing cover, bib, baby spoon, and applesauce pouch for the baby - and also large enough to fit all my things: full size wallet, lipstick, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, coin purse, comb, make-up compact, nail file, iPhone, and keys. Plus, it stands up on its own, is easy to clean, has a cross body strap that you can easily detach, and has satchel straps. I'm in love! Oh, and did I mention it's genuine leather and I got it on clearance for only $60?!

Top - J.Crew via Goodwill - $3
Jeans - Gap - $.58 after coupons
Flats - Gap - $7
Bag - Dillard's - $62
Sunnies - Banana Republic - $17


Kitchen Makeover In Progress

I have been absent from the blog due to a little kitchen makeover I'm working on right now. The kitchen has needed some sprucing up for a long time, but I've been hesitant to tackle such a project. Everything seemed like it would take too much time and money. 

But after putting the house up on the market, and not getting any offers after two months, we decided it was time to put a little effort in at least some cosmetic changes to the kitchen.

I had Chris take the far left cabinet out near the sink to give more walking space between the fridge and the cabinets. Then I had him tear all the tile countertops and the sink out.

I also had him cut off the overhang on the counter (it is an awkward place to have extra counterspace, or was it supposed to be a bar?).

I added the open shelving on the empty wall near the sink and replaced the old tile with granite tile.

I switched out most of the hardware (I still need to drill holes to replace the drawer pulls) and we added a tile backsplash.

New electrical outlets to be added soon.

Hoping to get some photos of the finished product up here by the end of this weekend!



We're learning about Ancient Egypt this month. We did a salt map after our first week of school, and at the end of our second week, we made a mummy.

One part flour to two parts water was all we used to make our paste.

We ripped up narrow shreds of white paper, ran it through the paste, and then wrapped it around a Barbie doll.

The Barbie's hair probably should have been cut off before we attempted this, but we found a way to get her hair all wrapped up in the end.

Surprisingly, the kids did really well with this and since we had plenty of newspaper and plastic bags covering the work area, the project didn't get as messy as I thought.

Cassi wanted her hands washed after each strip she applied. She's such a girl.

CJ was very proud of his work and took the process very seriously - especially in awe when I described the ancient Egyptian embalming process. Anything gross gives him a thrill.

It took the mummy a whole weekend to dry, and they painted it at the start of this school week.