Vintage Gowns and Baby Dedications

My little niece wore an heirloom gown for her baby dedication this past Sunday and she was absolutely breathtaking. Had to share these precious photos from her special day. So grateful that her parents have taken this step to dedicate her to God and ask the family and church to support and pray for them through this process of raising her into a Godly woman. 


Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris finally caught up to me this past week when he turned 32. We had a small party for him. I had planned to surprise him with a trip to Chicago this past weekend, but he preferred to travel without Capri, and I wasn't quite ready to wean her. That, and work is a little crazy for him right now. We stayed home. I was more bummed about it than he was. He, however, enjoyed not having anything to do. I think he needed a break. 

So Happy Birthday to this man of mine! This marks 10 birthdays now that I have gotten to celebrate with him. Seems like the first one we celebrated was just yesterday, and yet at the same time seems 100 years ago. We've grown and changed so much together. It was just a week after his birthday ten years ago that he proposed to me. We dreamed so much back then. We told each other that our first child would be a boy and we would call him CJ (short for Christopher Jr.). We told each other our second would be a girl and we would name her Cassandra Rose. We didn't actually think our predictions would come true. How blessed we are that we have our CJ, our Cassi Rose, and now our baby Capri! Such sweet and beautiful years we have had so far!

Look at Capri's face! I think she's ready for her Birthday cake...just a few more weeks!

 Just love that smile of his. Melts me every time. Hope I get to celebrate many more of his birthdays!


The Patriarchs

I'm really enjoying documenting our school projects each week, so here are the next set of photos for this past week's lesson. 

We were studying the patriarchs in the Bible (Father Abraham, etc.). Part of the lesson was to learn and understand the way they lived back then. We made apple oat muffins only using ingredients they might have had. We ground the wheat ourselves and only used honey to sweeten it. I explained to them all the processes that the ancients would have had to do themselves, but that we are lucky to bypass.  

After the muffins we made lentil soup. The kids did not appreciate this at all, but Chris and I sprinkled pecorino romano on it and loved it (perhaps not very authentic of that time period, but certainly made it delicious).

Our favorite adventure was building the tent. Father Abraham and his sons lived in tents, so this was a great way to give the kids an idea of what it was like to live back then.

We used a wooden ladder on top of the coffee table to give the tent some height.

And then used clothespins to keep the sheets together.

They made it the whole night sleeping in their tent!


Cylinder Seals

I bet you're wondering where my kitchen remodel photos are. Well, we had a few setbacks and it won't be done for a couple of weeks now. We did get most of it done a couple of weeks ago, but then found out that the edge pieces for the countertops might need to be ordered. And so we wait. 

In the meantime I listened to a wonderful sermon by Pete Briscoe last week titled "Bema/Judgment Day" and have been reeling in the encouragement of that message. The message was all about focusing on the eternal. If only that simple theme could stay engrained on the forefront of my mind at all times I think I would continually be at peace, always be ministering to others, and always make the right decisions.

And in other news, my zeal for all things eternal has been shaded by a cold I've been battling for almost a week. Between feeling icky and the garage sale last week, we are now one day behind on our art project for school. This was supposed to be done on Friday. Oops. Here is our casual attempt at cylinder seals, inspired by great Mesopotamian art:



I just thought I'd give a quick update on how our Whole 30 diet went. 

So let me just say that my husband and I have completely different views of the diet. He lost 15 pounds. I lost 2. I felt slightly more sluggish on the diet, he had a ton of energy. Perhaps the main difference is that I don't eat too far off from this way on a regular basis. I think I was sluggish because of not having sugar. I definitely ate a lot of sugar before the diet. However, most of my sugars came from honey, maple syrup, plain yogurts, and whole grains, NOT drinks or refined sugars. 

Since being off the diet we've continued to avoid processed foods and we've limited grains and dairy. For instance, if we have a hamburger, we opt for no cheese, take the bun off and don't use condiments that are full of sugar - only mustard. We're also continuing to eat the "Whole 30" way for at least one meal a day. 

Lastly, we have cut back on how much meat we eat, and many days cut out meat entirely. I think after eating so much meat while on the diet, we've enjoyed replacing the meat with a whole grain or legume, which we couldn't eat before. 

I now have all of my energy back and Chris continues to have energy, as well as has lost 3 more pounds! I hope our healthy food choices will be a permanent thing from now on - or at least that is the goal. 


Fall Weather

I agreed to participate in a multi-family garage sale this weekend since we might be moving soon. I decided to sell all of the clothes CJ's grown out of and in so doing uncovered so much stuff that needs to go. For the past few days I've been asking myself how I accumulated so many unnecessary things! Have you watched the documentary about tiny houses? One of the biggest problems with living in a larger home is that you end up filling it up. Perhaps I need to cut our square footage in half. 

We are enjoying some very pretty fall weather right now. I am a big summer person and always have to brace myself when the leaves change color, but the smell in the air is pretty and the fall breeze is romantic.

This vest, sweater and jeans are going on a few years or more now. They are still proving to be my favorites. Love it when I can get that much wear out of something. Just updating the look with a high low tee, a baseball cap, and wedge booties.

Sweater - Target - $6
Tee - Everlane - $15
Ripped jeans - Banana Republic - $8
Booties - thrifted - $12
Hat - Old Navy - $3
Vest - J.Crew - $19
Bag - Antonio Melani - $62


Community Days

After a brisk 5K in town Saturday morning, I rushed back home to take care of my kiddos and then hurry us right back for community days. We missed the parade, but got to enjoy the little kiddie games in the park. One of the best parts about living in a small town is getting to participate in these cute small town events. My kids wouldn't miss this for anything.