Flea Market Finds

Made it to a flea market at the first of the month and a couple of garage sales. Found a few treasures for the house that I decided to post now so you can try and catch my vision . . . 

The two old wood boxes ($5 each) will be used as shelves somewhere - maybe a bathroom, maybe a bedroom? 

The yellow flashlight ($5) is going to be a decor piece in CJ's navy and yellow room. 

The green cabinet door ($5) will be used above my coffee bar. I'll use chalk paint and paint the word "coffee" on it, of course. 

The pink shelf ($2) is for the girls' room.

The window ($8) will be cleaned up and hung over the little girls' play kitchen set. 

This shelf is a mint color ($18), perfect for the girls' room to hold some of their books.

These two metal carts were $2. I plan to clean them up, remove the wheels and add wooden knob legs, possibly reinforce the sides with wood (that I would paint white), and spray paint the metal a shiny metallic copper. These will be the master bedroom nightstands.

This pretty piece is a sewing cabinet that I got for $25 to use as the powder room vanity. I plan to get a white vessel sink to set on top and get a faucet that will come out of the wall instead of atop the vanity.

This ornate mirror will probably be used in the powder room as well - I got it for $20.

My last little find was this rustic looking, blue candelabra for $6 - perfect for on the piano or the mantle. 

It will be a while, but I can't wait to show you these finds when I have them fixed up and in their right spots!


Capri Turns 3

Capri has been excited about her "purple Birthday" for weeks. All she asked for was a purple dress. We did not disappoint her.

Last night I took her to the grocery store to pick out her birthday food. Not surprisingly, she just picked out everything with Disney's Frozen pictures on it. We now have a house full of Frozen fruit snacks, Frozen cereal, and Frozen yogurt (that's not frozen). She just finished watching Frozen. It's 11:30 AM and we all have already had too much sugar and have sang Let It Go ten one hundred too many times. 

I picked out this teepee for her on Wayfair, but I'm not so sure she realizes how cool it is yet. She is still  mesmerized with the Frozen stick-on nails and lip gloss I got her. I should have saved my money, but it will look so cute in her room in the new house!

This sweetheart lights up our days with sassy comments, gentle caresses, fierce hugs, and enough conversation to keep you from getting bored. We love her to the moon and back! Happy Birthday sweet Capeezies! 


Trip to the Fin Farm, Meeting a Bullfrog, and Our First Murder

I know you are wondering how many murders we intend to perpetrate after our first. Let me assure you that I have no intentions of any future murders. I cannot speak for Chris. But also let me assure you that no human or child was harmed in the making of our first murder. More on that later. 

Last Saturday we finally made it over to Chris's uncle's Fin Farm to get the supplies we needed for our pond. 

Chris's brother Justin works there on Saturday mornings and told us all we needed to know about what fish, fish food, chemicals, and equipment we need to keep our pond running.

We've been to the fish farm before, but each time is like the first for our kids. Ok, for us too.

Uncle Justin showed us all sorts of fish and told us what they like to eat or what they are good for.

We bought catfish to clean the bottom of our pond; minnows to feed our bigger fish; yellow perch, two different kinds of blue gill, hybrid striped bass, and crappie for fishing; and grass carp to keep the rest of the pond clean. If you come visit us, bring your fishing poles!

After fish shopping we brought our new friends home and released them into our pond. 

After releasing the fish I met this big guy while weeding the rock beds. It's been so long since I've seen a bullfrog, that I was pretty mesmerized. Either that or worried he'd jump out at me.

Chris came over to meet my new friend and decided to mess with him. Upon closer inspection we realized that the frog's leg was completely broken - like the bone was sticking right out of the frog's skin!

And that, my friends, is how our first murder victim was decided upon.

Chris insisted that the frog must be put out of its misery. After dramatic pleas to spare his life, begging Chris to reconsider, Chris did the brave thing. I didn't watch. It was all too awful. But I let him do it. I'm an accomplice.

Suffice it to say that the frog is no longer in pain and Chris's knife blade had to be washed in the pond. I don't think I can ever swim in it.


Down Comes the Garage

See the chipped paint building to the left of the house in this photo? That was the one car attached garage that came with the house. Yep, bonus buy. We bought a house AND an attached garage. We've never owned a home with an attached garage before, so you'd think we'd be overjoyed with even this. . . but. . . the cement foundation was cracked and uneven, the walls were dilapidated with ugly chipped paint, and the roof was in disrepair. Something had to be done.

When we applied for our home renovation loan we decided to include in our estimate a remodel of the garage. Our estimate included hiring someone to tear down the existing garage, break up the cement pad, and build new.

No big deal, right? Well, Chris (as usual) had other plans. He decided that building his own kitchen cabinets, making his own cement countertops, doing all the flooring, and doing all the demo of the inside of the house wasn't enough work. Why not tear down the garage himself?

He and the kids painstakingly salvaged all of the boards so that we can reuse them on the cathedral ceiling in our kitchen maybe?

Once the boards on the wall were removed, Chris realized he was going to need a truck and someone to help out. For some reason he didn't think the kids and my help would be enough.

Our brother-in-law, Seth, offered to lend a hand and a truck! Together Chris and Seth got the garage ready for the chains and the truck. 

I guess it really is no big deal to tear down an entire building yourself. All you need is some muscle and a truck. Seth says you also need loud, blaring country music and a cold drink.

For a video of the garage coming down, click here.

The real work is cleaning up all the mess! Insert Chris's parents, sisters, brother-in-law, CJ, and me of course . . . and well, you'll get the job done. 

We're working hard out here on the farm, but we've got great family, great views, and a lot of love going in to all of this making it all so worth it!

Last Week's Treasures

So we bought this fixer upper that honestly didn't have much character left in it on the inside. It had been updated several times--the most recent update being in maybe the early to mid 90's. Most of the turn of the century charm was gone save for some original trim upstairs. I decided to go to flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores to find some unique pieces to add the architectural or charm detail the house is missing. 

This black chest below really spoke to me at a local garage sale. It's Hollywood Regency glamour looked just right to use as a bathroom vanity in the upstairs bathroom that has a clawfoot tub. I pictured the clawfoot tub being made over with gold feet and a black paint job. This chest as the vanity with a double basin vessel sink on top couldn't be more perfect. And it was only $20! 

I came home with it and then was certain I'd seen it somewhere before. I decided to search black dressers on Pinterest for inspiration and found this:

Apparently, the chest of drawers I found is a replica of a 1950's Dorothy Draper chest worth over $5,000! Replicas are sold in the $1,000's! Researching the history of the style and the theory behind the design was intriguing and has me head over heels for this piece!

Also, our farmhouse sink arrived last week. Thankfully Cecily isn't too big to take a bath in it (I was worried that by the time I actually had my dream sink, my kids would be too large for sink baths).

Apparently, Cecily isn't the only child who hasn't outgrown the sink.

The kitchen hasn't even been fully demo-ed yet, but at least I can daydream about what it will look like in the near future.