Around These Parts . . .

-I feel like after each baby postpartum issues get harder and harder. I had such an easy pregnancy and delivery, but I still feel so sluggish even with a baby sleeping through the night. Not to mention my body is doing some weird things I'm not used to. My doctors say I'm fine and this is just going to be my new normal. Ugh.

-I've been trying to workout these days, and have even tried to shop for some cute activewear (like these from Reitmans) to get me motived, but this video pretty much sums up my efforts:

-Homeschool is going great. We've done lots of science experiments, crafts, art projects, field trips, and CJ is taking violin and piano lessons this year. This is us goofing off during school in our school room, because my red lipstick was more important to show you than that cool light hut for plants that we made for science class.

-I'm addicted to caffeine to keep me going these days. Loving my coffee. Social media tells me that I'm not cool unless I'm a coffee addict and that it's really important to express my love for coffee at all times. Mission accomplished.

-We listed our house for sale again a couple of weeks ago, and I have mixed feelings about it. The other day I went around taking photos of all the little details in my home that I'm loving right now--like my mantle. If the house sells, I will need to pour over these photos while I cry and drink my oh so cool coffee.

-Last weekend we celebrated Chris's Birthday with his parents and mine at Art Prize in Grand Rapids. My brother (who wants to go to culinary school), made a beautiful birthday cake, too! Oh, and Art Prize was awesome!

-Law school is going fine, I can't believe I only have two more months and then I'll be starting up my last year!

-Cassi joined the pre-K gymnastics team in town. She's becoming quite the little tumbler (she's the one in blue and green).

-Listing the house called for several house projects. Lots of painting, particularly. You saw the bathroom remodel, and we finally painted the stairwell/hallway. I know, not a particularly exciting remodel to you all, but it made a huge difference for us.

-Lastly, this little cutie will be two in a few weeks. My baby is not so baby anymore!


Kelleys Island

Last week our family enjoyed a two night stay at Kelleys Island Venture Resort on Kelleys Island on Lake Erie. We stayed in the two story suite so we could have the kids sleep upstairs and have the downstairs room to ourselves. Plenty of space for our little family of six!

The first day we took advantage of the resort pool and hot tub. The second day we did more swimming, bike riding, and walking. The last day we enjoyed the beach that we had all to ourselves for the first hour or more. The weather was perfect and the gentle waves made the kids feel like it was a real beach.

Capri was in heaven with all the sand and free reign to run.

Cecily was so easy we stayed on the beach for three hours without any problems or hassle. She either napped in her carseat or laid out on a beach towel in the shade.

CJ was like a fish in the water and barely got out of the water except to eat.

And best of all . . . I got to lay out and soak up some sun. I even am slightly tan now. It may be September, but at least I finally got enough sun for it to show!


Two Months

Yesterday marked our baby girl's two month Birthday, so of course a photoshoot was necessary.


The Last Days of Summer

Labor Day weekend has already come and gone. The end of summer, and yet it has only just begun for me. I'm trying to squeeze in as much as I can from the last of summer in these few weeks that I can now enjoy it!

Got a few pictures of the kids on Labor Day. Of course, they wanted to just swim and play and avoid my camera, but where there's a will there's a way.

I tried to get some cousin photos to start an annual tradition (remember these?), but hardly got any where everyone was looking at the camera! They're still sweet, though.

And FINALLY...I got a family photo of just the six of us! It's our first one - a mere 8 weeks late!


Bathroom Makeover

When we first bought our house six years ago, this is what our bathroom looked like:

Outdated wallpaper, brass fixtures, antique wainscoting and an old clawfoot tub with chipped paint. Nevertheless, we fell in love with this bathroom. The brass fixtures looked charmingly antique, the clawfoot tub was so pretty, and the original wainscoting told a story (the space used to be a butler's pantry that was later turned into a bathroom - the wainscoting is original to when it was a butler's pantry).

Then the shower head broke and we had to replace it with something else. Our sink faucet also had to be replaced. Due to the high cost of faucets, we chose the standard cheap ones. I miss the old gold brass ones that fit the bathroom style better!

Finally we decided it was high time to tear down the wallpaper. But underneath was old plaster that was in bad shape. So Chris put up new drywall that was leftover from another project we were doing. After a few days of drywalling it was ready to paint. We repainted everything, including the old radiator.

We also replaced the bathtub fixture again to just a sprayer and faucet instead of a faucet and a shower head. Taking down the shower curtain and surround really opened up the space. We found the faucet/sprayer combo on Amazon - normally $500 on sale for $162!

The clawfoot tub also got a makeover. We repainted the inside and out with white epoxy on the inside and copper spray paint on the outside. All the copper spray paint we bought from Ace Hardware. I'm not sure where we got the epoxy for the inside of the tub.

The wall color is leftover paint we had from when we repainted our kitchen. It's Valspar's "Winter in Paris."

I bought the seagrass tank basket at Wal-Mart for only $5.87. The toilet paper holder, pegs for towels, hand towel holder, wastebasket, and light fixture all came from Wayfair.com. The entire order of fixtures, wastebasket and lights plus tax was $84.

The rug is from T.J. Maxx and was $10. Chris also took quite a bit of time working on cleaning and bleaching the grout to bring the tile floor back to life.

And there you have it. Our new sparkling clean bathroom!


Random Photos and Outtakes from the Past Few Weeks

If you follow me on Instagram, I've been keeping things pretty much updated on there. Otherwise, here are a few shots that did not make it to Instagram . . .

This was our first official day of school this year. No cute first day of school pictures, because you know . . . LIFE. 

This is a very unrealistic selfie of what I've looked like since the baby has been born. I had to take this shot of myself so that when I look back I'll think this is what I looked like. Ha!

In reality, my hair is never fixed, my make-up never done, the bags under my eyes even more pronounced, and I'm usually wearing just whatever I can find in my closet that fits my postpartum body.

My little niece had just gotten Ceci to smile and this photo just barely missed the shot! It was so cute!

These two girls are starting to figure out how to play together. It usually ends in tears, but it starts out pretty cute.

And this little stinker takes the most work these days - but oh that personality!! It is adorable if you can overlook all the messes!

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my Mom and sis! My best friends, inspiration, and heroes!